Le Bazar de la Charité (Bonfire Of Destiny) – Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Morgue

Episode 2 of Le Bazar De Charite (Bonfire Of Destiny) begins with Adrienne heading back to Hugues’ house and making a plan to bring Camille back. As they start piecing this together, the hospitals struggle to cope with the number of injured brought in, including Rose who clutches her boat tickets tightly.

The Chairman of the Bazaar arrives too and immediately heads inside to assess the extent of the devastation. Paying off the guard on the door, Madame Huchon (played by the enigmatic French actress Josiane Balasko) tries to find her daughter Odette but instead finds Rose lying with bandages over her face. As she keeps looking, she looks upon the numerous charred bodies in the morgue until she finds Odette.

Madame Hucon heads back and after finding out Rose’s disfigurement will be permanent following the burns, she decides to take her home after snapping her bracelet off and putting Odette’s ring on her instead. This appears to be a ploy to pretend Rose is actually Odette. Back home, Alice relays her tale of woe to her Father, bemoaning Julien saving his own skin and no one else. She refuses to see him either, knowing what he’s done, and listens from the landing as downstairs Julien spins his deceptive tale about leaving in a panic to her Mum.

Meanwhile at the police station, Adrienne’s husband and a group of officers deliberate over whether the fire was an arson attack or not. As robbers arrive at the morgue and take the jewelry from the deceased, it seems unlikely anyone will properly be able to name the dead. This is made even worse given Madame Huchon put Rose’s bracelet on Odette in the morgue to pretend Rose is dead.

Meanwhile, Adrienne’s stunt earlier in the episode regarding her selling jewelry prompts one of the investigators to speak to the trader, managing to draw up a sketch of Adrienne’s face. Back home, hostilities grow between Alice and Julien as he surprises her at the house. Given Julien pushed Rose into the flames, she refuses to acknowledge him and blames him for her death. Only, as we know she’s not actually dead; she’s being groomed to be a replacement for Odette. As she struggles to break free from the bedroom, Madame Huchon injects her with a needle and sedates her.

With plenty of drama in the aftermath of the fire, there’s lots to digest during this episode. The sprinklings of soap opera romance and deceiving is certainly in the air but it does work well given the context of the series. Seeing Julien show his true colours after his craven behaviour toward the fire certainly paints him in a negative light, while Adrienne’s situation continues to look bleak.

Rose is the one who’s intriguing me the most at the moment though and quite how she’ll deal with her situation remains to be seen. Will she play along and pretend to be Odette? Given all 8 episodes are up on Netflix already, we won’t have to wait long to find out!

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  1. Le Bazar de la Charite, was an excellent cliff hanger movie/series.
    The actors/actresses are superb in their craft. I loved this series!!
    and will promote it to my friends, Netflix you don’t disappoint with
    the contents of your historical period movies..
    You’ve got it right! with hopes your fans will continue asking you bring
    on the next series of this beautifully directed series.
    French or English it’s an awesome series.
    A fan of Netflix.. J.

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