Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Guide: “Chapter 9” Walkthrough

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Guide: Chapter 9

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Hard Headed Woman

Ualoheke (Boss Fight)

Yamai (Boss Fight)

The Long-Awaited Reunion


Hard Headed Woman

Chapter 9 of Like A Dragon begins back in Hawaii with the whole group together. Lani seems to be safe and sound for now, but quite where Akane is remains a secret. However, Ichiban’s video has had over 50,000 views so it’s certainly doing the rounds. If they could locate Akane, the Daidojo – led by Hanawa – promise to fund the the trip out and help and keep her safe.

Ichiban needs to find a lead though, and what better place than Night Square.

It’s worth noting that enemy numbers are way higher now – and more aggressive than before. This is certainly evident when you head outside.

Be prepared to do a fair amount of fighting as you head for your destination. There will be cars that stop full of Barracuda thugs, goons will rush you in the street, and the place will be lined with way more enemies than before. Expect to have a good number of fights all the way up to Night Square, so make sure you’re equipped accordingly to deal with all of this!

When you get nearby, a whole bunch of Ganzhe and Barracuda thugs will attack together. Defeating this lot will net you 11400 Experience, 10260 Job Experience, +1 Bond and $2460.

This is only round 1 though, and you’ll follow several markers before eventually making it to your destination. The second is at a crossroads leading to more fighting with Alliance goons. Although, in truth it’s not as tough as the first one. The rewards here will net you 5700 Experience, 5132 Job Experience, +1 Bond and $410.

The third fight will begin immediately after the second, so be sure to use your usual tactics up to this point. Perfect Guarding, grouping enemies up and using the environment to your advantage all work really well here. Do be wary of Bleeding though, as each of these goons will be wielding blades that can inflict this at any time. The rewards for this will net you 15200 Experience, 13680 Job Experience, +1 Bond and $3280.

At the next marker, you’ll have another fight on your hands, so be sure to take out these goons. This will give you 11400 Experience, 10260 Job Experience, +1 Bond and $2460. When the final fight starts, you’ll learn Ultimate Tag Team moves, which will help with the upcoming boss fight.


Ualoheke (Boss)

Boss Fight – Ualoheke

The fight will begin with an immediate Tag team hit, which will lower down your foe’s attack a good amount. He’s weak to melee strikes, so be sure to hit him with those, and try to get close to the random construction signs dotted around to use as weapons for extra damage.

In terms of attacks, Ualoheke has standard melee strikes, and there’s actually not too much that’s noteworthy here for you to worry about. This is largely a fight that you should come out of in one piece without too many issues.

As a reward, you’ll gain 28500 Experience, 25650 Job Experience, +10 Bond and $8200.


With the fight over, investigate the two different sections down the street.

After, this will bring you down to the Theater building where Yamai will surprisingly show up. This time though, he’s here as a Support character, which is a lovely change of pace! Yamai is an offensive support character and he will deal a good chunk of damage to the supporting characters that show up.

He’ll use the same attacks that he’s been using against you for several chapters now, and that comes in handy when fighting these goons. Make sure to use attacks with a good area damage or hits multiple foes. Battery Storm is a great choice for Tomi, while Kasuga’s swings are also a good option too.

After defeating the second wave of goons, you’ll gain 27360 Experience, 24624 Job Experience, +1 Bond and $5740.

The fight will go well but Ichiban will encourage Yamai to fight alongside them. When that doesn’t work, Ichiban calls Yamai a chicken… which ends up in another boss fight with this guy.


Yamai (Boss)

Boss Fight – Yamai (again?!)

By now, we know hat to expect with Yamai. He’ll use all the usual attacks but this time, hell come armed with a whole bunch of Syndicate members too. Take these out first, and be sure to use your Ultimate Tag Team moves when you get a chance – aiming specifically for Yamai.

However, Yamai will come armed with a brand new move that could cause you some problems – Iron Squall. This hard-hitting move will inflict tons of melee damage and also cause Burn as well. Keep healing up, using Chitose as the healer, while the other characters focus on melee strikes with Yamai.

