Hospital Playlist – K-Drama Season 2 Episode 10 Recap & Review

The Trip

Episode 10 of Hospital Playlist Season 2 starts with Jun-Wan rushing back to ER to see Ik-Sun. Unfortunately, she has left because she was feeling a lot better. She texted him that she will call him soon but only after she is done with her training.

The next day, Seon-Bin, Seok-Min, Jae-Hak have ice cream together and discuss the five surgeons. They talk about their band name: Gongnyong ridge. They originally started as a hiking club. Jeong-Won loves hiking and has always wanted to hike that ridge. Unfortunately, they have never done it and always go to the entrance to take pictures and go back home.

In the evening, the four boys argue about hiking as Jeong-won is still trying to convince the other three to go hiking. Song-Hwa picks them up and they head to get burgers from a drive-in. During dinner, they discuss Ik-Jun’s birthday and book their upcoming trip to the mountains.

Ik-Jun meets with a new liver transplant patient whose best friend wants to be his donor. Ik-Jun explains that they will have to go through some routine checks to prove they are really friends as this is to stop any organ trafficking. They will need to provide documents and proofs that they have been friends for a while.

Song-Hwa does her round and speaks to the mother of Du-Na about her recovery. She explains that she is starting to walk but her talking is taking more time. Song-Hwa discusses this with another doctor who tells her that they will focus on her speech more.

Later on, Gyeo-Wool’s brother comes to visits his sister to reveal that his fiancée has broken off their engagement. She and her family found out that their mother’s recent injuries were afflicted by their father and this made her worried about how he would be as her husband.

Ga-Eul tries to put on a brave face and promises not to tell their mother the real reason her fiancée broke up with him. Gyeo-Wool also reveals that she knew this was going on but decided to turn a blind eye on the situation. She is sorry and will be only thinking of their mother now.

In the evening, Jong-Su makes dinner for Rosa and Young-Hye. He talks about his worries regarding his son and Young-Hye reveals to them that Seok-Hyeong is thinking to move to the US as he has been offered a new training opportunity.

Back in Yulje, Jae-Hak has a heart to heart with Jun-Wan. He talks about his marriage and how he and his wife had trouble conceiving. On her 40th birthday, his wife decided that she didn’t want to try anymore because of all the stress. Jae-Hak explained that he always wanted kids but didn’t want his wife stressed so he agreed as he wants to enjoy life with her.

Jae-Hak later meets his wife for lunch at the hospital. She starts feeling unwell and gets bad stomach pains. After Jae-Hak takes her to the ER for some tests, they surprisingly find out that she is pregnant.

They make an appointment with Seok-Hyeong who confirms she in indeed pregnant and shows them a video of the ultrasound scan he did of their baby. This makes the situation feel very real for the mother to be who suddenly gets excited. She also mentions that she has found a lump on her breast so Seok recommends that she sees a breast surgeon.

Gyeo-Wool gets an emotional call from her mother who tells her she is better and moving back to Gwangju. She wants her to carry on working hard and not worry about her. Gyeo-Wool tells her that she will resign and go with her if she goes back to Gwangju. She then suggests that she should stay with her and her brother. After the phone call, Gyeo-Wool finds Jeong-Won in the staff room and collapses in his arms, sobbing.

Our five friends head out for their trip. Unfortunately, Jeong-Won, Song-Hwa and Ik-Jun are called in Yulje for some emergency. Seok-Hyeong and Jun-Wan arrive at their guest house and look at a portrait hanging in their room. They look at the owners daughter and realize it is actually Min-Ha and the guesthouse is owed by her parents.

Min-Ha finds out about it and quickly calls her parents to let them know. