Hunters – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

The Final Fight

We begin with a trip down memory lane as Congress discuss what to do with the Nazis in the aftermath of the war. Deciding to use their minds for the good of America, we see this was the beginning of the Fourth Reich movement.

Episode 9 of Hunters starts with Sister Harriet talking to Patricia about corn syrup before hurrying back to the base where Lonny suggests heading out on a road trip.

Meanwhile, Biff sits at Chief Harry’s where the latter asks Biff outright about the Fourth Reich. It turns out Chief Harry was the one who helped Biff disappear all those years back and this is all the ammunition he needs to use against the police chief.

Millie tries to get to the bottom of a name that;s strangely familiar – Carmel Offie. As she rings her office to inquire, something the officer says jogs her memory as she realizes it’s Chief Harry. She heads over to his house and bursts in with a gun, shooting Biff in the leg and asking him for information about the pathogen. She takes Biff with her while leaving the Chief handcuffed to the stairs.

At Schidler Corporation, Travis feeds back to The Colonel exactly what he’s done, as she stands and tells him the fittest will survive and he’ll now be rewarded for his actions. That reward comes from drinking a pure concoction as The Colonel discusses starting a new blood line.

Sister Harriet and Lonny capture Jason and manage to get crucial information about the virus and how it’s going to be distributed. In order to break in and infiltrate the operation, they call on Lonny to put on a disguise and use his acting skills to fool the Nazis.

With Sister Harriet watching from afar, Mindy on the radio and Joe and Jonah breaking in the back, Lonny poses as a scientist and heads in through the front door. Although Lonny starts to follow the instructions, static interference on the radio causes him to be stuck on his own. He manages to break the machines though, only to be caught by The Colonel and Travis in the main chamber.

After holding them off momentarily, the rest of the group burst in and a gunfight ensues. As the corn syrup fries, Millie rushes after Jonah while explosions rock the building.

As the episode closes out, Travis and Jonah go head to head, leading to him about to shoot Travis until Millie interjects and tells him not to. Meanwhile, The Colonel finds herself chauffeured by Meyer but she has the last laugh when she uses her cunning wits to outsmart him with a hidden gun, seemingly shooting him in the back of the head and sending both of them careering off a bridge into the water below, where the episode ends.

Hunters does have some nice ideas but oftentimes they’re jumbled together with a medley of different tones that don’t always work that well harmoniously. The heavy rock music, the comedic one-liners and questionable character decisions make this a difficult show to fully embrace and get invested in, but when the story hits its stride it’s hard to argue how engrossing this is.

Unfortunately these moments have felt far too sparse in this 10 hour run-time. With a 68 minute finale up next, let’s hope Hunters gives some meaningful pay-off to this big build-up. For now though, this penultimate episode ultimately highlights the issues inherent with this show whilst simultaneously delivering a really exciting episode of conflict.

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