Lisey’s Story – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

No Light, No Spark

Episode 7 of Lisey’s Story begins with Scott ready to give a talk at a movie theatre. He’s erratic and on edge, especially as a fanatic guy arrives to give him a “magic wand”.

Coughing soon turns to sputtering blood though, as Scott sports a gunshot wound to his chest. Using a first aid kit, he starts to patch himself up. He transports to Boo’Ya Moon temporarily, eventually teleporting behind his agent who’s shocked to see him.

Up on stage though, Scott continues to cough as the healing properties of Boo’Ya Moon seem to be gone. This is only reinforced when he vomits water across the floor and passes out.

Lisey is inevitably called in, hurrying through the hallways of the hospital to check on Scott. The doctors are unsure what virus he has been infected with but whatever it is, it’s rapidly progressing through his body.

Weakened and semi-conscious, Lisey tries to guide Scott through Boo’Ya Moon. He whispers about Paul and how his path has been blocked by the Longboy. He’s got no way of getting to the pool. Eventually he dies in the hospital as Lisey finds herself lost and unsure how to proceed.

This inevitably paves way to Lisey packing up Scott’s office but conflicted over how to handle this now that he’s gone.

It appears there’s more to Boo’Ya Moon than we first thought. As Darla and Amanda contemplate how to stop Dooley, Lisey presses on the details of Boo’Ya Moon.

Amanda confirms that the people sitting on the benches are called the “shrouded ones” but beyond that she doesn’t reveal much else. However, Amanda does mention how there’s a secret story called “Lisey’s Story” that Scott spoke of before he died.

Anyway, the gang eventually concoct a pretty weak plan involving a codeword of “greenlawn” for them to tackle Dooley at the right moment.

After dispatching the police officer outside, Dooley heads up to see Lisey. He’s wearing night vision goggles and watches as Lisey antagonizes him in the dark. She calls him and Cole “deep space cowboys” from the mental asylum, intentionally riling him up.

Just then, the lighthouse switches on and blindsides Jim. It gives the trio just the excuse needed to wrestle with Jim. Unfortunately the women are completely out of their depth and Jim easily dispatches Amanda and Darla. He even chokes out Lisey too.

Only, somehow she manages to transport him across to Boo’Ya Moon. Lisey is there too, calling out for the Longboy to help. As it appears from the woods, the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Lisey’s Story bows out its penultimate episode with a slow-paced chapter that sheds a bit more light on what’s happening. It seems Scott couldn’t find a way to get to the pool in Boo’Ya Moon and as such, lost the ability to heal himself. The flashbacks to his past involving Lisey is much more straightforward this time around, allowing the fragments of the past to become clearer.

The actual plan involving Darla and Amanda flailing about and attempting to shoot Jim feels contrived at best. Given the police officer was already outside despite Lisey telling Dooley there would be no cops, coupled with the inability to switch on the lights to shoot when the element of surprise was gone both lend themselves into a much more contrived scenario.

The pace is still too slow as well and Lisey’s Story has really struggled to balance some of its ideas. Then again, if you’ve made it this far then you’ll undoubtedly see this one through to its conclusion. Either way, the ending leaves things wide open for the finale to come as the threat of the Longboy looms and Jim Dooley looks set to meet a grizzly demise.

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