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Episode 7 of Hunters season 2 starts with Jonah leading Hitler through the wilderness all on his own. As they walk, we cut back in time to Germany 1942. It’s July, the height of the summer, and somehow ash is falling from the sky. This is all symbolic, as we find out later on in the episode. There are fourth wall breaks and a darkly comedic ton.

By day these guys look like an ordinary elderly couple, but they’re anything but. This is Heinrich and Helga Hansöm, a man responsible for some of the architecture the Reich had.

They play games, joke and have fun… until three SS guards show up at the house. They’ve received intel that there’s someone else hiding in their home. Helga admits they’re harbouring others in the house, within the ceiling, floorboards and the walls. They’re not talking about Jews though; Helga and Heinrich are referring to ghosts.

As the guards begin looking around, they find evidence of hidden passageways dotted around. One leads down to the basement, under the house, where a whole stack of flowers are dotted about. However, the guard crawls right into a big trap, as a heavy weight falls on his back and kills him.

The other, finds Jews up in the attic but walks into a trap of his own, one that sees him strung up by the neck, slashed through the stomach and left to bleed out like a pig. The final SS guard left is Hugo, who happens to be in the living room with Heinrich and Helga.

Hugo is aware that Heinrich is lying, given the house looks smaller on the inside compared to the outside. There’s no clever Time Lord quips here though. He points out there’s a 3 meter discrepancy in the living room but as Heinrich tries to talk him around, Hugo holds a gun up to him and questions what he’s doing.

Hugo is almost talked down, until he discovers there are Jews hiding in the walls. Just before hitting the finishing blow, Helga kills Hugo by using a cleaver and cutting into his head. The couple bury the evidence and get back to their way of living, including all the fourth wall breaks which are actually contextualized here in a different light. It turns out they’re talking to the Jews hiding in the walls.

There are some lovely split screen segments here, and the cycle eventually starts again, with another three SS guards showing up. They’re there to question about where Hugo and the others are. Reports are they never made it back to the barracks. These guys aren’t the Jew-killing squad, they’re actually looking for their own soldiers, whom Heinrich and Helga claim left around 4-4.30pm.

This time though, the SS guards decide to kill Heinrich and Helga in cold blood, using them as a cover to keep their jobs in check. Of course, this brings an end to this living arrangement as it was before, with the Jews stuck in the walls and left with very little to eat and drink.

At night, they send one of the kids (Zev) down to pick out food from the pantry that they need but there’s a problem. Tomasz (one of the SS guards) has moved his whole family in. Tomasz’s son spots them and as such, a new operation gets underway. The Jews work together to kill Tomasz and his family that night, luring them outside and taking the house for themselves.

A couple of the Jews, including Zev, disguise themselves as Tomasz’s family and claim Tomasz left as he was having an affair. Unfortunately, Tomasz’s son actually happens to be up in the attic and he rushes downstairs and stabs the woman in the chest.

With three jeeps full of guards outside, they all rush into the house as a myriad of different traps see them killed one after the other. Zev is encouraged to leave out the back with the other children while the house burns to the ground.

Back in the present, Jonah heads through the wilderness and comes across a boat holding Zev. Zev is all grown up now, and after handing over Hitler to him, Jonah watches as Zev drifts off, Hitler kept in hiding.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode to Hunters sees a completely disparate story come to the fold, although to be fair it’s pretty artistic one. The way it eventually leads into Jonah’s tale in the present is a nice touch but it also undermines the pace and tone of the show a little, with a weirdly comedic tone and coming right off the back of episode 6.

However, it would appear off the back of this that Zev is gong to play a big part in this final episode, which looks set to bring everything to a dramatic close. Zev is going to play a major part in what happens from here on out.

This second season hasn’t been as strong as the first, although it’s still been a decent watch with plenty of action and drama across the board. All roads now lead to exactly how these Hunters are going to get justice for the fallen. With an hour long finale up next, it looks like we’re about to get quite the dramatic conclusion to this tale!

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  1. Several of the recaps have missed the fact that the SS officer’s kid tried to stab the replacement mother with a fake, retractable knife. The officer from the first trio found that knife in the architect’s studied and pushed it in several times, curious about it. When the kid tried to stab the Jewish replacement mother, she wasn’t stabbed. The SS officer thought the kidnapped kid was actually a Jewish boy, and tried to shoot him, but the mother put herself in the way and got shot. That’s why she swore, because she gave her life to protect a German kid who was being shot at by mistake. A lot of irony there.

  2. Episode 7 is the very best… Helga and Heinrich are an amazing pair and their house—-that he designed— is a masterpiece of many kinds of artistry. Too bad they had to die.

  3. Episode seven of season two is a masterpiece. As frenetic as the show can be, all roads lead to this singular moment. It’s artistry cannot be underestimated.

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