Into the Night – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap and Review

The Soldiers

Episode 2 of Into The Night starts with a flashback of Jakub telling his wife that he has to fly to Moscow for work as he needs to train some crew. We learn that they are trying for a baby before cutting to the present as he tries to reach his wife on the plane. At the same time, Laura tries to resuscitate the sick man who has stopped breathing but she is unable to.

Outside, the soldiers explain that they are planning to fly with them as they need to head west. Jakub refuses as he thinks that they should head back to Brussels to save their loved ones. Mathieu then relays what the soldiers told them; people are dying even in underground bunkers. As they only have 45 minutes, they decide to get as many supplies as they can before leaving. Laura, Sylvie and Gabrielle have to first convince the mother of the sick child to come with them as she doesn’t believe what is happening.

After sedating the mother, they all embark on the plane and take off. One of the soldiers, Roger Waters, shows them which direction to take to avoid the sun and they set their course to Canada. Sylvie leaves him in the cockpit with Mathieu and heads back to her seat. She starts speaking to Jakub and explains that the trip to Moscow was planned by her and her boyfriend. After he died, she planned to kill herself and when she got in the airport, she didn’t think there was any point but now she wants to save people and tries to convince him to fix the radio.

Jakub succeeds too and the internet comes back, which sees Rik looking at a news article claiming that scientists think the event may be tied to the recent solar polarity changes. Horst thinks that it could have caused a serious gamma event but the scientists who came to that conclusion must be dead by now. This prompts Rik to believe this is an act of god as he has always communicated with fire.

After looking online, Ayaz shows an article he found on the three soldiers to Sylvie. They have been transferred from Afghanistan to Scotland following murder and rape allegations. Suddenly, one of the other soldiers called Freddie decides to open a bottle of champagne and the popping noise panics the old man, Mr Volkov.

This leads to him trying to open one of the exit doors so Freddie pushes him against the side and he cracks his head open, dying in the process. This creates a commotion as Ayaz tries to get to the body but a panicking Freddie gets his gun out.

After the passengers manage to calm Freddie down, Mathieu tells them to try getting some sleep. He goes back in the cockpit with Sylvie who tends to his wound. She speaks to him in French to make sure Waters doesn’t understand and tells him what she knows about the 3 soldiers. She explains that she has a plan but will need his help.

After landing safely in Canada, Mathieu tells them that they have 2 hours until sunrise. He sends the three soldiers to look for a radio who then insist to take Gabrielle and Jakub with them. As they drive away, they are shocked to see the number of corpses everywhere while Mathieu tells the rest of the group who the soldiers are. They then set out to look for food and fuel as Ayaz decides to bury the dead body.

As they arrive in a hardware store, Jakub manages to create a diversion and lock the soldiers in the back room. They quickly manage to escape and chase after Jakub, bullets whizzing around them, and they leave Gabrielle behind. Jakub arrives at the plane first and tells them to close the door. The soldiers are close behind and start running and shooting towards the plane. As they take off, Rik sees a chip in one of the windows and tries to get them to stop taking off, which is where the episode ends.

Into The Night adds another tense sub plot to its premise with the addition of the three soldiers who lied about who they really are. This helps make the Sci-Fi show even more thrilling and entertaining to watch as it carries on with its fast pace.

The diversity of its characters is a clever addition too as we see how they each deal with the event; from religious Rik to hot-headed Terenzio ready to do anything to survive and of course organised Mathieu who takes charge of everything, determined to save its passengers. The series manages to flesh them out quite well too thanks to the little flashback at the beginning.

Into the Night has been quite the enjoyable series so far and should keep audiences on the edge of their seats, already after just two episodes!

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