Like A Dragon Gaiden Guide: “Chapter 2” Walkthrough

Like a Dragon Gaiden

Like A Dragon Gaiden Guide: Chapter 2

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Find The Welfare Thieves

Go To Yotsudera

To The Cabaret Club

Head to the Smoke Shop

The Castle

Head to the Building

Recruiting The Team

The Daidojo Hideout


Chapter 2: Castle on the Water

Chapter 2 picks up where we left off. A brief scene involving Ayako eventually paves way for Yuki’s plan. He intends to find a corpse that matches Kazuma’s build. Then use this against the dead body of Hanawa to make it seem like he’s dead. For real this time. Yuki even has a coroner in the loop too. However, Kazuma plays hardball, claiming that he’s not that man.

Instead, Yuki hands over a red tiger and tasks you with finding Akame. Alone.

With the Red Tiger in hand, it’s off to Sotenbori. When you arrive, there are various shops and restaurants you can explore to stock up on gear. However, for now keep walking forward and speak to the three different men in town for info on Akame. They’re all along this straight path, so scout out the homeless, talk to them, and then circle back and head south.

When you arrive at the parking lot, a bunch of goons will be there. Despite showing the red tiger, they’ll attack. Defeat the goons and Akame will show properly. She’s a self-confessed Jack-of-all-trades and will take you to her office. This is basically going to be our safehouse from now on. While you can look about, go and speak to Akame first. After, head over to the sofa and choose to rest.


Find The Welfare Thieves

Approach the door and interact with it. Akame will show up and reveal there’s a shady plan to scam the homeless going down in town. Akame wants us to teach those guys a lesson and save the homeless. Kazuma is alone in this though; a one man army against all those inside the Castle.

When you leave Akame’s hide-out, go north on the map, all the way to the dock in Sotenbori.

On the way, be sure to check out the parasol above one of the tables, and use your Spider Gadget to grab 1x Flicky. Approach the three men surrounding the homeless. Defeat the Omi Alliance thugs, and you’ll learn that the homeless are being kept over at Yotsudera Kaikan in Shofukucho, up on the second floor.


Go To Yotsudera

From this location, head up the stairs back on the bridge. Head all the way south and you’ll arrive at the dilapidated apartment complex. Now, we know they’re on the second floor so head up the stairs and follow the marker across to the couple of guards waiting outside.

Defeat the guards, fronted by the tougher goon Kaneda, and be sure to use your Finishing Blows, just like before, when a lot of the goons are grouped together. Otherwise though, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue for the Dragon of Dojima.

After a cutscene with Akame again, she’ll offer up another job which Kazuma will grudgingly take. These are “Stroll and Patrol” missions. Basically, Kazuma can help out people around town and in exchange, it’ll strengthen Akame’s network. The more people helped, the bigger the network of eyes. This also levels up Akame’s Network, which we need to raise until level 3 to continue here.

These are pretty simple jobs in truth, and will pop up randomly across the minimap. Look out for the Eye symbol above various individuals (pictured above), or the white exclamation marks on the mini-map.

Simply interact with each of these to engage in fights or simple fetch quests. There’s two individual missions right outside Akame’s hideout and you’ll need four in total. Once you’re done, return to Akame.

When you do, Akame will have a brand new task for you. Club Heavenly.


To The Cabaret Club

Leave Akame’s and go to Club Heavenly. Talk to the Bouncer outside and agree to pay the 10,000 yen to go inside. Choose your girl and be sure to hand over a gift when given the chance. Your dialogue choices don’t matter too much here, the most important part is investigating the club itself.

When it’s done, report back to Akame. She’ll hand over 5x Nutriment of the Conquering Emperor as a reward. You’ll also gain 100,000 Yen and 1000 points as a reward. Nice!


Head to the Black Market

Next, leave Akame’s hideout and walk north west toward your target, which is an alleyway leading down to… a drunkard? Apparently this guy is actually the weapon’s dealer and he’ll need some help moving. After, he’ll show off his gadget called the Hornet. It’s a useful Drone that can help you out in battle, but you’ll need to show off your skills in battle first.

