Jupiter’s Legacy – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

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All the Devils Are Here

Episode 4 of Jupiter’s Legacy season 1 begins with Chloe out partying. Only, she’s outshone by Janna (aka. Ghost Beam) arriving and introducing herself.

With Nick by her side, the pair head up to see the other heroes partying but none of them are particularly happy to see her. Chloe immediately squares up to Sierra and unfortunately all hell breaks loose. Powers are thrown around, prompting Nick to jump in and freeze everything to prevent a full scale riot. It turns out he has powers too, and eventually he takes Chloe back home. There, the pair wind up sleeping together.

Chloe wakes up late, with her agency ringing and demanding she show up for her photo-shoot. Even worse, Nick’s true intentions are revealed when he asks Chloe to put in a good word to her Father. It turns out all of this was a ruse for him to become a more prominent hero. For his troubles, Chloe punches the guy through the wall to the ground below.

Chloe shows up a complete mess and she even takes drugs on the job too, snorting lines between shoots. When she’s asked to do the hero pose, she picks up the car and flings it across the warehouse defiantly. In doing so, she also flings aside all job prospects in the future.

The agency predictably drop her, and this phone call coincides nicely with the moments last episode where Chloe steps out in front of Hutch’s car.

This time though ,we continue following Chloe as she heads back to her apartment with the briefcase. Slowly starting to realize what a mess her life has become, Chloe struggles to hold back tears. Instead, she decides to block everything out with more drugs. Or, specifically, the blue bag of gear from the suitcase.

During our 1929 flashbacks, Sheldon wanders down a road looking for directions. After helping a man with a flat tyre, he continues on to a quaint town. There, he sees Chester continue to taunt him, encouraging Sheldon to phone home and admit defeat.

Instead, Sheldon tries to act righteously and jump into a fight brewing outside. Instead, he receives a punch to the jaw for his troubles. When he regains consciousness, blood dribbling from his nose, a young girl arrives. She checks his sketch and points Sheldon in the direction of the Old Miller Farm.

That has a windmill missing three blades and seems to be a link to whatever the heck’s going on. Anyway, Sheldon heads up to the house and sees a strange sailor boy on the porch, flashing in and out of visions.

Heading inside the house, a farmer holds a gun up to him and claims he’s been waiting. Sitting down to talk, it’s revealed that this farmer is seeing visions too. As he tells his story, the farmer claims he found a place where the sea follows. It’s all very cryptic but it seems to hint toward the island.

Midway through talking, the farmer suddenly stops when he notices Sheldon looking over his shoulder. “Is it somebody close?” He asks, “It’s always somebody close.” As the farmer gives him a knowing glance, he eventually turns the gun on himself and fires.

Sheldon heads down to the basement where he finds diagrams, numbers and more clues. This further cements the idea that he needs to go to the island. When Sheldon leaves the house, he finds Walt waiting for him. Sheldon tells him he’s ready to head home as the whispered echoes of these numbers repeat.

Back in the present, Chloe invites all her party-going superheroes over to her apartment. The landlord shows up though and demands she leave…until they threaten him with their powers. After patching up the broken wall, he tells them to keep the noise down and leaves.

When he does, Janna tries to help Chloe sort herself out but it’s no good, the girl continues to push everyone away and even smashes her phone to bits too.

Continuing to snort this blue gear, a dribble of red oozes from her nose. Chloe collapses on the floor and begins choking and sputtering, just as Hutch teleports inside the apartment and looks down at her.

The Episode Review

Jupiter’s Legacy returns with a changed focus again, this time honing in on Chloe and her struggles with being a superhero and drug addiction. She’s clearly repressing her own mental anguish and using drugs as a way of dealing with that. The only trouble is, the drugs she’s chosen happen to be Hutch’s gear, which is likely to see her in a whole world of trouble going forward.

Meanwhile, the past starts to flesh out more of our timeline as we see Sheldon drawn toward this island with the constant whispers of “go” and the numbers (which are clearly coordinates) feeding into this too.

This has easily been the best chapter so far, and this more intimate character study of Chloe really helps to give her persona some much needed perspective. Having said that, the other heroes she meets at the club have barely been in this show so we’ll have to wait and see if Jupiter’s Legacy takes the time to introduce them all properly. It also doesn’t help that some of the back and forth flashbacks hurt the momentum of this show.

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