I Know What You Did Last Summer – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Another Big Twist!

Episode 4 of I Know What You Did Last Summer begins with Allison checking her computer and finding numerous messages and videos. Now she believes Lennon is out to get them. Allison immediately speaks to Margot, sharing her concerns as the pair contemplate whether Lennon is the killer here.

Well, later that day Allison checks her phone, following the instructions to meet by the shed. Once there, a picture message blinks through from a guy called Fred Phillips. Interestingly, the message reads “Do not contact me or Susan again. Stay away from my family.”

Meanwhile, Riley heads over to see Dylan at her house. She’s joined by a whole bunch of other naked men and women, ready to run a 5k. Anyway, Dylan believes that Allison (the possibly-deceased Lennon) is trying to communicate with him. Dylan claims to know Allison well (clearly not well enough to figure out the stark difference in mannerisms Allison is currently giving off!) although Riley is quick to point out he did sleep with Lennon.

Meanwhile, Allison begins freaking out and ends up coming across Lennon’s body floating in the water. Bruce is beside himself with grief but it also seems to confirm something – Lennon is not the one behind all of this.

In the wake of all this drama, the kids all gather together and discuss the implications of Lennon’s body being found. Dylan points out that he loved Allison, while Allison herself claims that she and her sister were friends. Only, the flashbacks we’ve seen very clearly don’t show that, and it’s something Dylan is quick to point out too.

Meanwhile, Bruce heads off to see Dylan’s Mum, Clara, who reveals that she’s actually been holding onto Lennon’s body for over a year. She was hoping that things would turn out differently. Apparently Lennon is “not the one” and that everything is connected.

In the police station, Kelly is questioned over her involvement in Johnny’s death. There’s certainly no love lost between them, and text messages to Dale about exchanging oral for “offing Johnny” doesn’t look good either. For now, she’s the only suspect, although the detective from before, Doug, seems to be acting a bit weird too. However, he does uncover the AllyWally account through his investigations.

Down on the beach, all the kids and adults join together to pay their respects to Allison (Lennon) although Dylan is nowhere to be seen. Now, the more flashbacks we see involving Lennon, the more Allison is acting out of character. The others still haven’t cottoned on to what’s happening, and inside the house Allison and Margot end up kissing too.

Finally the gang say their goodbyes to Lennon properly, burning the body and watching it float out to sea. Only, a scream pierces the air and distracts them all. Rushing to the bathroom nearby, Doug is there with his throat slit, along with another male too. As Allison’s phone pings, the episode comes to an agonizing end.

The Episode Review

So I Know What You Did Last Summer completely flips the script, going a different direction to the movie by showing definitively that Lennon is not the one behind the killings. For a while I thought it could well be Doug but it’s clear now that it’s not him either. So if it’s not them… then who’s responsible? This is proper slasher territory now and the second half of this season is left wide open for a deliciously twisted thriller to come.

It would appear as if Clara has been holding out on us too, hiding something that could well shed light on what’s been happening. According to her, she’s hidden the body for the last year or so – but why? To what end? We’ll have to wait and see what direction this one takes but it’s certainly a tantalizing twist to the tale.

The verdict is still out over this one and we’ll need to see the rest of the episodes before forming a cohesive idea over how everything slots together before writing up our full season review. For now though, I Know What You Did Last Summer bows out its first half with a bold new direction, setting things up nicely for the final four episodes.

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