During the tutorial, press triangle to summon the Hornet, and use this, coupled with your Spider Gadget and Finishers to defeat the Weapon’s Dealer.

More dialogue will reveal that this guy is Mizorogi, and he recognizes your fighting style. He’s impressed with your work and hands over the Drone, allowing you to use Hornet in battle.


Head to the Smoke Shop

Next, walk all the ay along the long line of shops and curl round to find the smoke shop. You’ll find this far south of the city, right in the heart of a shopping center.

Go and speak to the Smoke Shop lady and she’ll hand you some special cigarettes. These handy tools are basically like smoke bombs, called Fireflies. The intensity and power of this can be strengthened with money and Akame Points via the upgrade menu should you wish to do this, and it’s quite handy to distract large numbers of goons. With this done, return to Akame again.


The Castle

When you’re ready, Akame will take you to Castle. Feel free before you go to continue levelling up the Akame Network and upgrading your gear and stats, but otherwise let’s continue.

A cutscene will show off where the big castle is located. Akame will explain that this place is for seedy, perverse customers to live out their wildest fantasies. There’s also a fighting arena here too, and the Omi Alliance families take it in turns to host the Coliseum every night. The red tiger we were given is actually a ticket to enter the arena.

Akame is under instructions to bring Kazuma to the Coliseum and never mentioned anything before because, well, she wasn’t sure he’d want to come along.

Feel free afterwards to check out the various different arcade games either side, but otherwise let’s continue to the Coliseum.

Another cutscene will see Shishido greet you, who happens to be the Watase Family’s Lieutenant. Another big player we meet is Homare Nishitani . He’s the Kijin Clan Patriarch; the Omi officer who runs the castle. We’ll be seeing more of him later on in the story.

After, you’ll be given a rather dashing disguise. Once you’re wearing the mask, approach the desk and agree to continue on to the arena. There are three consecutive fights that these guys need to compete in in order to win the tournament.


Boss Fights (kinda?) –  The Coliseum

Phase 1: The first of several fights in the arena will begin with Masaru Watase-ish Man. His bat packs a wallop so be careful not to get hit with these strikes. However, he’s very slow, despite his power and if you can get behind him, you’ll easily get a good number of strikes in. Watch out for his Heat Move strike, and when he taunts the crowd, move in to attack. Build up your Finishing Blows, and strike hard. As long as you keep your wits about you, you should come out of this bit in one piece.

Phase 2: The second fight will see a whole bunch of goons around a man posing as Kazuma. He’s got a big sword that can inflict bleed so be careful not to get caught in his big flurry of strikes.

Be sure to use your Hornet here, which can be useful to serve as a distraction and interrupt this combo. He’s got a good chunk of HP too, so be sure to keep a distance and time your strikes accordingly. You can go completely gung-ho here, but you’ll likely get hit very hard and inflict bleed.

Instead, wait for Kazume’s combo to finish and then hit. Dodge around the last strike and then hit with a combo of your own. Be sure to recover your HP when low to avoid a KO. Otherwise, keep going with your combos and he’ll go down.

Phase 3: Finally, the last fight will see you up against… Ryuji Goda? Really? Anyway, he has some big sword strikes and he not only hits hard, but he also tends to wait for the opportune time to strike. Either way, lower his HP and there will be a brief intermission, where you’ll have to fight off two tigers.

Focus on either Cream or Sugar first and pummel them with combo strikes until they go down. It’s a risky move, given the other can pounce, but it’s imperative you get one of them out the fight immediately. Afterwards, focus on the other and dodge past the jumps and hit with a few finishers to take them down.

Ryuji will then return to the arena and this time he’ll mean business. He’ got a good chunk of HP and his Fury Attacks are pretty nasty. Be sure to hit with a Finishing Blow when he starts to get fired up and don’t be afraid to use your Hornets to serve as a pest. Either way, you should be able to take him out without too much of an issue.

