Krapopolis – Season 1 Episode 18 “War with the Roses” Recap & Review

War with the Roses

Episode 17 of Krapopolis Season 1 begins with a stark revelation. Hippo and Daphne are in a relationship, although they don’t think so. The duo hooked up right after getting acquainted at a party from another episode this season. But it has come at a tumultuous time. Nature and humans are at loggerheads. This century-old rivalry manifests in the form of active physical attacks on the humans, proposing a new battle between them.

Hippo and Daphne decide that they will try to convince their State heads to end the war or at least nudge them in the right direction. However, at the meeting, things go awry. Neither side is ready to listen to the demands of the other. Matters are more interesting because both sides have a God.

Deliria and Pan are the least bothered by what happens between humans and nature. The meeting ends on a sour note, sparking a lengthy and bloody battle between them. Each side suffers significant casualties with no solution in sight. 

Ty grows tired of the war soon enough. Hippo and Daphne are torn apart as they take different sides in the battle. However, they also realize that everything between them was not bereft of feelings. There is a sense of attachment to each other, which might even be love.

Things get ugly in the war as Deliria is enraged when Pan makes a mockery of motherhood. The gods soon get entangled in the battle, forsaking both sides. The war only stops when Hippo and Daphne make a bold decision to kiss each other in front of everyone. Although man and nature do not come to an amicable resolution, it is accepted by both sides that they will forever live together in harmony and conflict. 

The Episode Review

The staging of this episode’s battle is its undoing. There is no buildup or intrigue to it. We jump straight into the action without any immediate context. Hippo and Daphne’s relationship also springs up like a surprise without any tangible hopes for a follow-up. Episode 18 looks like a one-off without too much to add to what has been an inconsistent season full of promise and frustrations. 

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