Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight – Season 3 Episode 10 Recap & Review

The Battle of Tianshang Part 1

Episode 10 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 begins with Drake getting a scolding from the Queen for attempting to capture Po and his friends. She assigns him the responsibility of planning her jubilee instead. Drake storms out of the courtroom and commands his Knights to accompany him however the Knights have overheard him from outside and suggest they shouldn’t continue the mission. Drake insists they comply.

Po and his friends head out for the secret entry and realize the Knights are looking for them. Drake orders Colin to be brought to him and questions him about their whereabouts. He refuses to tell the truth and gets thrown into prison for treason.

Blade sees the Knights taking Colin and decides to help him out. Her mother suggests they bring Alfie back and let him handle the Knights, but Blade decides to ignore her and proceed. Blade and Po get spotted by a Knight, but they tackle him. Lady Lucinda questions her, but she puts it on Po to explain and runs away.

They prepare to release Colin and head in to smack the two Knights’ heads together. Just then, an army of Knights storm the restaurant, but Colin and Blade fight them off together. Blade persuades him to join them and help them on their mission, and Colin agrees. Outside, Po and Akna struggle to console the grieving mother. As Blade arrives, she speaks out in anger. 

They manage to make it to the secret entrance of the city. Right before they can enter, two guards spot them and make fun of Blade’s mother because she says Sir Alfred is in the sword. They also tell them that Drake is on his way with reinforcements. Infuriated by this, Blades beats them up, and the group proceeds to enter Tianshang.

Right before entering, Blade explains their reasons for not being able to bring back Alfie. Her mother understands the predicament and reassures her that it’s alright. Just then, they hear the Knights approaching and quickly hop into the well. Po offers to stay behind and hold off the Knights as Blade destroys the weapons.

Blade takes the weapons and the sword and proceeds to have them destroyed. Drake manages to slip past Po and his friends while they fight off the Knights. He follows Blade and her mother onto the floating rocks. Unfortunately, Drake reaches the large rock they’re standing on and uses his bow to fire arrows at them. 

Po alerts them, and Blade quickly draws out the sword to cover her mother and defend her from the arrows. Unfortunately, this causes the weapons to fall into the abyss, but Po and the others jump in to retrieve them.

Blade and her mother head over to the other side of the rock, followed by Drake. Drake has Blade cornered and commands her to put down the sword. As soon as she puts the sword down and hands it over, Po comes in flying and knocks Drake down. Colin and Akna attempt to use the storm wheel and the helmet of wind, but they do not work in Tianshang.

They try persuading Drake to allow them to destroy the weapons, but Drake doesn’t listen and orders them to drop the weapons. He offers Colin the opportunity to be reinstated as a Knight if he arrests the others, but Colin declines the offer. Drake proceeds to shoot Po, but Colin dives in between and gets hit by the arrow instead.

Just then, glowing vines approach Drake from the back and attack him, rendering him unconscious. Veruca emerges from the distance and reveals herself.

The Episode Review

Episode 10 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 marks the beginning of the war of Tianshang. Blade and Po seek to destroy the weapons, but are met with resistance from Drake and the Knights. The team also finds a new recruit, Colin who now switches sides after being saved by Blade and the others.

Colin has been an interesting character right from the start. Initially, he gets off on the wrong foot due to the brainwashing from the Knights, but posed with new ideas and critical thinking changes his stance instantly.

This chapter also captures the part where Blade’s mother has to come to terms with the fact that reviving Alfie might be too dangerous, but she takes it surprisingly well and supports the Dragon Knights throughout the fight.

Just as Drake corners them and puts them into a compromised position, Veruca strikes. Ironically it’s the situation where a threat is eliminated by an even bigger threat.

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