Link Click – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Pinnacle of Light

Link Click Episode 11 drops us with 20 minutes until the murderer arrives. Xiaoshi lays out his plan which would create an alternate timeline. He suggests that the message the killer leaves about showing up could have been a reply to a message from them. They work out how to lure him into the processing room. Lu Guang catches on to what Xiaoshi had been doing in there – preparing. But even if they catch him, how can they prove he’s the killer?

Zip to the moment where the killer is locked in the present while in the past Xiaoshi strikes the deal. In an instant, he claps into the processing room. They fight but Xiaoshi is able to click out before the killer can make a bold move. Left alone, the murderer is delighted to find someone at his level with whom to fight.

Xiaoshi’s plan includes printing images from social media all over the processing room, taunting the killer to reveal himself. Xiaoshi claps in and out of photos of people the killer destroyed as the killer laughs on. A few more attacks and he admits to killing people as an agent for others. Then Xiaoshi rips off the mask to reveal Liu Min. Captain Xiao arrests him as Min tells Xiaoshi that they’ll meet again.

After the tip-off, the police were able to find Shanshan, unhurt, in one of Liu Min’s other residences. Xiaoshi asks Officer Chen about Emma’s case.

Under the hot lights, Liu Min tells Captain Xiao that he doesn’t remember anything and it’s his friend who committed the crimes. But when he sees a photo of Emma his aggressive personality comes out.

Lu Guang explains everything to an impressed Qiao Ling. But something is still troubling Xiaoshi. Lu Guang checks CCTV clips from before Emma’s murder.

At the same time, Liu Min describes Emma waking up in the back of the car as he raced to the hospital. She lunged, he crashed and then he woke up in the hospital.

They can’t see what happened to Emma so Xiaoshi begs to dive in and check. They both survive the accident and Emma walks away from the car thinking through her life’s memories. Xiaoshi stops her from jumping from the bridge, saying her misfortune was his fault. He tells her he’s there to make up for his mistakes. She says she wants to go back to the beginning.

At work, she’d discovered some siphoned funds that it turns out were destined for Liu Min – money from his father’s business because he’d been cut off. The CFO was just helping him and offered her a bonus to keep quiet. She wishes she’d rejected his offer. Xiaoshi notes in every life he’s lived, he’d regretted something. While there’s no guarantee of a perfect ending, he offers her a message of hope for her future.

The police ponder over Liu Min’s mental stability but a doctor’s report confirms a sound mind. If he’s paralyzed, could there really be an accomplice? How did he run into the Studio?

At the bridge, Xiaoshi extends a hand to Emma that she reaches to take. Lu Guang can’t understand how they can change the node of death. Qiao Ling enters asking if he’s talking to Xiaoshi.

Emma’s eyes turn red as she notes that she hadn’t realized that there was a witness. Lu Guang hits the idea that Liu Min was a puppet for someone else. Qiao Ling asks Lu Guang if he’s a friend of Xiaoshi as she stabs him. While Emma jumps from the bridge, her eyes turn back to brown mid-flight.

Liu Min strangles himself in prison. And Xiaoshi claps back to the Photoshop to see a bleeding Lu Guang and red-eyed Qiao Ling. She tells Xiaoshi that this is his punishment for breaking the rules of the game. Now the game has been reset.

The Episode Review

Whoa. So, there’s someone else who can move into other people’s bodies. And as we flash through anomalies with each dive, there’s an implication that perhaps Xiaoshi isn’t the only one who’s been there. So, has that person been following Xiaoshi the whole time? Or did they cross each other by coincidence?

When Emma notes a witness, that must have been the minute the killer figures out that Xiaoshi has a partner. While Xiaoshi talks to Emma, and Lu Guang speaks with Qiao Ling, the killer is able to freely move between Emma, Qiao Ling and Liu Min’s bodies. He’s a keen multi-tasker managing three scenarios at once, pulling the strings in each one.

So who do we think this clever killer is? Someone that Xiaoshi met through one of his dives? One of the flashes was of Chen Xiao’s glasses not suiting his eyes – what could that have meant? Was the killer previously in that body too? And if he’s following Xiaoshi, how is he getting to each victim first – before they receive the case? Or is he zapping back to the time before Xiaoshi enters? But why?

Way too much to ponder here, but the loose end gives us hope for a season 2. They wouldn’t leave us hanging here, right?

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