Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight – Season 3 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Luthera’s Shield

Episode 9 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 begins with the group heading out of Tianshang as they plan their future moves. Po and the others decide to head out and search for the docks while Blade heads home and gets the sword from Drake. Po comes across posters claiming a reward for catching the four of them.

Blade and her mother prepare a trap for Drake and the Knights. In the meantime, Po and the others roam the foggy streets of London in search of the docks. Po tells them about an odd feeling he has about bringing Alfie back. Just then, Forouzan’s boat floats over London as Ping calls out his name. 

Blade and her mother await the arrival of Drake as her mother apologizes and reassures her that she has her full support. The time finally arrives as Drake knocks on the door.

In the meantime, as Po and the others search the streets, people take notice of them and recognize them from the posters. Soon enough, a huge crowd begins to chase after them for the 1,000 shilling prize money. Just then, Po takes notice of Forouzan’s ship and begins to chase it, with a huge crowd chasing behind them.

Blade’s mother lets Drake and the Knights into the house and assures them she has not informed Blade about their arrival. Drake sends the Knights inside to bring her out, but Blade unleashes the trap on them. As Drake turns to Lady Lucinda, Blade hurls a kettle at Drake knocking him unconscious before taking the sword and running.

Ping hears Po and the others and quickly throws down the ropes. Po and Rukmini grab onto the ropes; however, following them, multiple people also grab on to hunt them down. The three of them fight off the people, including Benny. Back at the house, Blade unleashes more traps as the Knights chase them through, and her mother enjoys the thrill of it.

Forozan and Ping romantically celebrate their achievement in front of the others and decide to meet up with Blade. Blade observes the Knights surrounding the house and throws bricks at them from the terrace. Just then, Drake emerges on the terrace. Po gets an anxious feeling again, suggesting Blade is in danger. 

Drake gives Blade a last chance to surrender, but she fights back by hurling bricks at him. Drake catches one of the bricks Bear hurls at him and throws it back at her. Seeing her daughter, Lady Lucinda grabs Alfie’s sword and threatens to attack Drake. Drake snatches the sword from her instantly.

Just then, Blade realizes the rope hanging from the ship and swiftly jumps off the building. Drake blames Lady Lucinda for this. Blade makes a comeback and swings in to grab the sword, taking her mother along with her.

The group reunites and gathers all the weapons, ready to take it all to be destroyed. Po realizes his gut feeling isn’t too pleasant and decides to talk to Blade. Akna urges him to speak to her, but right before he can mention it, she suggests that releasing Alfie might be a bad decision.

Just then, Ping says his goodbyes to Forouzan, but Po encourages him to stay back with Forozan and appreciates everything he has ever done for him. They leave with the lifeboat Forouzan gives them and head towards Tianshang.

The Episode Review

Episode 9 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 picks up from Tianshang after the Dragon Knights have located the forge. They hurry up to intercept Ping and Forouzan at the docks to collect the weapons and have them destroyed. Things get tricky as Drake has posters of them out in every part of the town.

We also run into a double setup where Blade knows about the arrival of Drake and uses the opportunity to grab the last Tianshang weapon, Alfie’s sword.

We see a change in the dynamic between Blade and her mother and she finally wins her approval of her mission. This is also because Lady Lucinda knows about the possibility of Alfie’s revival. On the other side, Po isn’t sure if that’s the right thing to do given it will unleash the entire ancient army. This opens up the possibility of a conflict of intentions.

At the end of the episode, we have confirmation that the Dragon Knights have successfully secured all the weapons and will initiate the destruction of them.

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