Link Click Season 1 Review – Sharp edge-of-your-seat time-travel anime

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Episode 1 – Emma | Review Score – 3.5/5
Episode 2 – Secret Recipe | Review Score – 3/5
Episode 3 – To Lose, Not to Win | Review Score – 3/5
Episode 4 – Confess | Review Score – 4/5
Episode 5 – Farewell | Review Score – 4.5/5
Episode 5.5 – Marrying by Contesting | Review Score – 2.5/5
Episode 6 – Search of the Child | Review Score – 4/5
Episode 7 – Aunt Mary | Review Score – 3.5/5
Episode 8 – Lost Signal | Review Score – 4/5
Episode 9 – Consequence of Goodwill | Review Score – 4.5/5
Episode 10 – Trap | Review Score – 4.5/5
Episode 11 – Pinnacle of Light | Review Score – 4.5/5


Link Click (Crunchyroll, Bilibili), also known as ‘Time Agents,’ is a Chinese mystery donghua (anime) about a group of friends who can enter a photo to experience and gather information from the past. Just imagine the possibilities here. But they don’t use the gift carelessly, only diving for customers whom they believe they can help.

Lu Guang, Xiaoshi and Qiao Ling – long-time friends – have a strict code of rules where they cannot change anything during a dive, no matter what. They enter to find information, following an exact pre-lived path and only ignite it for agreed clients and as a means to pay off Xiaoshi’s debt, which is all part of his backstory.

Xiaoshi is the ‘diver,’ able to enter the picture and become the person taking the photo, including feelings and memories that layer over his own. Meanwhile, Lu Guang acts as a guide, able to see up to 12 hours ahead and leading Xiaoshi to find information without making changes. Qiao Ling? She’s the head of sales and marketing. Not involved in or even fully aware of how the guys do their magic, she identifies clients and secures the deal.

What initially looks like a single arc per episode, starts to feel more connected from episode 3. Taking on the emotions of each dive quickly begins to take a toll on Xiaoshi who’s increasingly, by episode, less able to slough off his experiences. 

After all, people don’t approach them unless they’re desperate. From corporate espionage to missing children and loves lost, Xiaoshi spends less and less time in his own skin. And eventually, it seems, he may not be as under the radar as they’d intended.

Consequences are what make Link Click a compelling watch – there are consequences to every action, no matter how innocent. Such as sending a little text to someone’s mother in comfort or being spotted by friends when you’re meant to be abroad.

We and Lu Guang helplessly watch as things play out, often to a cliff-hanger closely punctuated by that earworm of a tune, Overthink by Fan Ka. The sentiment couldn’t be more apt, as the aftermath of each experience brings Xiaoshi new sensations.

Speaking of the soundtrack, what’s that little move they’re doing during the opening? In addition to creating a compelling drama, Link Click also spreads the trending ‘tutt’ or finger dance. You can catch it at the start of each chapter to Dive Back in Time by Bai Shaw Jaws. If you’re keen, find a tutorial on the choreography here.

Link Click‘s episodes are numbered up to 11 with an odd little episode 5.5 blue-tacked into the middle. That one doesn’t quite fit the timeline and sits a little oddly. However, there’s enough drama from episode 3 onward, that it does serve as a little mental break.

In addition to the 12 chapters, there’s also a set of shorts in Chibi-style, The Daily Life in Lightime. These 6-7 minute videos feature the Link Click characters but are not part of the story. In fact, there’s not even a mini-story, it’s mostly just random silly scenarios. Still, if you’re in need of a fix, they can be found on Crunchyroll or Bilibili.

Link Click is cleverly written with the guys literally walking in the shoes of others. But if we were given the opportunity, like Xiaoshi, would we also find connections with every person’s life we touch? The series ingeniously speaks to the universal interconnectedness of all humans. We’re not so different. And all that is packed into a 12-episode donghua.

Season 1 leaves us waiting for a season 2 with an open-ended finish and promise of more danger to come. Xiaoshi has seen it all first-hand and it’s really getting under his skin.


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  • Verdict - 8.5/10

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