La Révolution – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Chapter Three – The Innocents

We begin episode 3 of La Revolution in Louisiana 1782. Several slaves are shot dead, including Albert himself. Left to bleed out, his locket is stolen and the horse-rider charges away. Only, in his wake a masked woman approaches.

We then cut back to the present as we see Albert still sporting a nasty cut across his chest where he was shot down. He owes a debt to the Brotherhood and remains loyal to the cause – using Elisa and Joseph as tools to break into the prison.

With nowhere else to turn, Joseph puts his trust in Elisa and hands over something from his right pocket. While she’s taken away, Katell apologises for lying. She pleads with Joseph to get Marianne and the others inside the prison.

As they talk of an epidemic, Marianne spurs the crowd on outside as they contemplate what to do with Elisa. The girl mentions compassion, which receives an indifferent scoff from this leader.

Marianne removes her mask and shows exactly what compassion her Uncle has – scarring her for life.

Charles receives a letter at the estate confirming that Elisa has gone. As he rides out to try and find her, Madeleine plays outside by the shore.

Meanwhile, Albert and Joseph have a family reunion. Here, he learns that Albert was in America all this time. Albert explains he’s there to save Oka and the two have a history together. Specifically, Albert owes him a debt.

Here, Joseph presents his alternate method to freeing Oka. Given he has proof that this infection is the cause of Rebecca’s death, he wants to use that to his advantage. Albert refuses to budge though. Eventually Joseph caves and agrees to help the Brotherhood.

With the group gathered together, Joseph is briefed on the plan which involves a small window of time. This plan is made more difficult by a ransom being made against Charles for the safe release of Elisa.

Back at the hideout, Elisa cunningly manages to break free from her binds and holds the group up at gunpoint. She demonstrates that she knows how to fire a weapon and makes her escape from the others.

Only, she runs straight into Albert. Unresolved feelings from the past come flooding back which serves as a distraction for the group to hold her captive again. This time though, they nail her shut inside a coffin. Good grief.

Joseph rides back up to the city with Katell watching from afar. He returns to his lab and hurriedly collects up everything he can. Only, partway through he’s blindsided by a guard who tries to kill him.

Thankfully Katell bursts in to save the day and manages to knock the man out. With time of the essence, Katell does her rounds like normal but intentionally makes all the prisoners sick with contaminated water.

This serves as a big distraction, allowing the doctor entry to the prison. Only, it’s not just the doctor. This concoction allows plague doctors to enter but really it’s just the Brotherhood in disguise.

Joseph gains entry to Oka’s cell and Albert bursts in after dispatching the guard, throwing his arms around Oka and calling him his brother.

Ophélie goes looking for Elise but finds the hideout empty, save for Albert’s locket on the ground. This brings her before Father Maxence, where she pleads with the priest for answers.

Having made an oath to follow Elisa wherever she is, Maxence eventually caves and reveals all.

This brings her before Monsieur de Lariboise, knowing that Albert is the one responsible for abducting Elisa. With the information needed, he rides back into the city. As he does, Ophélie learns the truth from a prisoner left behind; Elise has been taken to the morgue.

Believing their deed done, the Brotherhood leave the prison but immediately come under fire as soldiers shoot at them. Trying to evade them, the Brotherhood dodge and weave their way through the streets.

This shootout inevitably ends with Albert finding the morgue burning. As thick curls of smoke wisp into the air, Elise manages to break free from her tomb and escapes outside. There, she comes face to face with Albert.

With him distracted momentarily, Edmond suddenly shows up and stabs him in the neck. With Oka at gunpoint, Marianne manages to save the day and slices the man’s arm off.

Blue blood oozes from Albert’s cut as he hallucinates and remembers moments from the past. Suddenly, he returns from the dead and faces a shocked Elise who can’t believe her eyes.

The Episode Review

With Albert obviously able to return from the dead and this strange infection growing, the future certainly looks an intriguing proposition.

The prison break was decent and seeing Joseph now aligning himself with the Brotherhood is a nice plot beat, especially given the obvious affection between Oka and Albert.

Where did this blue liquid come from? And what connection does it have to America? I’m sure we’ll find out in the coming episodes but this one is just starting to get interesting now.


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