Killing Eve Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Apples & Lipstick

With Villanelle now in London, Killing Eve returns this week with our assassin receiving new orders from her handler, Raymond. After dispatching a man by an elevator in the apartment she’s hiding out in, she orders a whole load of clothes before planning her next move.

Dressed in a wig, glasses and another convicing accent, Villanelle infiltrates the school Niko is teaching at and begins spinning her web of deceit. While she blends in to the crowd, Niko introduces Eve to his student Gemma. After a smattering of compliments, Eve convinces her husband to show her the classroom he’s been teaching in, leaving his student high and dry. Once there they begin kissing but stoP suddenly as Eve notices an apple sitting on the desk.

Convinced that Villanelle is somewhere in the school grounds, she sets off the fire alarm to evacuate the building, but not before the Russian gives some words of advice to Gemma, convicing her to try and coerce Niko into cheating on Eve. To make matters worse, after the school is evacuated and everyone waits outside, he tells her to go home, unhappy that his wife has made his night all about her.

Determined to resolve this conflict once and for all, Eve strikes a private deal with Constantin which leads them all to the apartment Villanelle is hiding out in. Constantin goes in alone and convinces her to come with him, away from Raymond who has every intention of ditching her the first chance he gets. As MI5 break into the building, Villanelle and Constantin escape out the window, much to the anger of Eve who downs a small bottle of alcohol to calm her mood.

Following a few stern words from Carolyn, Eve returns to the investigation while Villanelle drives off with Constantin. He teases her about the new assassin called Ghost and she gets jealous, leaving us with a few chilling words as we cut back to Eve to close out the episode. As she applies her lipstick infront of the mirror, she suddenly cuts herself. Upon closer inspection, it turns out a razor blade was wedged in the middle of the stick, leading her to the chilling realization that Villanelle is closer than she thought.

While the episode itself doesn’t include much in the way of comedy or really dramatic beats, it does do well to set things up nicely for the episodes ahead. Quite what will happen in the ongoing saga between Eve and Villanelle is anyone’s guess but for now, the stage is set for a good conflict between the two going forward into the second half of the season.


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