Inhuman Resources (Derapages) – Season 1 Finale Recap & Review

The Trial

Inhuman Resources ends its 6 episodes runtime with another great episode and gives a decent and thrilling conclusion to the drama. While things are left open a little, the show ends on the perfect note as we see a determined and changed Alain refusing to give up. The series has built his character up skillfully throughout as we follow the misadventures of a man ready to do anything for his family and for what he believes is the right thing no matter the cost.

The season 1 finale of Inhuman Resources starts with the trial as Gregory takes to the stand and is interrogated over Alain’s behaviour. Gregory claims that he is a good person and not violent. The lawyer then mentions him suing Alain for assault and that lying under oath is punishable. Gregory has not other choice but to tell the truth about his father-in-law borrowing money and exactly what happened that day to him and Mathilde.

Charles is up next and is questioned about the incident during work. Charles explains that the boss kicked Alain so he reacted by head-butting him. After Lucie tries to make it sound like it was self defence, the prosecutor returns to Charles to ask him if he knows how Alain got the weapon. Charles tells him he doesn’t but that it is easy to find one on the street. Things then get heated between both lawyers as the prosecutor uses Lucie’s lack of experience and accuses him of being sexist.

The next day, Gueneau is on the stand and claims that they were all impressed by Alain. They were more worried that he would do something by accident than on purpose, as he looked as scared as the hostages. Cousin and Haddad are up next and mention similar things about Alain. Alexandre comes on the stand too and tells them it was traumatizing in the moment but he understands that Alain just lost his ways. After Lucie questions him about his methods and what he staged, Alexandre explains his reasons then reveals that the shareholders are withdrawing their complaints.

This also prompts Auto Fix to remove their charges too. As we return to the trial, the prosecutor explains that the victims have changed sides and believes they have been manipulated. He speaks to the jury and claims that laid off employees consider it within their rights to use violence but wants to know if the jury will agree that hostage taking is also the case. He closes the statement by asking for 10 years in prison for Alain.

The next day it is Lucie’s turn to give her closing statement. Unfortunately, she stumbles at first as she keeps having to read her notes. She manages to push through though and explains that Alain has always followed the social contract and followed what was expected of him by society. However, after working hard for 40 years, he lost his job which sent his life in a downward spiral. She then explains that it is not just one unemployed that they will judge but the whole country that is suffering and they recognize themselves in him. She ends her statement in an emotional way as she mentions that he has been a great father for them.

The jury comes back after deliberation and the judge announces that they find him not guilty on most counts but sentence him to 5 years with 3 years suspended sentence. Considering his time served, he is now free to go. After speaking to the prosecutor, Lucie realises what her father did and confronts him about it; she accuses him of using her as he knew she would break down and therefore convince the jury to vote in his favour.

Back in his cell, Alain calls Lucie and leaves a voicemail telling her he wants to explain himself. He finally leaves and is met outside by Charles who picks him up in his caravan. As they are making their way to Beauvais, they realise that they are being followed by Fontana and his group who force them to stop. The latter gives him an account number to transfer the money in straight away. Alain finds an excuse and tells him it will take a while before he is able to so Fontana gives him until 9am and shows him a video of Nicole being kept hostage.

At the Beauvais factory, Alain meets with Cousin and manages to blackmail him into giving up dirt on the company. Cousin mentions a deal Alexandre and a minister were involved in, consisting of selling helicopters to China. Alain then calls Fontana and orders him to speak to Alexandre about what he just learned. Fontana is reluctant at first but Alain manages to persuade him and orders him to free his wife.

On his way to see Alexandre, Alain asks Charles to put his family on a plane if anything happens to him as he believes he will never be rid of those people after this. As he arrives in Alexandre’s office and they talk business, we see that Nicole is listening to the whole conversation. Alexandre then ends the meeting by saying he can keep the money and wishes him a good retirement.

As Nicole gets dropped off, she receives a call from Alain but she tells him to leave her alone and hangs up. We then cut to Alexandre leaving with his chauffeur and suddenly getting hit by a caravan driven by Charles who is slumped against his steering wheel.

After some time has passed, we see Alain in his flat ironing and we learn that Nicole has not come back to him. He has paid Mathilde back but Lucie has never called him again, despite his trial having propelled her career. Charles hasn’t survived and Alain is now a volunteer for a non-profit that helps young entrepreneurs. As we see him leave, he takes his gun with him and explains that he is very busy because he has a woman to win back, a family to reunite and 20 million to launder.

What a tense trial! Just as things were looking really bleak for Alain, we see that his influence and manipulation worked as the hostages spoke in his favour. The final blow is Lucie finding out that she has been used all along and part of her father’s plan. This was quite the emotional scene too and very well acted like all of rest of the series.

Alain is quite the complex character as he goes from loyal husband, trying his best to make ends meet after having years of bad luck, to making a U-turn when he decides to take his destiny into his own hands and take on Exxya who represent what has gone wrong in his life. While his actions were of course wrong and brought the downfall of his family, it is difficult not to sympathize with Alain, seeing how unlucky he has been.

Inhuman Resources is the perfect thriller for anyone looking for a binge-worthy and easy to watch series. With some great performances and a fast paced narrative full of twists and shocking moments, this is certainly one of the better dramas released this week!

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  1. Why kill off Charles, and the CEO? Didn’t add anything I feel. Overshadowed a really quirky and dramatic series .

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