Light The Night – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Aftermath

Episode 6 of Light the Night begins with Hana nonchalantly working as a prostitute. She does her best to emotionally disconnect with the situation, humming and staring at the ceiling. This blasts us back to our past timeline, as Hana is thrown out the car after being raped. While the rain pours down, she wanders along the street aimlessly.

We’re up to August 29th 1988 and both Rose and Sue wait patiently at the hospital as Hana is brought in to be checked out. Wen-Cheng and Li appear too, heading inside to hear her statement. Li grips the table hard, struggling to hear what happened. Li promises to get justice for her, struggling to control his rage. Wen-Cheng takes him aside and reminds Li that he’s a police officer – he needs to work by the book.

Rose eventually takes Hana home to have a shower but she’s obviously mentally scarred by her abuse. As she begins sobbing, lips quivering, she asks “Is that all I’m good for?” Rose does her best to stay strong, struggling to hold back her own tears as she holds the poor woman and offers some encouraging words.

At the police station, Wen-Cheng and the others find an address and run the reg plates for the van. Li and the others head to the address and immediately recognize Kuo-Piao. Li hunts him down, beating the guy to a pulp and knocking out a couple of his teeth. Despite some cries regarding police brutality he, along with numerous others in this gang, are taken down to the station for questioning.

Hana takes a day off work while Sue confronts Aiko near the dressing room. She hands over the pictures and reminds her it’s none of her business. As things grow heated, Rose shows up too and inadvertently sticks up for Sue, telling Aiko she needs to pick her targets wisely. Aiko manages to get away with a warning but she’s definitely close to being fired here.

The tensions between Sue and Ah-Chi continue to escalate, as Nakamura takes a fancy to Sue. With Ah-Chi watching on, she sees him hold her hands and ask what her ideal future looks like. This obviously causes Ah-Chi to grow more jealous, given that’s the idyllic life she wants.

Yuri continues to deal drugs, putting her in the unenviable position of middle-man. However, Sue starts to grow suspicious and realizes that someone is using the scales at work. She begins searching through the lockers. There, she finds the necklace case with the drugs stashed underneath. Confronting Yuri about this, she’s let off with a warning of the police being called next time.

For all of Sue’s talk about being jealous, she finally gets a taste of what Rose has been through. Chiang-Han nonchalantly breaks things off with her, believing she’s too jealous. He doesn’t want to settle down but prods the hornet’s nest by claiming if he was going to settle down with anyone then it would be Rose. Oof.

Angry and depressed, Sue smashes a glass in the sink and then uses those shards to slit her wrist.

The Episode Review

Light the Night feels like it’s gearing up for much more intense episodes to come. This chapter really feels like a proverbial deep breath before the final lunge, especially given the harrowing nature of the material here. Poor Hana has been through an awful ordeal and it hangs over this episode like a black cloud.

Sue finally learns exactly what Chiang-Han is like too. He’s a despicable guy, shrugging off her affection and choosing to continue playing the field. Sue’s reaction is one of intense anger and sadness, but seeing her slit her own wrists is pretty shocking.

Quite what this means for the future is anyone’s guess but it certainly leaves things wide open for the final two episodes.

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