Konosuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World – Season 3 Episode 8 Recap & Review

An Eternal Rest for the Master

Episode 8 of Konosuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World Season 3 begins with Kazuma meeting Eris. Then, Aqua tells Kazuma she revived him. Kazuma wakes up and we learn our heroes escaped the hydra’s wrath. Then, Kazuma asks Darkness to accompany him to their home’s bathing area, much to Aqua and Megumin’s disgust. 

Our heroes return to Axel. Aqua insists Kazuma and Darkness clean themselves up since they’re covered in hydra saliva. Moreover, Aqua ensures Kazuma that the hydra will focus on “re-fouling” the lake because she purified it. Nevertheless, Aqua tells Megumin they should report their hydra activity to the Adventurer’s Guild’s staff to see if they can obtain wonderful rewards. 

Next, Darkness apologizes to Kazuma while he’s bathing. She’s upset that she forced Kazuma to get digested by the hydra. Kazuma says it’s no big deal. However, Kazuma wonders why Darkness wanted to tackle the hydra mission. Darkness doesn’t give Kazuma a clear answer. Nonetheless, Kazuma says they should strategize before they fight it again. 

Later, Kazuma and Darkness visit the Adventurer’s Guild and notice several adventurers yelling at Megumin and Aqua. Darkness questions Luna about what’s going on. Luna says the royal capital’s grown concerned over the Silver-Haired Thief Brigade’s sneaking and thriving endeavors. She says this enticed many knights to focus on recovering the goods.

Kazuma’s concerned because he knows he’s a part of this brigade with Chris. Next, he sees a bounty poster featuring him and Chris. This makes him worry more about the situation. Luna tells Kazuma the capital’s authorities spoke with Soketto to uncover the brigade members’ identities. She mentions the brigade members’ bounty is about 200,000,000 eris. This excites most of the adventurers in the guild. 

Luna urges the adventurers to capture the brigade members. If they do, Luna argues the knights will visit Axel and defeat the hydra. Later, Kazuma and Aqua chat about Zel. Then, Megumin and Darkness grace their presence. Megumin tells Aqua and Kazuma that she developed a plan to defeat the hydra. However, Aqua doesn’t want to go through with this plan since it involves her submitting to a Lich skill. 

Megumin’s baffled and reveals she wants to get revenge for Kazuma. Despite conversing with Kazuma, he refuses to help Megumin and Darkness fight the hydra. Therefore, we see Megumin and Darkness fight and fail to defeat the hydra for several days. One day, Darkness and Megumin return from another failed affair. Aqua heals Darkness and Darkness visits the bathing area to get the hydra’s essence off her. 

Then, Darkness exits the bathing area and spots Kazuma fixing her armor. Kazuma tells her he’s doing this out of boredom and doesn’t want Darkness to fight the hydra again when he’s finished. This reminds Darkness of a moment when Kazuma fixed her armor at a hot spring location. She says they should go to the hot spring location, but Kazuma refuses. 

Later, Megumin tells Kazuma that Darkness is missing. Kazuma realizes Darkness may have fled to fight the hydra alone. He tells Megumin and Aqua to head to Darkness’s location. Meanwhile, Kazuma plans to make a few stops. Eventually, Aqua and Megumin find Darkness. Darkness refuses to back down from the hydra despite Aqua and Megumin’s concerns. 

Then, Kazuma arrives with many adventurers from the guild. Kazuma tells Darkness he gathered them here to support her. Next, Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, Darkness, and the adventurers combat the hydra. Darkness and Kazuma get stuck underneath the hydra’s body. Kazuma belittles Darkness to encourage her to overcome the hydra’s weight during this foray. 

Darkness flips the hydra on its side and Megumin and the wizards defeat the hydra with their magic. Later, Kazuma, his friends, and the adventurers celebrate their victory at the guild. The adventurers tell Kazuma he and his pals can take most of the profit. Meanwhile, Kazuma and Darkness discuss the hydra’s defeat. Darkness tells Kazuma this experience made her appreciate Axel’s people more. 

Later, Kazuma, Megumin, and Aqua return home. They notice a letter on the table from Darkness. In it, Darkness tells her friends that she must leave the party and insists they find a new front-line fighter for the group. Darkness says she values her time spent with Kazuma and the others. The episode closes with Megumin, Kazuma, and Aqua looking at the letter. 

The Episode Review

Sometimes it’s hard to see friends go. With the details we received about Darkness’s character and her family these past weeks, it makes sense to see her resort to drastic measures. Yet, much like the hydra, we’re certain Kazuma, Megumin, and Aqua will convince her to revoke her decision. As for how our heroes will do so, is left in the air. 

That aside, it was disappointing that we didn’t see how the first battle with the hydra went down. Like most anime, this episode opted for the usual “tell and not show” approach. While the group battle with the beast was electrifying, funny, and heartfelt, some fans will be upset that we didn’t see how Kazuma and his party’s initial battle with the beast unfolded. 

At the same time, we’re optimistic Luna’s intel about the Silver-Haired Thief Brigade leads somewhere. This information felt tossed in and wasn’t expanded upon as much as one would like. Considering the story seems to be leaning toward a Darkness-centric outing, one could argue this anime should’ve withheld that knowledge for a future chapter. 

This data makes the adventurer’s guild insistence on helping Kazuma and his friends with the hydra feel strange and ungenuine. Those issues aside, Kazuma’s discussion with Darkness at the Adventurer’s Guild was lovely. Moreover, Darkness’s letter to Kazuma and the others will make anyone teary-eyed. All in all, this was another decent outing of Konosuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World Season 3. 

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