With all three fights won, Shishima will reveal more of his backstory in a revealing cutscene. Specifically, he’ll talk about his tough upbringing and playing Russian Roulette with the Patriarch. Shishido is the name the boss gave him to swear an oath with.

After this lengthy scene, we’ll be given the location that Hanawa is being kept at. However, it comes with a promise: “If ya want Hanawa-san back, then come and take him.”

Feel free to play around in the arcades if you wish, but otherwise return to the helicopter and return to Sotenbori. Our target is Namiki No. 3.


Head to the Building

Leave Akame’s hideout and move north east through the town. Be sure to defeat any thugs that may be lurking outside. Once that’s done, approach the door and select “Head straight in”.

The Watase Family goons will be waiting inside so go ahead and take them all out before continuing on. This should be quite straightforward, given they’re all grouped together. Next, head through the door and up the stairs.

Kick this door down and Sakuma will be there. He has a few moves to watch out for, including a rush forward and a particularly nasty Heat Move where he’ll lunge forward and strike out.

There are some good items in here so be sure to use these as weapons again him, especially the tables.

Keep hitting with strikes and go on the offensive to avoid the brunt of attacks. Exit the room and there will be a series of hallways and individual fights here, leading into one with Yao. He’s not hard to beat but he does have a lot of health. Be sure to take advantage of the weapons around the room and use these to inflict more damage.

The next big foe is Kubora, but there’s a host of weapons just outside the room that are incredibly useful to use. Be sure to pick these up to whittle down his HP quickly. When he’s defeated, head up the stairs but don’t enter the room just yet. Instead, circle around and grab 1x Nutriment of the Conquering Emperor from the briefcase.

The more challenging fight though comes from Ukita. This guy is slow and methodical, but he uses his gun to knock you down constantly. Be careful not to lose too much HP here and be sure to back up when he uses his Heat Move. There are a number of different items in the room you can use to gain an advantage, and it’s highly recommended you do so in order to chip away at the health quicker.

When you leave the room and head down the corridor, be sure to take a detour into the storage cupboard on the left (pictured below).

Inside here will be two briefcases, holding 1x Silver Plate and 1x Green Gem Bracelet. There’s another briefcase just in the hallway round the corner from here, holding 1x Toughness Z, so pick it up and then head up the stairs and into the final room.

It’s boss fight time but honestly, this fight is really not that challenging and barely requires a boss guide in all honesty. It’ll be a one on one fight witht Yuki out on the rooftop. He hits at a medium rate, and he’ll guard against any solo attacks so be sure to use your Finihsing Blows, Rush Combos and dodging to skip past Yuki’s Heat Move. Mix it up by using your Hornets and Spider Gadget to catch him off guard.

Similarly, you want to follow up the combos you do manage to land by backing up. Yuki has some strong strikes but he doesn’t have too much HP. When he gets his Heat Move ready, be sure to hit your counter as it’ll eat away at a lot of his HP. Otherwise, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue and you’re likely to have more problems with the Coliseum fighters, all things considered.

After, Yuki will divulge what his plan actually happens to be. They’re going to force a dissolution between the Omi Alliance and the Tojo Clan. Things are not looking good for the Yakuza and before they’re branded as slaves and as good as dead, Yuki and the others want to slip out before things get hairy.

Rather than bow down to those currently in power, they’d rather throw away their family honor and crests for freedom. Kazuma will chose to stay with Hanawa. Yuki will end up taken away, while Hanawa learns abut Kazuma’s true honour in all this.


Return to Akame

At this point, you’ll gain control of Kazuma again and be encouraged to head back to base. On the way though, you’ll be greeted with another minigame- Pockcet Circuit. Fans of the Yakuza series (and in particular Yakuza 0) will remember this one! You’ll also gain a new starter kit too. We won’t cover that here, but it’s a decent minigame to help pass the time.

For now, leave the shop and retuen to Akame. She’ll encourage you to work and become the best fighter at the Coliseum, which is another side-game in Gaiden. However, Akame has already signed you up for the main event so we don’t have much of a choice but to go.

