Knight Flower – K-drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Keep Your Enemies Closer

Episode 10 of Knight Flower begins with Lady Oh stabbing Pil and fainting. Su-ho arrives right in time and Pil runs off. Hwang beefs up security for everyone including Seok who doesn’t look worried. 

On the pretence of canvassing, Su-ho runs into Yeo-hwa and tells her the culprit is Pil. She tells him about her grave mourning and decides to gather everyone at Myungdo. 

Pil tries to run away with Man-sil but Seok sends the Minister of War to stop him. Yeon-sun spots Yoon-hak outside and they both ask each other to be careful. Yeo-hwa pops up in a guard’s disguise and wonders what they are doing. Yoon-hak asks about her relationship with Su-ho and she does the same about him and Yeon-sun. Bi-chan spots them but Yoon-hak is able to send him away.

At Myungdo, all Su-ho can worry about is Yeo-hwa mourning or fleeing to Qing. They also all find out that Lady Oh siphoned rice meant for the poor. As for Yeo-hwa, everyone looks to Yoon-hak on how to get her to stay and Su-ho’s puppy dog eyes convince him. After the meeting disperses, Yeo-hwa draws a line with Su-ho since they cannot have a relationship. 

Back home, Seok tells Yeohwa to leave in 3 days for Jeong’s grave. Yoon-hak and the King are conspiring to get the Queen Dowager to call on her but their plan prematurely backfires. Seok outrightly threatens the King. Lady Oh’s embezzling via charity will fall on Queen Dowager unless he stays in line. 

Meanwhile, Yeo-hwa baits Lady Oh by claiming she is Myungdo’s owner, has all the resources, knows everything and they should team up. Oh hints she still doesn’t know about her brother but Yeo-hwa sticks to her plan and asks Oh to give her a response soon. 

Su-ho visits Pil Inn and notices that he is under house arrest. Minister of War wants to take out Pil but Seok refuses. He also wants to know how the King will react and suggests that he does not want to kill a second king too.

That night, Su-ho and Yeo-hwa sneak into Pil Inn with masks. However, it goes wrong instantly as Pil recognises Su-ho and provokes him till the officer laments about his dead family. He also ends up revealing his real name— Im Hyun-jae. Pil claims Lady Oh gave him the order and that he will testify. Distracted, Man-sik attacks Yeo-hwa and Pil runs off. 

The original plan was to let Pil escape and follow him. They do have Bi-chan trailing Pil but Su-ho feels bad. Yeo-hwa makes it seem that he was needed as it was a dangerous mission and comforts him. Seok doesn’t care that Pil has run off and focuses on finding the masked men which Yeon-sun overhears. Lady Oh is about to write a letter when she gets one. 

Yeo-hwa complains that Yoon-hak hasn’t helped her yet. Yeon-sun takes her side and Yeo-hwa is amused. Suddenly, Yoo arrives with Jeong who says he has no memory of what happened. He hugs Seok and it is tense. Yeo-hwa recognises him as the Myungdo guy and he almost recognises her as Su-ho’s lover but she runs off. Yi-kyung tells everyone Jeong is back but Su-ho is shocked. Hwang berates her for upsetting her love but she has a crush on someone else.

Meanwhile, Yoon-hak listens to Su-ho rant about Jeong returning. Elsewhere, Jeong falls for Yeo-hwa even more now that she is out of her mourning clothes. She finds him annoying as he is quick-witted and keeps exposing her lies when she claims she’s never been out of the house or Myungdo. It gets worse when Lady Yoo suggests they make up for lost time and give her grandchildren.

During their first night together, Yeo-hwa is annoyed by his cockiness. But he just apologises to her for everything and offers to sleep in the far end of the room. She suddenly offers to help remove his clothes and knocks him out. She rushes to Jang and complains about her new situation. But she has another problem as Su-ho has passed out in the next room.

In the end, Pil goes to Seok. Jeong wakes up and finds Yeo-hwa missing. She is about to tuck Su-ho into bed in the adjacent room when he wakes up and touches her face. In the Knight Flower Episode 10 Epilogue, Yoon-hak tries to stop Su-ho but he is drunk and goes to Myungdo to find out about Jeong.

The Episode Review

Looks like Seok knows that all that has been happening is linked to the King’s allies and he is not alone. Bet he sent Lady Oh the letter to murder the King right when she was considering the partnership with Yeo-hwa in Knight Flower Episode 10. 

Her gambles don’t seem to be working out so far from the fake letter to baiting Lady Oh. By the way, what if Jeong walks in on Su-ho and Yeo-hwa? It’s about to get dangerous for everyone involved as we head into the final week.

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