Killer Soup – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 8

Episode 8 of Killer Soup begins with Swathi in a jolly mood. Umesh arrives and delivers the news of Kirtima’s death. He tells Swathi that Kirtima knew everything and was killed by Lucas. Swathi suspects he had an affair with her so Swathi contacts Lucas about the same thing.

The next day we see Swathi performing a ceremonial prayer for the opening of her restaurant. Umesh fumes when he sees Lucas and attacks her. Swathi goes to stop them from fighting.

Hassan finds more clues to the case. He meets with Umesh and has a small talk with Umesh. He asks him about the events but he still thinks that the person who died is Umesh and not Prabhakar. Hassan hands over the evidence to Hassan, and he finds the acid in the toilet.

Does Hassan find out the truth about Swathi?

Swathi arrives home at night where Umesh has prepared a surprise for her. Hassan is retiring next week and his colleague throw him a farewell party. When Hassan’s superior stops him from following on the Shetty case, he is infuriated and attacks the superior officer.

Swathi and her cooking teacher head to the forest to collect ingredients for the soup. The ingredient is wild berries or mushrooms growing on a dead deer. The cooking teacher takes the reigns of the cooking preparation for the opening day of Swathi’s restaurant.

Hassan continues his investigation to nail Prabhakar Shetty. Preparations for Swathi’s restaurant opening are in full swing as Umesh does some digging of his own.

Does Swathi open her restaurant?

Celebrations are in full swing at the restaurant’s opening party. The guests enjoy the soup for the first time ever while Lucas comes to the party to meet Apeksha. He attempts to tell her the truth about her mother and him but she stops him.

Hassan’s superior officer spills the beans to Swathi about Hassan and Prabhakar’s meeting. Swathi connects the dots. Hassan’s car breaks down and there is no signal either, but he finds another clue and is able to spot a stall and make a phone call.

He calls Asha to help him. She receives a phone call that the DNA test was negative and the body is not Umesh’s. Hassan finds the same toilet clear at the stall and makes his enquiries where his suspicions are confirmed.

How does Killer Soup end?

Swathi decides to make a fatal soup for Umesh. She cross questions Umesh and he does not spare her feelings. Hassan and Asha arrive at the party and Umesh is going crazy after the soup. In an inebriated state, he addresses the party. Swathi tries to run away but Umesh’s monologue keeps her busy.

The police arrive at the dias and Umesh comes clean about the whole ordeal. Swathi holds everyone at gunpoint and comes clean too. Umesh trips on the wires and chokes on his blood. Swathi takes the opportunity to run away.

Umesh is put in a car and Hassan goes after Swathi. She jumps to her death just like Thupalli fell. But then we see she opens her eyes and swims up. Umesh’s body is also missing from the car.

In a short epilogue, we see Swathi and Umesh sit in a ghosted bus with Thupalli sitting on the roof as the episode and thus the series come to a conclusion.

The Episode Review

Well, what an ending! Like a domino effect that finished its run, everything fell together in place in this finale episode. Each character meets their fate as the pieces fall into place. Hassan gets justice for Thupalli and has his one last hurrah after solving the Shetty case. It was quite like a Shakespearean tragedy to see the chaotic fall of events.

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