Leave Akame’s and head across to see Mizorogi. He’ll hand over Shoe Gadgets: Serpent. These are a handy little tool that, like before, can be upgraded in battle. When you’re done, return to Akame and we’ll be whisked off to the Coliseum.

This time though, Akame will mention one of the particularly useful shops in town – Boutique Castle. This is a useful place where you can kit yourself out with snazzy new clothes in the arena, including funky masks and different coloured suits. Feel free to kit yourself out and be sure to speak to the lady by the clothes rack, who happens to hold some useful items for battle (pictured below).

Leave the boutique and head for the Coliseum. Approach the elevator and then the doors with the symbol of two men fighting. At the reception, enter the arena and fight your way through the first battle against Hammerhead. Be sure to pummel away with combo strikes and you’ll come out victorious.

Recruiting The Team

Akame will explain after that in order to make it to the top, you’ll need to gain extra ranks, eventually finishing up with Platinum. For now, we’ve got a Silver Tiger and that comes with extra privileges. Specifically, hanging out in a bar reserved for respected fighters.

Hammerhead will approach and ask to be an Apprentice. Given there’s Hell Team Rumble to compete in, where you need to team up with a group of fighters in an arena, why not?

Go ahead and recruit another couple of fighters at the bar. One will test you with a series of answers, so be sure to pick “I wanted us to fight together.” and “The sturdiness to stay upright after taking a beating.”

With the team gathered, speak to Akame again and re-enter the arena. This time, the fight will be with a whole team so take these enemies out in the allotted time. You’ll have 3 minutes to do so and you’ll get a good deal of money for your efforts. These fights will also level up your allies too.

When you finish speaking to the receptionist, you’ll be given three new fighters to use in battle next time – Dojima, Saejima and Goro Majima. Be sure to add these guys to your rumble team in case you intend to fight on. Otherwise, let’s continue with the story.

Return to Akame by the helicopter. The bulk of time here, used to level everything up, wil be split between Akame’s network and the Coliseum. Gaining levels to Gold and Platinum will come with the added bonus of accessing the VIP lounge, which will be very handy going forward.

When you leave the Hideout, you’ll have a new Substory – Get Gold Rank. We’ll tackle this separately, but for now, go ahead and return to Mizorogi as part of the story.


The Daidojo Hideout

A phone call after leaving will update you on the next destination – the Daidojo hideout. Go south west in town and along an alleyway tucked in next to a staircase. Head inside and a cutscene will ensue. Yoshimura is back and there’s obviously no love lost between him and Kazuma.

Unfortunately, Hanawa’s boss will double-cross you, believing the secret has been unveiled and as a result, Kazuma needs to get rid of any evidence linking to him being alive. Specifically, he needs to kill all 25 members of the Watase family.

Kazuma is disgusted, of course, but with a gun pointed at Yuki’s head… he turns and holds Hanawa up at gunpoint as a hostage. Yuki escapes, and the chapter will end with one final fight against all these goons.

They’re joinrd by Hanawa, who has a good chunk of HP to boot. A good idea here is to dispatch all the individual guards first, using the weapons in the room like stools and chairs to make short work of them all. When Hanawa is on his own, be sure to counter his Heat Moves, and take him down quickly. This will eat up almost all of his HP so it’s definitely a good idea to do this.

Yoshimura will attack next, so be sure to use the same tactics as you did the first time around. Watch out for his Heat Moves and counter when possible. Also be sure to use your Finishing Blows and grab some items (if there’s any left!) in the room in order to take him out. Be sure to Guard against the rogue gunshots that’ll inevitably be fired your way, and keep pummelling him down with your combos and Finisher.

With the fight over, Hanawa will show his trump card. He’s got the Morning Glory Orphanage on lockdown with guards ready to pull the trigger. Without much of a choice, Kazuma will drop to his knees and show his willingness to obey. Unfortunately, he’ll also end up tied up and beaten for his efforts.

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