Le Bazar de la Charité (Bonfire Of Destiny) – Episode 3 Recap & Review


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Episode 3 of Le Bazar de la Charité (Bonfire Of Destiny) begins with Rose awakening and sneaking out of the room away from Madame Huchon, who sits asleep in the chair opposite. As she manages to make it downstairs, she’s stopped by two visitors who arrive at the house before she sees firsthand her own disfigured face in the mirror. After passing out, Madame Huchon speaks to her about the situation. Refusing to allow someone else to inherent her fortune, she asks Rose outright if she’ll take Odette’s place and keep her family legacy going. She gives her 24 hours to think it over.

Meanwhile Camille arrives back in Paris while Adrienne watches from afar in a horse-drawn carriage. Hugues heads to the burn-site and questions the men there about what happened, including the reports involving men beating women and trampling them to escape. While he heads home with no definitive answers, Adrienne sneaks back to her house and leaves a message for Camille in her aviary, creeping up to the house and seeing her firsthand before leaving. Camille finds the message not long after either, with instructions to meet her in the park in 3 days’ time.

Alice heads outside and speaks to Julien about what happened that fateful night of the fire and how Victor saved her life. Eventually he admits to pushing Rose and, after seeing his true nature, a big rift grows between them prompting Alice to tell her Father she doesn’t want to marry Julien anymore. Only, their livelihood and family money rests on her marrying him, throwing an even bigger spanner in the works.

The drama increases at the police station too as officers band together and decide that Victor is the one who’s the terrorist and responsible for the Bazaar fire. Celestin quickly approaches Victor in private and asks him if he can find some of the people he saved to help testify on his behalf.

Rose’s funeral finishes, leading Madame Huchon to head in after and speak to Odette’s coffin alone. As she weeps by the foot of the box, back home Rose takes some morphine and sees the extent of her burns in the mirror. As she does, Alice arrives at the house to see (who she assumes to be) Odette. After Alice leaves, Rose gives the maid the tickets to the boat and asks her to send it over to Jean. Soon after, Rose accepts the offer and decides to play the part of Odette.

Trapped into a corner, Alice bites the bullet and decides to marry Julien in a bid to save the family. Meanwhille, Adrienne finds the money missing, given Leo appears to have stolen it from her, while Thomas runs in and sees Rose, dressed and robed, playing the part of Odette. As the episode closes out, April sees Victor in private and they begin kissing where we leave the episode hanging in the balance.

As we approach the halfway point of this one, Le Bazar De Charite is well and truly moving into melodramatic waters, although to be fair the show is still engaging and dramatic throughout. The trio of girls all have their own unique storylines and seeing this play out with the interconnected scenes at the beginning and end, really helps sandwich each episode together. There’s some good character drama for all three of the girls too and it’ll be interesting to see what direction the show goes with these going forward.

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