La Casa De Papel – Season 4 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Plot Armour Part 2

Episode 6 of Season 4 for La Casa De Papel begins with Gandia the animal continues his rampage, outsmarting the gang as he grabs Nairobi. Realizing Gandia escaped through the vents, Rio and Denver head up to try and ambush him while the rest stand by the front door. After tying Nairobi to the door and punching a hole through so her face is visible, Helsinki sacrifices his friend and shoots through the door into Gandia. Only, he brushes it off like nothing and shoots back, leaving them at a stalemate.

In the past, Nairobi speaks to the Professor about the possibility of having a child and he agrees to do just this for her after the heist. Continuing to intersperse this story throughout the episode, we see Nairobi telling the other girls about this and celebrating her future success.

Meanwhile, Denver and Rio go through the vents but despite creeping slower than Gandia, they make a lot of noise that Gandia is all the wiser to. Unfortunately this sets off a barrage of bullets as Gandia halts their advance.

The Professor bursts into life and realizes they need to trap Gandia in the Panic room. In order to do tha,t he radios through to Palermo and lets him know he believes the hidden room is in the Governor’s Office.

At the same time, Sierra and the others learn about the war going on inside the bank thanks to Tamayo giving the green light to Gandia starting this fight. As they try to wqork out whether to interject or not, inside the bank Arturo is handed Nairobi’s phone from one of the other hostages who snatched it at an opportune time during the chaos. After being shunned by the Governor, Arturo instead hands the phone to Miguel and encourages him to communicate with the outside.

The group decide to try negotiating with Gandia and come to agreeable terms. While they do, Nairobi continues to wind him up, calling him pathetic and hitting him right where it hurts. All of this is a ploy to get the guys to shoot Gandia but it’s no good, he’s too smart and cunning for them all.

Outside, Sierra and Lisbon continue to dance around their interrogation, with the latter managing to gain the upper hand this time and telling Sierra she’s close to a breakdown. However, Miguel calls the police from inside the bank which breaks this up for now as Arturo updates them on the situation.

Deciding to make their move, the police ready themselves to move in on the panic room and extract Gandia. After an intense exercise session, the Professor formulated another plan to try and help the group out of their tricky situation. He tasks Marseille to go to Algeria and bring in “Benjamin’s team”.

Meanwhile, the group succumb to Gandia’s demands as he grabs Nairobi, holding her up at gunpoint and dragging her into the main atrium. Eventually he lets her go but in doing so, calls her a mutt one more time and shoots her through the skull. As everyone screams in shock, Gandia runs through the large, empty room and evades another barrage of bullets from 7 angry heist-members and escapes down into the panic room unscathed.

However, Denver follows in hot pursuit and launches a grenade in his direction. As it explodes, the scene fades to black . Meanwhile, the group look upon the devastation left in Gandia’s wake as Nairobi lies dead on the floor.

La Casa De Papel has turned into a frustrating show to watch. The plot armour on Gandia is something that even Daenarys and Cersei from Game Of Thrones would blush at. The man has taken a gunshot to the back, the chest and found himself on two separate occasions dodging hundreds of bullets completely unscathed. Now there’s a possibility he’s also survived a grenade blast too. Why didn’t the police just send him in during part 1 to stop the guys? It would have solved a lot of headaches and subsequent seasons.

Joking aside, the series has really taken a nosedive with its writing and while some of the plot contrivances in the past could be chalked up to police grunt ineptitude or lucky breaks, this season has seen one ex-mercenary completely manhandle 7 supposedly competent team players in a matter of episodes. It’s such a shame too and this unraveling of character is topped off by the decision to kill Nairobi. While still a shocking moment, with no come-uppance for Gandia it’s something that rings hollow and undermines that early season tension with her surgery. 

With two episodes left, big question marks remain around how this one will end but this year La Casa De Papel has really struggled to live up to expectations with a couple of very disappointing, plot-armour-heavy episodes.

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  1. Addicted to watch this great series! Maybe the management can still possibly give a shot for Alba Flores (Nairobi) to play a different character as a missing twin sister. 🤔

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