Lisey’s Story – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Now You Must Be Still

Episode 6 of Lisey’s Story Season 1 begins with Jim sifting through files in bed. While he does, Danny decides to leave the Landon house. After sweeping by the house and noticing nothing untoward, he heads home. Little does he know, Jim is actually on the other side of the door watching him.

In Boo’Ya Moon, Lisey starts drinking water from the pool. While she does, bathing her bloodstained face in the liquid, she notices both Amanda and Scott sat watching. She begins communicating with Amanda via a sketch pad, telling her to focus on Scott’s study.

Amanda is stuck there, of course, and with the Longboy closing in and the Hollyhocks on the horizon, all seems lost. This also explains Amanda’s cuts on her wrist too, with “Help me Lisey” referencing helping her get back to the real world and escape Boo’Ya Moon.

The next day, Darla heads over to visit Lisey. She comes armed with a number of different self-defence items to help just in case Jim returns. Well, Lisey is determined to tell her sister everything, and bring her into the fold. She demonstrates that Boo’Ya Moon is real, controlling her powers and making a quick trip there and back again, bringing back a flower to convince her.

The sisters then ring Professor Dashmiel and force him to comply with them. They relay on a message that if Dooley contacts him, they want to meet them in Scott’s study at 10pm that night. After recording a message for Dooley’s phone, Lisey reflects on what she’s been doing.

She mentions the struggle between writer and story here, including specific reference over how the story shapes itself in the end. “Does this story have happy ending” Darla asks. This seems like the million dollar question doesn’t it?

The sisters head in to see Amanda, who’s stuck in Boo’Ya Moon, but able to faintly communicate with them. In order to bring her back, Lisey kisses Amanda just like Scott did all those years back. It turns out the water is what binds them and as she pulls away, that same water is projectile vomited into Amanda, which brings her back from the brink.

Despite the doctors’ wishes, Amanda is free to go and the girls take their sister home. En-route, the trio  pull over by the side of the road to discuss what’s happening. There, they mention Doolley and his murderous intent. Together, the girls decide they need to kill him.

Back at the house, the trio start to formulate their plot. After ushering the detective to leave the premises, they begin to put their plan into action. Only, it turns out Doolley is actually watching them from afar.

The Episode Review

There’s very rarely any middle ground with King novels. They’re either extremely good or extremely forgettable. Unfortunately, Lisey’s Story falls into the latter category.

It’s particularly disappointing because the show has some neat ideas but the ease in which Lisey can now travel between Boo’Ya Moon and our world feels like her character has come as far as she can.

The actual plot moves at a snail’s pace and beyond freeing Amanda from Boo’Ya Moon and formulating a plot against Jim Doolley, there’s absolutely nothing else to note going on here. It’s a real shame too as the show does have a good atmosphere but the plot often moves at a snail’s pace. The visuals are good, along with the sound design too, but of course all of that amounts to nothing if the plot isn’t up to scratch.

Hopefully next week can improve as right now, the show seems to be stuck in a bit of a rut.

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