Konosuba: An Explosion On This Wonderful World – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap & Review

An Explosion On This Wonderful World

Episode 12 of Konosuba: An Explosion On This Wonderful World begins with Megumin having Yunyun assist her in her new plan to defeat Host. Megumin hands Yunyun a lot of eris at night and wants her to visit the magic item store to buy tools and a stuffed black cat toy to assist them in their battle with Host.

Yunyun returns with the tools and the stuffed cat toy. Megumin shares her explosive plan with Yunyun. Yunyun questions if Megumin’s plan will work, but Megumin says she’ll make it work because she feels she and Chomusuke are responsible for getting Axel’s people involved in their mess. Megumin returns to her room to get some sleep but remembers she forgot to fire off her daily explosive spell. However, someone enters the room, causing her to fake sleeping.

Fortunately, the person entering her room happens to be Yunyun. Yunyun confesses her honest feelings about Megumin regarding her weird decisions with the Axis Sect and her devotion to resolving the matter with Host. However, Yunyun finds Megumin’s plan a bit foolish, so she takes the cat toy from Megumin’s dresser. Yunyun admits she was at the guild before stopping by and asked Rex and his friends to form a party with her. Yunyun casts a sleep spell on Megumin because she doesn’t want her to get hurt.

Megumin wakes up in the morning and bumps into Cecily. Megumin says they can chat later because she needs to find Yunyun and her group. Cecily reveals Rex and his friends were injured and came to her to get healed. Cecily blesses Megumin with Aqua’s divine protection and lets her go. Meanwhile, Yunyun and the others battle Host. Megumin observes the situation from afar while invisible. She doesn’t want to help them since Yunyun and her allies appear to be holding their ground against Host.

Host uses his might to overwhelm Rex and his group while Yunyun drinks a magic potion and uses paralysis magic on Host to hold him down. Host knows this spell took a toll on Yunyun’s magic power, so he tries cutting a deal with Yunyun. However, it turns out Yunyun paralyzed herself in the process, shocking Host. Megumin shows herself and reveals she heard everything Yunyun said the prior night, surprising Yunyun. Host admits he could survive an explosion spell from Megumin, but his encounters with several individuals made him weaker. Megumin defeats Host with her spell as he believes he’ll be summoned as Komekko’s new familiar.

Cecily congratulates Megumin after the battle and says she’s planning on going on a journey to raise her level. This would allow her to take over a local church in any town she wants. Yunyun asks Megumin to accompany her to a field. Yunyun struts a heroic pose, declaring her goals. Yunyun says she plans to embark on a solo journey since Yunyun knows staying with Megumin won’t help her surpass her. Although Megumin has doubts, she accepts Yunyun’s future challenge and looks forward to their battle. We receive a montage of Yunyun and Megumin participating in different activities while they’re away from each other.

Afterwards, Megumin overhears people requesting the help of three folks for a goblin hunt mission. Megumin scares the people asking for help, and they flee. Megumin walks over to the Adventurer Guild’s bulletin board and notices a flier that’s requesting people to join their party. She’s sceptical at first but notices the group (Aqua and Kazuma) needs help from those who can handle advanced job classes. The episode closes with Megumin approaching Kazuma and Aqua and asking to join their party.

The Episode Review

And with that, we now know the background behind one of Konosuba’s most popular characters. Although this episode had some charming moments between Yunyun and Megumin, this episode will leave fans feeling mixed. From its failure to deliver the anticipated meeting between Megumin and Lady Wolbach to the way Host was defeated, it’s a bummer this was the way the series closed out.

We even receive a snippet featuring Yunyun and Lady Wolbach chatting about something to add more salt to the wounds. Unfortunately, the staff overlayed this spin-off’s ending theme song over the segment, so it’s unclear what Lady Wolbach and Yunyun discussed. It’s unfortunate since this conversation would’ve made the lack of a Wolbach and Megumin reunion scene feel less painful.

Although seeing Yunyun and her temporary party battle Host was fun, the resolution was predictable and unsatisfying. Host listing his reasons for losing the fight wasn’t humorous at all. It’ll make fans wish they saw the encounters he mentioned play out in the anime. Some fans may have wanted him to admit his close ties to Komekko, as it’s clear Megumin would’ve heard him out.

Besides Yunyun’s emotional confession to Megumin in her room and Megumin finally meeting Kazuma and Aqua at the guild, this episode didn’t feel like a solid conclusion. Hopefully, the third season of the mainline Konosuba series can give fans what they wanted from this one and that’s to allow Megumin to meet Lady Wolbach.

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