Hunters – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Storming Hitler’s Mansion

Episode 6 of Hunters season 2 sees Harriet and Millie questioning Joe’s motives. They’re unsure whether they can trust him, given what happened before. Joe points out he was abandoned by Hitler at this outpost and he has nothing else to lose.

Meanwhile, Jonah attempts to talk Clara around but although he talks about justice and doing the right thing, Clara doesn’t see his way of thinking. Specifically, she talks about how humanity turned Joe around not anger and bitterness. After learning that Jonah killed a child in Spain, she hands back the ring and refuses to go forward with this. “I can’t love a monster.” Clara says and walks away.

During flashbacks, we see Meyer walking a fine tightrope with his team. Word has reached them of someone in Buenos Aires dispatching Nazis as a lone wolf. Now, given we know Meyer (who’s really Wilhelm) is the one covering his tracks, he’s close to being spotted. Funnily enough, Meyer and Harriet end up spotting Chava out at an abandoned cabin in the woods, and they end up reminiscing on old times.

In the present, Roxy is brought back to their base but Lonny is shocked to find Joe still alive and tied up. He looks close to killing him until Roxy (who’s very much alive) talks to Joe and realizes the man who shot her wasn’t the same Joe she’s come to love. As a result, she frees his binds.

Chava is quick to remind them they have one chance to take out Hitler and they need to move swiftly. If they don’t, then all of this has been for nothing. “Never again.” They all recite before heading out.

Meanwhile, Eva proposes that Hitler step down and allow her to rise up as the face of this new Fourth Reich. Adolf isn’t exactly happy and points out that Eva marrying him is the best thing she’s ever done and should listen to what’s always saved her – Hitler’s voice.

Eva is relentless and points out that she’s the reason why Hitler is still alive, given she stopped him from taking cyanide by convincing him to stay alive and that eventually they’ll win the war. Eva urges him to use her, given she knows how to get through to the people of today and keep Hitler’s name running long after he passes.

Meanwhile, Joe leads the group into the woods, where they uncover an escape hatch that could lead down into his compound. Joe is unsure what the security is like, nor where exactly this goes. Although it’s locked from the inside, Mindy has a good deal of C4 and manages to blow it sky high.

The Hunters head down into the tunnels together. Joe leads the way, and they come across a door that seems to be just outside the compound. Joe reminds them they need to move fast. If Hitler gets to his bunker first, it’ll be impossible to take him out. Joe decides to sound the alarm to draw the guards out, working his way into taking out as many as possible.

Chava and Jonah head deeper into the compound, while a lowly grunt shouts at Hitler’s mansion they have intruders and that they need to leave. Chava loses a split second to kill Hitler, as he’s surrounded by guards that lead them through the compound and to their bunker.

Chava sacrifices herself to buy Jonah some time, who scrambles inside the bunker just after Eva and Hitler. Jonah doesn’t pull the trigger though and instead decides Hitler needs to be kept alive to atone for his sins. He leads Hitler through the tunnels, as all those faces Hitler killed in the death camps stand on either side, following from behind.

The Episode Review

That bit of symbolism at the end is easily one of the best parts of this season. The whole idea of having Hitler marched through a tunnel with all the Jews he had killed on either side really hammers home the sheer tragedy of the Holocaust and all those poor souls who lost their lives at the hands of this man.

Hunters is not without its flaws and the entire sequence of flashbacks with Meyer have been, on the whole, a simple exercise in fleshing out the history but it’s not exactly riveting stuff given we know how this ends. I mentioned before the similarities to Berlin in La Casa De Papel and these past few episodes definitely give that impression.

The final few episodes look set to be quite the dramatic affair, especially with Meyer’s values now being tested more than ever before.

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