La Révolution – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Chapter Four – The Executioners

We begin episode 4 of La Revolution with Donatien turning into a ravenous beast out in chains, eventually succumbing to his hunger and eating his fellow prisoner. This happens to be the curse of these blue bloods.

Oka knows this, it appears, and he shows concern toward Albert and his descent thanks to the infection. With blue veins pulsating throughout his chest, this blood seems to have its limitations.

Elsewhere, Edmond has his arm cauterized as Charles arrives to oversee the operation. He berates the guards for what happened and gives them one more chance to make amends.

Back home, Elise returns and speaks to Charles about her ordeal. He wants directions to their hideout and asks for details regarding her captor. Although she gives up the name of Marianne, Elise remains tight-lipped about everything else.

Elise knows something is up with him though and asks her Uncle just where her Father is. Leaning forward, she tells him he doesn’t scare her anymore and walks away.

Instead, she speaks to Madeleine who divulges more details about “the man in the locket.” She’s convinced that he’s sad and also that the blue blood will kill them all. It’s an ominous sign of things to come for sure.

Meanwhile, Joseph is held captive by Edmond and his men. Deciding to give him a taste of his own medicine, Edmond contemplates chopping his hand off. Only, thankfully he’s saved by one of the guards who vouches for him.

Oka and Albert discuss the blue blood and their leader, Guy de Montargis. He’s apparently in advanced stages of this blue-blood phase and needs to be killed. He’s strong, as we soon find out, but Albert isn’t sticking around. He’s decided to leave.

After being released from the soldiers, Joseph awakens inside the church and speaks to Father Marxence. He’s come to say goodbye. With Oka safe and sound, Joseph is going to high-tail it out before things turn nasty. Only, Father Marxence questions him over whether everyone deserves to be saved or not.

On the back of this, Joseph arrives to see Elise. Only, Ophélie is less than trusting toward him and demands to know what he’s doing. Eventually he spills the truth about the infection, going on to list the symptoms that this blue blood causes.

As her eyes widen, Ophélie realizes she’s heard this before from Only, she’s obviously heard this before from Madeleine.

Gaining her truth, Madeleine starts divulging the details of her dream. She mentions how the “monger” looks like her Father and he’s apparently at the church. She’s unsettled and pleads with Joseph to believe her. She also goes on to reveal that his friend is going to die tonight.

With this ominous prophetic message at hand, Joseph races off to the church. It’s just as well too as all the candles go out. Father Marxence creeps through the passageways until he finds a familiar voice asking him to sit with him.

That voice belongs to Count, who’s succumbed to this hunger. Realizing that all the nobles in the land will be like him soon, he warns the priest that soon there will be a whole army.

Unfortunately their conversation is interrupted by Donatien, who shows up and kills the priest. He bites his neck and leaving him to bleed out.

With Father Marxence out the way, the Count is taken into the courtyard where Charles happens to be waiting for him. The only way to kill a blue blood is removing the head – which Donatien and Charles happily do to the Count.

Joseph shows up at the church but he’s too late. Father Marxence is bleeding out and Joseph watches helplessly as he dies.

When Elise learns what’s happened to her Father, she’s beside herself with grief. Madeleine checks her dead Father’s wrist and notices blue blood.

As the episode closes out, the town mourn the death of the Count but the ceremony is interrupted by Donatien. He bursts in on a horse in a brilliant flowery suit. With their Father’s ring on his finger, and all power transferred to him, this spells serious trouble for everyone going forward.

The Episode Review

With all power now transferred to Donatien, this one is evolving fast into more of a vampire thriller than a historical drama.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing but Donatien’s over-the-top flamboyance does feel a little cartoony and out of place compared to what we’ve witnessed thus far.

Still, there’s lots of questions still to be answered – especially surrounding the blue blood- which will undoubtedly keep you watching to find out what happens next.

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