Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Guide: “Chapter 8” Walkthrough

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Guide: Chapter 8

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Return to Sender


Return to Sender

Chapter 8 of Infinite Wealth begins with Namba speaking to Kiryu about his cancer back in Tokyo. As we’ve already established earlier in the game, there’s very little that can be done and Kiryu has accepted his fate. However, a familiar face shows up. Seonhee is the Geomijul and Liumang Commander, for those who haven’t played the first game, and she’s here to help Kiryu.

She’s noticed that Kiryu has been selfless all the way through his life and it’s time for him to take charge and focus on himself for a change. And what better place to start than at a batting cage?

When Seonhee joins the party, head down the stairs and you’ll be confronted with some thugs. Take these guys out and use this fight to familiarize yourself with Seonhee’s move set. She has some decent slashes and melee strikes, so put them to use against the local thugs.

After, Nanba will encourage you to head on over to Romance Workshop. Only, it’s not there anymore and in its place is Julie’s Gearworks!

Feel free to head on inside and craft some new weapons if you desire. Whenever you’re finished, head to the Batting cages. After this nice change of pace, hitting some balls in the cages, your relationship with both Nanba and Seonhee will deepen.

The pair will encourage Kiryu to write out a Bucket List of things he wants to do and it’s definitely worth doing this. Checking off items on the list will allow Kiryu to regain his former self in terms of fighting styles and become stronger as a result.

When you gain control of Kiryu again, you’ll notice a glowing circle in the distance by the club. Interacting with this will allow you to Reminisce about old hotspots from the past and it’s a nice way of tying in the old Yakuza games. Plus, it’ll help grow Kiryu’s influence in battle and grow stronger as a result.

Head on over to the club and you’ll be reacquainted with Saeko. She’ll join the group and it’s now onto Survive bar.

After a karaoke sesh, Seonhee will receive a call about the Seiryu Clan. Apparently they’re acting suspiciously, inflating their ranks to crazy levels. Not only that but they’re moving their waste storage business from Yokohama to Hawaii. Looks like there’s a new item on the bucket list – get Sawashiro to admit the truth about what he knows.

When you leave, speak to Hiro and he’ll open up the Part-Time Jobs again, which we can now complete around Tokyo. It’s a nice distraction from the main missions and gives some extra XP and gear if you need it. We won’t tackle all of those here but for now, go back to the apartment and rest up. In the morning, it’s onto the Seiryu Clan’s HQ! However, you’ll need to get a taxi to head over there.

Outside, the lieutenant of the Seiryu Clan, Narasaki, will make a grand entrance. Captain Ebina wants to welcome you all personally. When the gates open, all the soldiers will be right there. It’s here you get feel for just how vast the numbers actually are in this clan – and it’s pretty shocking.

Head on up the stairs and approach the chairman’s office. Sawashiro is there too and they confirm that they’re about to go into business over in Hawaii with their “business partner”. And guess who that may be? Yep, it’s Palekana and Bryce. Nele Island is where Palekana keep all their trash too. If that wasn’t enough, the new faces in the Seiryu Clan are also being sent there, given it holds a big warehouse.

Sawashiro was apparently sincere in his methods of sending Ichiban over to see Akane…but he didn’t expect her to run away and everything that’s transpired to occur in this way.

When you leave, it’s onto the next item on the bucket list – paying your respects at Kazama’s grave. Take the taxi over and Detective Date will show up.

After catching up, go back to the apartment again and rest up. In the morning, pop across the street to Rose Blossom cabaret club. Detective Date will be there and fill you in on details surrounding Taichi. You may remember him from Morning Glory but he’s all grown up now and a hit with the ladies now. Well, they’re doing a number on his wallet at least!

There’s some really nice dialogue here, with Date reinforcing what Seonhee said before about Kiryu being so selfless. Kiryu admits he’s kept tabs on the kids from Morning Glory for a while…but things are about to pick up.

When trouble brews, Taichi gets knocked out…but he hears Kiryu standing up for him before passing out. Beat up the drunken goons outside, which should be pretty easy, and it’ll net you a tasty 9500 Experience, 8550 Job Experience, +7 Bond and 125000 yen.

When Kiryu leaves, Date covers for him and decides to stick around for a while. And that’s regardless of what the Daidojo Clan may think.

After Taichi is added as a new guest for Dondoko Island, Kiryu’s Awakening level will also improve too. When you regain control of the Dragon of Dojima, head over to Restaurant Way. This is, of course, right off the back of receiving that text message. This also starts Memoirs of a Dragon 41.

Amon shows up and he’s intending to make Kiryu pay for coming back and fighting. There’s a boss fight here and it’s a tough one. At least the first time, during the follow-up, use your Dragon powers to make swift work of this dude. In doing so, you’ll gain 28500 Experience, 25650 Job Experience and 500k Yen.

With this done, head back to the apartment again. When you do, Seonhee will leave.

Cut forward in time and unfortunately, Tatara, the vlogger from before, will have struck again. Yep, she’s outed that the Dragon of Dojima is back and very much alive. Even worse, the Seiryu Clan seem to be in collusion with her.

When Saeko, Seonhee and Namba show up, they all suss out what we’ve come to know for a while now – Tatara has been working with the clan since the very beginning. Even worse, it’s possible that Sawashiro has been stringing Ichiban along since the very beginning and wanted him to go over to Hawaii.

There’s only one thing for it – time to hit the Seiryu Clan HQ and get some answers. When you leave the apartment, a big fight will break out so go ahead and take these goons out. They’re weak to water and resistant to blade techniques, so use this to your advantage. Oh, and be sure to use Dragon’s Resurgence too, as that will easily wipe out a good wave of these guys.

That’s worth bearing in mind because there will be 2 waves of enemies that will strike. When they’re all down, you’ll gain 28500 Experience, 25650 Job Experience, +1 Bond and 600,000 Yen.

After getting the truth from the journalist about Tatara working with the Seiryu Clan, Kiryu will phone through to the Daidojo to update them… but there’ a problem. Nobody is picking up. And as the camera pans across to the office, a man lies face down in a pool of blood…

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