Kengan Ashura – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Clown

Episode 3 of Kengan Ashura Season 2 kicks off in the restroom, where Haruo informs Sekibayashi that they might be running late for the fight. Sekibayashi counters that keeping the audience waiting builds anticipation. The crowd’s roar of anticipation underscores the atmosphere. They discuss his strengths while some hope to see him lose.

Just then, Sayaka announces the arrival of the Mercenary, detailing the brutality of his past matches. She introduces him as the Genocider, Muteba Gizenga. The scene transitions to a flashback where Tomari watches her ship explode, and Muteba is seen alongside her, questioning if revenge means everything to her.

Tomari offers to lower the helicopter, but Muteba jumps off, declaring himself the strongest. Shortly after, Tomari discovers Muteba amidst a pile of dead pirates, the deck stained with blood. Tomari reveals they made a deal with Shilano: the loser submits to the victor.

Jerry takes the mic, introducing Sekibayashi, the pro wrestler while discussing its advantages and disadvantages. Suddenly, a red light flashes and Sayaka announces a change: Gandai has opted for a reserve fighter.

The announcer introduces the new fighter, Marvelous Seki, who makes an unusual entrance. Suekichi extols Marvelous Seki’s achievements and fight history, affirming the worthiness of this match.

Muteba and Seki square off, and the fight begins. In a split second, Muteba aims to gouge out Seki’s eyes, but Seki dodges, only getting his cheekbones grazed. Seki relentlessly attacks Muteba with powerful blows, forcing him back. He delivers a series of punches and chops, keeping Muteba on the defensive. Muteba attempts a takedown, but Seki counters, slamming him to the ground.

The tide shifts as Muteba frees his head and mounts Seki. Muteba readies for a ground and pound, but Seki seizes his head, closing the gap. He thrusts a finger into Muteba’s ear, disorienting him. Despite losing vision and hearing, Muteba counters with a devastating kick to Seki’s leg, followed by a flurry of strikes, pushing Seki back.

Unexpectedly, Seki headbutts Muteba, knocking out a tooth. Seki taunts, but Muteba retorts, invoking the idea of losing a battle to win a war and mocking the Japanese. Muteba employs intricate footwork, evading Seki’s swings and landing precise, razor-sharp strikes. He relentlessly pummels Seki, adding in kicks and fracturing bones. As Seki trembles, Muteba seizes his head, driving his fingers into his eye sockets.

The Episode Review

Kengan Ashura Season 2 Episode 3 showcases an intense clash between two formidable opponents, Muteba and Marvelous Seki (an alter ego of Sekibayashi). The battle is fierce and unpredictable, as both fighters are exceptionally strong and resilient. Muteba’s adaptability shines through, even after losing an ear and being blinded.

The fight takes a shocking turn as Muteba targets Seki’s eyes, a bold move against a fighter known for rigidity. However, in the world of combat sports anime, the fight is never truly over until it’s over.

The introduction of Marvelous Seki as a reserve fighter adds an unexpected twist. This could imply that Sekibayashi’s fate won’t be determined by the outcome. The potential implications for the tournament are intriguing.

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