Jupiter’s Legacy – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Painting the Clouds With Sunshine

Episode 3 of Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1 begins with rumours starting to swirl around an imminent attack on America. This fear spreads like a virus, allowing our attackers to capitalize and strike.

This episode sees a slightly change in perspective, as cut across to an arrogant thief called Hutch, who happens to sport teleporting abilities. He skips around the dock, looking to steal a quantum processor. That plan goes awry though when Sheldon shows up to stop the robbers. With the heist a bust, Hutch is forced to explain this to his boss, the imaginatively named Big Man.

Things are tense, to say the least, as Big Man struggles to hold back his anger. Glowing, he tells Hutch to go after the Kulakov Brothers instead and steal their briefcase. Given how dangerous this mission is, Hutch relays the mission on to Gabby and Jacinda (two members of his heist crew) who aren’t exactly enthralled with this idea.

We then suddenly cut forward to the night itself, missing the briefcase exchange in a weirdly edited sequence. Instead, we see Sheldon driving while the Kulakov Brothers give chase. Although they look like they’re in the clear, Chloe steps out in front of them and the car judders to a complete stand-still.

Knowing that Chloe is Utopian’s daughter, the others all begin striking her with an array of powers. It doesn’t work though and they eventually flee the scene. When they do, the suitcase spews open, showing some strange blue gear. Chloe snatches it up and takes off.

This means Hutch and his gang are in danger… or are they? Hutch uses his teleportation device to kill the Big Man and “Lucy”, changing the rules and the game they’re all playing by.

During our flashbacks to 1929, Jane and Walt are worried about Sheldon. Following his hallucinations, Sheldon is not himself and they call on George to stop by and help. When he does, George finds an erratic and disjointed Sheldon, who’s hearing Chester’s mocking voice and bloodied face in his peripheral vision.

With schematics, drawings and diagrams dotted around, George is obviously concerned. And even more so when Sheldon heads over and hugs him. When he passes out from exhaustion, George takes the diagrams away. He heads to the restaurant and puts together the different pieces, which he seemingly recognizes.

Anyway, after this evening he heads back to see Sheldon, admitting that the diagrams he’s been drawing aren’t complete fiction. It seems like it could well be linked to a windmill. When George visits Walt, he refuses to believe this is anything but the ramblings of a mad man. Jane overhears too, and agrees with Walt.

Back in the present, Hutch heads back to base and begins working on the quantum processor. “Almost there, pops. Almost there.” He says, as we cut across to a newspaper clipping of George!

The Episode Review

Jupiter’s Legacy returns with a really great twist that works to overshadow some of the shortfalls of this episode. It’s a brilliantly timed shocker and one that will undoubtedly catch a lot of people off-guard.

Having said that, some of the editing this episode has been a bit questionable, especially Hutch’s heist-that-never-was. The way this scene suddenly and quite jarringly cuts forward to after this event takes place gives the impression that the whole segment could have been cut during post-production.

At the same time, the introduction of Hutch and his gang seems like a natural extension to Blackstar, and they could well all be linked together. As I mentioned before, Jupiter’s Legacy has introduced an awful lot of characters in a short space of time and right now the show feels like it’s buckling under the weight of it all. Let’s hope these players all get a good amount of screen-time to flesh their characters out.

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