I Know What You Did Last Summer – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Death By Slushie

Episode 3 of I Know What You Did Last Summer begins with Allison ringing Bruce, desperate to tell him what’s happened following the incident involving Johnny. When she drives back (with an obscured windscreen thanks to her spilled drink) she finds Bruce’s phone on the table; messages from Lyla include a video of the pair having sex. That’s certainly not what Allison wanted to see!

Next, Allison meets Margot and Riley. Margot is pretty shook up, given her best friend has just died, while Dylan appears and meets them in the parking lot. They’re convinced that Allison is the one responsible. Allison (still adopting the role of Lennon of course) sticks up for her sister (which is completely out of character, based on what we know about Lennon) and decides she couldn’t possibly be responsible.

The kids continue to refuse getting the police involved either and decide to follow the clues themselves. Only…we know the police are involved given they’ve been at the crime scene.

With the kids fractured and unsure what to do next, Dylan and Riley drive home together. All of this is, of course, a ploy to make sure none of these kids are left on their own – which is a pretty clever idea in truth.

Allison continues to use her phone on the road too, eventually pulled over by police. The detective happens to be Lyla, who tells her she needs to go home, prompting Allison to throw a quip about handcuffs back at her. When she shows up though, that black pick-up truck from before continues to stalk her, skidding past the drive and charging off.

Inside, Bruce calls Allison out for the phone gag and she eventually opens up about what happened to Johnny. Of course, Allison already knows but it simply prompts her to begin sobbing.

News of Johnny’s death sweeps across town too, as Allison continues to break character and smoke. She uses the excuse that it “makes her feel close” to Allison but honestly, it just arouses suspicions. And this girl is acting seriously suspicious right now!

Meanwhile, Lyla shows up at Kelly’s house, who happens to be Eric’s wife. The word “trash!” is written on the outside in graffiti, along with “coach killer” too. Riley is outside watching all of this, but she soon leaves when her mum stirs up trouble with the other officer, claiming he’s pulling a gun on her.

Now, Bruce checks the CCTV footage while this is going on and notices the black pick-up truck outside the previous night. While this is going on, Allison continues to communicate with the hidden number, deciding to meet and keep everything a secret from the police.

That evening, the kids all meet in the cave. Riley believes she saw Allison (Lennon) breathe that night, backing up the idea that she’s not really dead. Well, Allison doesn’t exactly do a great job of convincing the others that she’s Lennon, passionately claiming that Allison isn’t responsible and that Allison wouldn’t have cared enough to go through the trouble of doing this.

When the kids all join Allison and head into the snack shop, Gale is found dead. Well, off-screen anyway. The scene we cut to is outside the shop, with Margot doubling over the car and retching. It’s not until the police show up that we see his head rammed into a slushie machine, and his body completely blue. It’s not biologically correct but who cares, it’s a gnarly death nonetheless.

At the scene, police find goat guts in the dumpster, absconded surveillance footage from the time in question, and a lot of drugs hidden in the corndogs. There’s a lot going on here that we don’t know.

As the episode closes out, Johnny’s head is left at the police station, just sitting out on the wall. At the same time, Allison receives a message from the mystery stalker, claiming to be Lennon, with a picture of scars to prove as much. There’s even an accompanying video message of Dylan and Lennon having sex too. Is Lennon really responsible?

The Episode Review

The third episode of I Know What You Did Last Summer slips into the usual routine of police not handling an investigation well and kids keeping secrets. It’s classic slasher territory but here it’s particularly egregious given no one has bothered to go down the cyber crime route to figure out the origin of the message.

There’s also the subject of Allison too and how poorly she’s imitating Lennon. More and more people are growing suspicious of her and if she’s struggling to convince anyone after a year’s absence, how is she going to keep this up over an extended period of time? I mean, she didn’t even care that Johnny was killed and showed very little emotion around it.

While the initial twist is a good one, it all seems to point toward Lennon being the one behind this and still alive. Then again, that could well be a red herring to throw us off, we’ll have to wait and see!

Still, as far as mysteries go, there’s just enough in this to stick with, even if this does feel like well-worn slasher territory by now.

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