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I wasn’t a big fan of Killing Eve’s first season. I thought the storyline meandered off track midway through its run-time and despite the best efforts from the two lead actresses, the comedy seemed to peter out midway through, replaced by a much darker drama and ending with a questionable and open-ended finale. Back for a second season, Killing Eve picks up where it left off from before, with a much more driven and consistent storyline, blending dark humour and drama throughout and ending on a suitably poetic but cliffhanger finish.

The story picks up right where it left off from before in the heart of Paris. Eve hurries out the building and heads back to the UK, debriefed by Carolyn and tasked with bringing a new assailant to justice, codenamed “Ghost” whose linked to businessman and tech-guru Aaron. Unfortunately, Villanelle has other plans and after escaping from the French building undetected and nursing a deep stab wound, she stows away back to London. From here, the rest of the seasons sees Villanelle and Eve engaging in a game of cat and mouse, eventually being brought together for a higher purpose and ending on a suitably climactic note, ready for the inevitable third season.

One of the biggest problems with the first season came from the inconsistent tone but this is certainly remedied here across the 8 episodes. Killing Eve maintains its dark comedy, weaving it into a deep narrative thread of deception, murder and drama with 8 highly enjoyable episodes. There are still lulls along the way though but Killing Eve is far more driven and consistent this year, much to the benefit of the show.

The real highlight comes from the two actresses though who absolutely shine here. Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh light the series up with a fantastic display of acting and when they share the limelight together, they deliver some of the best character-driven work of the year. It’s tense, unpredictable stuff with a combination of subtle facial work and natural chemistry making these moments the best of the series and well worth the wait.

Those going into this expecting some closure to the story will certainly be left disappointed though. Killing Eve leaves things unashamedly open, with a bigger cliffhanger this time around and multiple plots left unresolved. While the show has been greenlit for a third season, making things somewhat easier to digest, it’s bound to feel a little frustrating for anyone wanting to know how this one ends.

Killing Eve’s second season is a consistent, well-paced thrill ride from start to finish. With excellent acting from its two lead actresses and a much better blend of humour and drama this time around, Killing Eve delivers a really enjoyable second season. Despite a cliffhanger ending and a few lulls in the overarching story, Killing Eve finally finds its feet this year, making good on its premise and delivering a great season of entertainment well worth checking out.


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  • Verdict - 8/10

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