Kengan Ashura – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Kengan Ashura season 2 opens with a brutal exchange between Muteba and Seki. Muteba attempts to gouge Seki’s eyes, but he narrowly evades. The battle escalates with Seki delivering a powerful blow to Muteba’s abdomen, causing him to vomit blood. The narrator sheds light on the strategy of pro wrestlers, emphasizing their focus on absorbing damage rather than dodging attacks.

Seizing an opportunity, Seki drives his thumb into Muteba’s right ear, rendering him both blind and deaf. Seki continues his relentless assault, repeatedly slamming Muteba onto the ground.

Muteba, disoriented and struggling to grasp his surroundings, staggers around the arena swinging at thin air. Seki, in an overconfident moment, moves in to deliver a finishing blow. In a split second, Muteba surprises Seki by plunging his fingers into each of Seki’s ears, rendering him deaf. He then feigns an eye gouge but delivers a heart jab, causing Seki to cough up blood and collapse.

The narrator elucidates how the heart jab directly affects the heart, potentially causing it to stop. Muteba reveals his calculated strategy, having feigned eye gouges throughout the battle to set up the heart jab. As Muteba walks away from the fight, Seki rises once more, undeterred and ready to continue.

Seki’s childhood flashback unfolds, revealing how pro wrestling transformed his life. The narrative takes us to a pivotal moment in his training when he was pushed to his limits by his mentor. Beaten within an inch of his life, his mentor saw potential in him and vowed to mold him into a professional wrestler. The training focused on strengthening both his mind and body, forging a deep bond between mentor and pupil.

The episode recounts the passing of Seki’s mentor and his dedication to continuing training rather than attending the funeral. His mentor’s words echoed in his mind, emphasizing the commitment to never miss a workout, even for family or mentor.

Seki returns to the fight with Muteba, spewing blood into his eyes and slamming him to the ground repeatedly. Though Muteba rises, he finds Seki standing motionless. Seki executes a back throw, aiming for a three-count. He explains that this move pays homage to Seki’s courage, concluding the match in true pro wrestling style.

Muteba leaves the arena victorious, and Haruo assists his master, who remarks on the impulsive nature of fools. In the training room, Muteba confides in Tomari, revealing that he relied solely on his sense of smell due to his impaired vision and hearing. Tomari questions his tactical approach, suggesting he should have gone for the heart jab to swiftly end the fight. Tomari decides to overlook it, knowing she will now have influence over Gandai.

The scene transitions to Saw, exuding boundless enthusiasm and confidence as he prepares to enter the arena. Sayaka conducts an interview, highlighting Saw’s explosive energy. She then introduces Saw as he makes his energetic entrance. Following this, Rei, known for his lightning style, steps into the arena.

The Episode Review

Episode 4 of Kengan Ashura season 2 delivers a series of surprising twists, but at times, the realism is stretched. Muteba’s precision despite being blind and deaf raises questions, even with the explanation of relying on his sense of smell. While deceptive twists can be enjoyable, striking the right balance is crucial.

Seki’s exit from the battle feels somewhat abrupt and lacks the expected dramatic climax. It seems as if a significant portion of the fight was omitted. Nonetheless, the battle remains intense, offering an engaging viewing experience.

The chapter concludes by introducing a new battle with fighters possessing distinct attributes, heightening anticipation for what lies ahead.

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