Konosuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World – Season 3 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Rest for This Up-And-Coming Adventurer!

Episode 7 of Konosuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World Season 3 begins with Kazuma and his friends finally getting rewarded for defeating Sylvia. Kazuma suggests he, his friends, and the other adventurers at the Adventurer’s Guild hold a celebration. One week passes. Kazuma and Aqua attend a banquet and tell the waiter to share their compliments with the chef. 

Eventually, Kazuma and Aqua return home and notice Megumin teasing Darkness. The two lock Megumin and Darkness in the room together and Megumin promises them she’s not doing anything strange to Darkness. Next, Kazuma and Aqua learn that Megumin is helping Darkness prepare for an endurance competition. 

Darkness tells Kazuma she’d practice at her father’s place but doesn’t want him to discover what she’s up to or catch his cold. Kazuma uses this opportunity to torture Darkness since she tortured him at Iris’s castle in a previous episode. Next, Aqua shows Darkness, Kazuma, and Megumin a dragon egg and explains a butler gave it to her for a price. 

Aqua tells Kazuma and the others that she named the dragon Zeltman Kingsford. She hopes her dragon will become a dragon emperor one day named Emperor Zel. The next day, Aqua, Darkness, and Kazuma visit Wiz’s shop to attain their reward from them. Meanwhile, Megumin’s at home watching Zel. While Kazuma’s caressing his money, Vanir shares what he and Wiz have been up to. 

Vanir says he’s trying to prevent Wiz from incurring debt and causing issues. After that, Vanir offers to give Darkness a reading for her services. Vanir asks Darkness to place her hand on a device. Next, he asks Darkness why she’s trying to lighten her armor. Darkness tells Vanir she wants to show off her well-defined abs. Then, Vanir asks Darkness why she took Megumin’s dress and held it up to her body in a mirror. 

Darkness says she wanted to see how she’d look with cute garments on. After Aqua encourages Darkness to try on attire of that caliber, Vanir asks Darkness why she wears clothes that emphasize her body’s lines while having someone like Kazuma around. Darkness questions why Vanir is asking her these questions so that she can attain her fortune from him. 

Vanir says he only asked her these questions to start a conversation. She only has to touch the crystal ball to obtain the fortune. For the actual fortune, Vanir tells Darkness that she will cause her family and their household great misery due to a specific action. Vanir argues Darkness should abandon saving her family since anything she tries will result in destruction. 

Darkness thanks Vanir for the fortune and tells Kazuma she plans to see her father. Darkness departs and Vanir bestows Kazuma with wisdom regarding his earned funds. Vanir suggests Kazuma to continue devising new, marketable merchandise. Although Darkness can’t change her fate, Vanir believes Kazuma can change his. 

Later, Darkness visits Kazuma in their home’s living room area. Darkness tells Kazuma they should tackle a hydra monster’s bounty. Kazuma refuses to tackle the bounty since they have plenty of cash. Darkness wanders toward Kazuma with crocodile tears in her eyes, begging him to accept the mission. Kazuma accepts, much to Aqua’s disappointment. Aqua wonders if this is because Darkness’s family is out of cash. 

Megumin’s excited because she wants to earn herself a dragon slayer title. Aqua can’t believe Megumin wants that title considering they have Zel now. Moreover, Aqua’s not happy that they left Zel with Wiz and Vanir. She’s worried they’ll negatively influence Zel. Kazuma tells Aqua that she better defeat the hydra fast then. Aqua purifies the lake and hopes this draws the hydra out. 

Kazuma tells Megumin that he wants her to use Explosion Magic on the hydra when it appears. Then, the hydra arises from the water. Megumin doesn’t want to use her Explosion Magic because she doesn’t want to harm Aqua. The episode closes with Aqua calling out to her friends to save her. 

The Episode Review

With the Iris story arc finished it seems we’re back to following Kazuma and his friends’ shenanigans in this fantasy world again. Although this chapter doesn’t contain the most engaging content imaginable and reuses old tricks to generate laughs from audiences, most of the material here may interest some folks. Firstly, Aqua’s pet dragon (or chicken as Kazuma claims) Zel might be worth noting. 

Much like Chomosuke, we’re optimistic Zel will add value and uniqueness to the group. Otherwise, his inclusion will be pointless and uneventful. Moreover, this season’s ending theme may have already given fans clues on what Zel may look like. That tadpole specimen hasn’t appeared in season 3 yet. Therefore, it’s likely that the creature will be Zel. 

Again, we’re hopeful Zel’s inclusion in this tale will bring some essence of depth and impact. That aside, it’s exciting to see our heroes fighting a hydra monster. It’s been a while since we’ve seen them tackle a monster with no ties to the Devil King, so it’s semi-refreshing.

Although Megumin will likely obliterate the beast with an Explosion Spell once Aqua distances herself from it, it’s always nice to see our heroes tackle different specimens. It adds to the world and makes it lively.

In addition to having some standout jokes, this was an okay outing from Season 3. It wasn’t spectacular, but it at least gives fans something to think about before episode 8 releases. 

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