Do be aware that Yamai could also cast Silence on various characters too, meaning you either need to heal this or try to fight with just standard attacks. Now, all this time Yamai’s attacks will have the added bobus of doing fire damage so, naturally, use Water-based attacks (like Scrubdown) to try and get the advantage.

Eventually though Yamai will go down but keep stocked up with health and use Burn healing items too.

Winning this fight will net you 42560 Experience, 38304 Job Experience, +10 Bond and $9020.


After knocking some sense into Yamai, he will concede and decide that yes, if they do find Akane, he’ll keep her safe there. Once this is done, run down to the tattoo shop.

Inside, the Tattoo Artist will confirm your identity as Kasuga Ichiban and reveal a bombshell – she knows Akane. In exchange for $10,000, she’ll talk. They’re the first ones to arrive, but if the gangs got here first, Ichiban is convinced that they’d just torture her for information. That’s not something our ex-Yakuza has any intention of doing, so it’s time to scrounge up the 10k needed to progress forward.

Once you’ve collected up the funds, return to the tattoo artist and hand over the money. We’ll get a location – the docks near Harbor Street tomorrow night.

Rest up at Revolve, and then head on down to the docks when the scene cuts to the next night. The Tattoo Artist will show up and hand back the money. This was just a test to see if they were genuine… and they pass.

The Tattoo Artist will take them out into the middle of the ocean, where a cruiser will show up and meet them. And guess who’s onboard? Yep, it’s Akane and Lani.


The Long-Awaited Reunion

The long-awaited meet-up between Ichiban and his mother takes place, but before we can properly dive into this, Adachi reinforces that they need to find a place to be safe over in Japan. Adachi believes the Safehouse is the best place for them but right now, things are about to get hectic.

When you’re back on the street, make sure you’ve tied up all your affairs and have the best weapons for all your characters. When you’re ready, speak to the Gaudy Yakuza outside the street and select “Yeah. Let’s go.

So why is Bryce so interested in Lani? Well, it turns out she’s carrying something important. This happens to be a special pendant with Palekana’s insignia on it. This is the same one that Bryce was wearing. It’s been passed down through the generations since the order was founded; a one-of-a-kind relic.

Akane met Lani two weeks back and Lani explains she came on her own accord. Lani grew up with her grandma… until she got sick. Her grandmother recommend she show up at the orphanage and she did so with a Pendant and a Will. That Will says that should Bryce be named the Sage of Palekana in the event of her death, his claim is false. The rightful Sage should be borne only of the Mililani family…. and guess who that may be? Yep, it’s Lani.

This also means that Bryce may well have been behind the death of the previous Sage too.

Unfortunately, Akane let Bryce know about this and soon realized something was wrong. When Lani was threatened with a gun, Akane fled from Bryce and his men. Kiyo (the tattoo artist in Night Square) offered her safe refuge. Yamai, obviously hearing all of this, bemoans his luck for not seeing her right under his nose all this time.

Yamai will hep them back to the safehouse, believing the coast is clear. You know, this Yamai guy isn’t too bad is he?

With Yamai gone, the situation in the Safehouse will take a surprising turn when Chitose will accuse Eiji of ringing someone and ratting them out. Unfortunately, she also confirms that he’s crooked and he’s not the person he says he is.

Apparently, Eiji has been blackmailing her this whole time. Infront of everyone, Chitose even confirms that Eiji can move his legs just fine and he can walk. And just like that, Eiji stands up and confirms everything. He’s been faking it this whole time and he’s working with Captain Ebina. Even worse, he’s got Dwight on the laptop too.

With Akane and Lani in deep shit, it’s time for Ichiban and the others to get out… but it’s too late. Hanawa and Wong are shot dead, Lani is taken away, Akane is knocked out while Chitose is choked out. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to follow as you’ll have one more set of Barracuda goons to fight off. Go ahead and do just that, gaining 13490 Experience, 12141 Job Experience, +1 Bond and $2911 for good measure.

With the group forced to check out the carnage, Kiryu phones and Ichiban answers, informing him on exactly what’s happened.

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