Hunters – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Corn Syrup

The city is plunged into chaos as episode 8 of Hunters begins. The blackout causes violence and anarchy to erupt in the streets, as Millie immediately heads in to see an irate Meyer telling her he’ll tell her everything he knows about the Fourth Reich if she lets him go. Eventually she agrees to his terms and follows him back to his house again, while Jonah continues to see ghosts as he stumbles through the streets.

Lonny returns alive to HQ while Meyer introduces the group to Millie, who joins them in their base of operations as Jonah heads back and apologises to Mindy repeatedly about what happened, revealing that Murray met an untimely end. This leads them to a beautiful funeral where they say goodbye to him. Afterward, Jonah apologises to Mindy again and heads outside, where he and Meyer come to blows surrounding how he feels and the guilt consuming him inside.

Millie arrives in the hospital and finds her Mother in a poor state. However, she awakens and gives her daughter some words of wisdom as they embrace in a touching segment. Maria’s also there too but before she can discuss much with her they’re interrupted, leaving things tense between them.

Tobias and Travis finally come to blows, with Travis berating his colleague for calling him weak and kicking him repeatedly in the head until he dies. At the same time, Biff goes on the run and calls for help.

As the group start closing in on those who are pulling the strings, they set their sights on a man called Von Braun. After speaking to Simon, who berates what they’re doing and tells them they need to stop hunting for the sake of their own heritage, Jonah begins questioning what they’re doing too. It’s here Meyer admits to killing 11 men the night in the camp, in a bid to save Ruth, and admitting he hasn’t been the same since.

Mindy meanwhile, contemplates what to do with Moritz and after a particularly beautiful segment involving her son and Murray, she makes her choice and shoots him after telling him he deserves so much worse.

At the same time, Meyer, Joe and Jonah descend on Von Braun and question him over his morality and the Fourth Reich. When he fails to talk, Jonah looks set to torture him with electrical cables until he finally reveals what’s going on and who’s pulling the strings – it’s The Colonel. He was the one who helped create “The Solution” – a weapon that’s in absolutely everything and happens to be corn syrup. However, Jonah doesn’t believe him and begins shocking the man until Joe cuts the power and forces him back into the car.

As Jonah heads out, we cut to a commercial for corn syrup as we learn what Von Braun’s saying is true. This is The Solution.

With little pay-off to what happened with Lonny last episode and a lot of narrative references to comic books throughout the series, Hunters continues to deliver some good episodes but it’s also the sort of show that, when you stop and think about it, could so easily have been a 2 hour film. There’s an awful lot of padding here and some of the side stories, while interesting, don’t do an awful lot to progress the characters, relying far too heavily on cliched one-liners or flashbacks to flesh out their back-stories.

Still, there’s enough here to see you through but whether this will be one you’ll return to in a hurry remains to be seen.

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5 thoughts on “Hunters – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review”

  1. I too am confused that Lonny not only survives his guy knife stabbing by Travis in S1 E7, but now in S1 A8 he’s fine and dandy…and not even a mentioned of the injury.

  2. Travis is a somewhat sexy villain (as is Tobias, responsible for shagging the senator in episode 2).
    This degree of complication and ambiguity is morally troubling, but good in such a series.

  3. I thought Lonny was dead.Not only is he not dead, there is no evidence of him being injured at all. Kind of dumb.
    I could do without all the campiness like the overdone 70’s motifs and the little comic bits like the Jewish Games show, are annoying. I’m hanging in there because I want to see what happens.
    Travis makes a good villain yet no backstory on him.

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