Light The Night – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

Episode 5 of Light the Night begins with birthday celebrations. Sue reveals that Rose is the most important person in her life… just as we cut back to her looking over the photos of her and Chiang-Han together.

Reeling from this heartbreaking revelation, Rose heads out into the club and locks eyes with Sue and helps herself to a drink. She throws shade at Sue with her speech, calling people “despicable” and cast side-eyed evils at her co-owner. Rose then makes a wish, hoping that everyone gets what they deserve, but keeps part of that to herself “incase it doesn’t come true.” Yeah Sue, we’re looking at you!

We’re now one month before the incident, on August 27th 1988. The birthday celebrations continue, as games are played to guess who’s behind the curtain based on their legs only.

Midway through, Chiang-Han shows up and immediately guesses which one is Rose. She completely blanks Chiang-Han though when she appears and asks Feng why he’s late.

Aiko meanwhile, slips outside and finds Yu-En waiting for her. It turns out he’s the one who snapped the photos of Sue and Chiang-Han together. He’s jealous, wanting her to be with him and unhappy about her illicit affair. At the student dorms, he gets the photos developed in the red room. Was he the one who planted the photos though? No. It was actually Aiko, who took the photos from the student dorm and intentionally planted them on Rose’s desk.

Rose, desperate for revenge, ends up plying a game with Chiang-Han to share a cookie and meet in the middle. So naturally, Rose ends up kissing him, just to spite Sue. Just to add salt to the wound, she has Chiang-Han sing the song when they first met.

After the night’s events, Sue and Chiang-Han head back to their hotel room and make passionate love. Interestingly, Sue was also wearing red heels just before this encounter. As they sit together in the morning, Sue is worried, concerned that Rose actually knows about them.

Things between Li Chien-Ta and Hana continue to go well, with the latter showing up at the police station with a lunchbox for her. The other officers tease him over Hana’s past (just that ol’ chestnut of stabbing her ex boyfriend of course) but he’s not dissuaded from dating her.

When Sue heads home, she finds Yu-En waiting outside her house. He admits to taking photos of her and Chiang-Han, pointing out that Aiko took the pictures from him. The thing is, Aiko has problems of her own, coming in the form of ferrying drugs. She’s put in a difficult position as the guy from the start of the show – Kevin- was actually outed by his partner as a way of bringing Aiko onboard.

That evening, Rose confronts Sue about the affair. She admits to it but her flippant attitude doesn’t help matters. She calls out Rose for being pitiful and admits she’s liked him for a long time. She plays the victim in all this, claiming she loved him in secret and Rose essentially swept in and took him before her.

As the episode closes out, Kuo-Piao returns with a vengeance. While Hana is waiting for Li outside the police station, he grabs her and snatches the young woman into his van. As he looks set to rape her, the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Light The Night is just starting to burn brightly now. The drama reaches fever pitch, all these different characters start to come into their own, and there’s enough intrigue here to keep the mystery elements ticking along nicely.

The relationship between Sue and Rose is certainly unnerving, especially as one would assume that the victim in the final episode will be revealed to be one of these two. I could be wrong of course, but that’s the impression I get based on what we’ve seen so far.

Either way, given this is only part 1 of the show, there’s going to be a lot more drama to come in the episodes ahead!

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