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Episode 9 of Hospital Playlist Season 2 starts with a little flashback. Ik-Sun texts Ik-Jun to let him know she is taking a later bus. Jun-Wan calls just after and asks him to book a bus ticket.

We then cut to the bus ride where Ik-Sun and Jun-Wan are sitting away from each other, looking sad. When the bus stops, Jun-Wan finally gets up and walks to Ik-Sun. He asks her how she has been and if she would like to meet up on the weekend to talk.

The next day, we see a glimpse of all our doctors performing surgeries. There is also a ping pong tournament in Yulje. Ik-Jun is playing in the quarter finals but he managed to get that far because, during the previous matches, the other team had to forfeit. Each match follows the same pattern until he reaches the final with the Nuclear medicine department. Unfortunately for him and his partner the other team beats them hands down.

Later in the evening, Jeong-Won calls Gyeo-Wool as he wants to see her. Unfortunately, she remains quite distant and tells him she is heading home to cook for her mother.

The next day in the ER, a patient, Ko Ju-Hyeong, is brought in with a heart tamponade and a pneumothorax. Both Ik-Jun and Jun-Wan are called to do surgery urgently.

Jun-Wan takes the lead to try repairing the tear in the heart. Once Jun-Wan is done, Ik-Jun gets into the abdomen to deal with the hematoma. The surgery goes well and they are able to stop the bleeding. Jun-wan decides to take on the patient and relays to his guardian how the surgery went.

Elsewhere, Yun-Bok is swamped with homework and exhausted. Seong-Hyeong makes her some coffee and tells her to take it easy and do her best. Yun-Bok is touched and relays this to Seon-Bin. The latter tells her that as an intern she will easily fall for a resident and to snap out of it.

In the PICU, the nurses are busy looking after the premature babies. Jeong-Won takes Hong-Du on his round and asks him questions about a special case. Unfortunately, Hong Du doesn’t know the answer so Jeong-Won kindly explains it all to him.

Ik-Jun, Jeong-Won and Seok-Hyeong discuss their next band practise outside and despair as the time for Song-Hwa to sing, has come.

Things are looking a little better for Min-Ha when she brings an ice-cream to Seok-Hyeong. This seems to make him quite happy. Ik-Jun and Jeong-Won are quick to notice Seok-Hyeong expression and later discuss how long it will take him to do something about his feelings for Min-ha.

In the morning, Jun-Wan texts Ik-Sun to confirm the date and place they are going to meet. We then cut to Ik-Sun who is not feeling well. Ik-Jun decides to take her to Yulje and tells her not to worry as Jun-Wan is not on duty. She then texts Jun-Wan that she can’t make it as she is not feeling well.

Ik-Jun later realises that his sister and Jun-Wan were going to meet. He then calls Jun-Wan to let him know his sister is not well and in hospital. He rushes over to see her and tells her that he just read her chart. She lies and tells him she found out after they broke up and it has nothing to do with it.

Jun-Wan replies that he knows she lied and when he takes her phone, he sees that it is a picture of him as her lock screen. Before she can answer though, Jun-Wan is called in for an emergency. In a flashback, Ik-Jun sees the picture on his sister’s phone, which prompted him to make sure Jun-Wan got on the same bus as Ik-Sun.

The next day, Ik-Jun visits a former liver transplant patient, Kim Pil-Seong, who has biles obstruction. After trying non-surgical treatment, Ik-Jun explains that they will need to do surgery. Afterwards Ik-Jun calls Professor Shin as he needs his help to monitor the ultrasound during the operation. Fortunately, he makes it right when they start the surgery and helps Ik-Jun with it.

Jeong-Won goes to check on one of the babies in PICU, Si-On. She is doing a lot better so he tells her parents that she will be able to go home soon. The parents are so grateful to him but modest Jeong-Won tells them that the nurses also need their gratitude as they looked after Si-On during most of the days.

The wife of Ko Ju-Hyeong happens to be friends with Do-Hak’s wife. The latter comes in to speak to Jun-Wan and asks him when she thought was the most critical moment when treating the Ko Ju-Hyeong. Jun-Wan replies that it was when he was admitted to the ER. We then see a flashback of the ER staff giving him crucial emergency treatment before Ik-Jun and Jun-Wan took over.

Song-Hwa and Ik-Jun walk in the hospital garden while sharing a coffee. Suddenly, it starts raining so the two run. When they come to a big puddle, Ik-Jun takes Song-Hwa’s hand. He quickly drops it but she looks at him for a minute, thinking and perhaps realising something.

It is time for the band practice and Song-Hwa is on vocals, as planned. As expected, she sings very much out of tune but she looks very happy. In a flashback, we see a much younger Song-Hwa receiving a text from Ik-Jun asking her to meet as he has something to give her. It is very clear that she used to have a big crush on him back in college. Unfortunately, he later texts her that something came up, which devastates Song-Hwa.

The Episode Review

This week brought another great instalment for this season of Hospital Playlist as we carry on following our favourite doctors. Seeing both Jun-Wan and Ik-Jun performing surgeries on the same patient was quite the interesting and tense scene to watch, as it showed yet again what great surgeons they are.

This episode also teased us a little more about Song-Hwa and Ik-Jun’s will they/won’t they relationship. It is clear that Song-Hwa has some feelings buried inside from back in college and perhaps finally now, she will let them resurface?

It also looks like Seok-Hyeong is starting to realise how he feels about Min-Ha while Jun-Wan finally finds out the truth about Ik-Sun. There will definitely be more to come for these two now that he has seen that his picture is her lock screen.

As we get closer to the finale of this season, I am really hoping each of our doctors will get happiness in their respective love lives, as much as they do in their professional lives.


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