Knight Flower – K-drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

Truth or Lie

Episode 9 of Knight Flower begins with Su-ho and Yoon-hak arriving. Yoon-hak calls him out for losing his fan and teases him before entering the meeting point alone. But Su-ho rushes in when he hears Yeo-hwa threatening Yoon-hak. Chaos ensues as they all recognise each other, Yoon-hak tries to take off her mask and Su-ho pushes him. She runs off and Yoon-hak is confused.

As she waits for Su-ho at Myungdo, Jang tries to stop her. She doesn’t want them to meet in case Yeo-hwa and Su-ho fall in love which has Yeo-hwa scandalised. Su-ho arrives and explains how his case is linked to Soong-ho and tells her about his real father, Im Kang. Yeo-hwa agrees to meet Yoon-hak again.

Meanwhile, Man-sik wants to kill Su-ho before Seok finds out he is alive but Pil cautions patience. Yoon-hak puts the pieces together from Yeon-sun and Su-ho protecting the same person to Su-ho’s familiarity with the Masked Lady. He confronts Su-ho about Yeo-hwa being the Masked Lady and he gets flustered.

As for Lady Yoo, she is still nursing heartbreak and decides to pray for Jeong at a temple with Jae-yi. Madam Bong-mal searches all over for Jeong till she finds him and they fill in the pieces. Seok claimed that Jeong died on his wedding day and no body was found. He confronts Seok after Lady Yoo leaves and declares that he wants to make it up to his mother and wife. Seok is furious and tells him to leave.

Yoon-hak updates the King with the latest developments and his wish to protect Yeo-hwa. The King misunderstands and teases him for liking her. Back at Myungdo, Ggotnim tries to cheer up a sulking Jeong. She reveals how she cheers up Yeo-hwa who is always sad.

Inside, Jang tells Yeo-hwa about Oh and Pil being siblings. She then waits alone for Su-ho but Jeong who is trying to find Jang, runs into Yeo-hwa whose face is partially covered. She stops him just as Su-ho shows up. Jeong thinks they are lovers, cheers Su-ho and runs off.

At the palace, the King suggests making Yoon-hak a minister but this does not go well. Seok warns him that he is only king because he has no ambitions, and it is best to keep it that way. The Queen Dowager shows up with Lady Oh as her attendant surprising Seok. The King observes their interaction which is full of veiled barbs.

Yeo-hwa finally meets Yoon-hak who suggests that Seok ordered Lady Oh to kill the old king. She is proof of his cunningness as she does not come from a powerful family yet he brought her in as his daughter-in-law so she could be held hostage against Soong-ho.

An upset Yeo-hwa recalls her first year in mourning when Seok would ask about her brother’s hideouts and his things in the pretence of finding him. Meanwhile, Seok tells Pil to kill Oh. 

That night, Su-ho meets with Yeo-hwa who shares that the man she saved him from was Pil. He too realises that he fainted because he recalled Pil’s butcher knife which was used to kill his family.

The next day, Seok tells his attendant to make sure Jeong leaves the country. Before Seok heads out, Yeo-hwa suddenly shows him a fake letter – someone wants to meet her at Haishi to give her information about Soong-ho. She insists on going and he agrees. Elsewhere, Yoon-hak, Su-ho and Bi-chan convince Hwang to investigate Pil as it is an order from the King.

At Myungdo, Seok’s attendant is armed but Hwal-yoo and Ggotnim stop him from catching Jeong. However, Jeong decides it is time to leave and wishes them farewell. The attendant watches them and tells Seok that Jeong has left. At the same time, Seok wishes that Yeo-hwa had kept on being a dutiful daughter-in-law.

Instead of leaving, Jeong shows up at the temple and has a tearful reunion with Lady Yoo and Jae-yi. Pil visits Oh and warns her. She keeps looking down on him and insults him. Comfortable that she doesn’t care for him, he chokes her. Meanwhile, Seok tells Yeo-hwa that it is time to become a role model for widows and go into 3-year mourning beside his son’s grave.

In Knight Flower Episode 9’s epilogue, Yeo-hwa shows Su-ho a secret broken tile on their boundary wall. From then on, she finds fruits, candy and flowers in the tile and is happy.

The Episode Review

We have reached the last phase of the K-drama and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon as evident with Knight Flower Episode 9. Seok is no longer hiding his dark side and is blatantly threatening and getting rid of people. But this also makes him messy as there are now enough witnesses to take him down. 

However, Yeo-hwa’s fake letter does not make any sense as it just ends with Seok isolating her. Unless she has a trick up her sleeve that requires Seok to think that she will go into grave mourning.

By the way, wouldn’t it be a plot twist if the gifts left for Yeo-hwa were by Jeong and not Su-ho, since he would most likely know about the broken tile too? K-dramas are notorious for throwing in random hurdles right before the couple can get together (ahem, Marry My Husband), so this wouldn’t be too far-fetched to imagine.

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