Liss Pereira: Reteniendo Liquidos – Netflix Stand-Up Review


Uncomfortable Truths

In the second part of Netflix’s double bill of Colombian comics, Liss Pereira comes to Netflix with an hour of home truths and dirty secrets in Reteniendo Liquidos. Unlike Ricardo Quevedo’s much more accessible slice of comedy, Liss Pereira is far more direct, shining light on uncomfortable truths and delivering a mix of crude jokes, hilarious observational quips and physical humour. While some of the accents and high-pitched voices don’t always hit, for the most part Liss delivers a perfectly acceptable stand-up, even if it’s not quite at the same level as Ricardo Quevedo’s effort.

It’s worth pointing out that Liss Pereira offers a very distinct style of comedy that won’t be to everyone’s tastes. After a brief introduction, Liss jumps straight into the heart of the material, discussing the dirty secrets that all women share and rarely talk about. From the distinct lack of bras to the old pair of underwear that’s super comfy but falling apart, Liss combines her uncomfortable home truths with well-timed pauses, designed to help the audience deliberate over every punchline.

From here, she then goes on to discuss insecurities between men and women, including her reasons for why men are happier than women. From plastic surgery and appearance hang-ups through to an interesting twist on conventional tropes in genders, Liss throws an array of different ideas out there, backed up by a cheeky grin and some playful banter with the crowd.

The stand-up then winds down with a long story about revenge before moving on to discuss love. Discussing the unrealistic expectations in finding a partner, Liss discusses what happens in a relationship when things get comfortable to hilarious effect. From farting and elaborate pranks through to bringing home bananas, this Colombian comic delivers an enjoyable, and wholly accurate, portrayal of long-term relationships. Ending with a high-pitched segment re-enacting a female friend discussing her partner, Liss closes out the show with one final joke to rapturous applause.

While the material itself isn’t quite as tightly written as other comics and the style of comedy is certainly going to divide opinion, the self aware jabs and slight mess-ups dotted through the show offer a glimpse of this comic’s vulnerability that really help empathise and warm to her style. Outside the scripted segments, her interactions with the audience are arguably the funniest parts of the show and there’s no denying Liss certainly has the comedic chops. 

Despite being slightly crude and inevitability alienating a good chunk of international audiences not accustomed to her style, Liss Pereira delivers a really enjoyable stand-up routine. It’s perhaps not quite as  accessible as Ricardo Quevedo’s routine but it is a good slice of Colombian comedy nonetheless. If you can take to her style, and I’d predict females naturally will more, there’s certainly some enjoyment to be had here.


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  • Verdict - 6/10

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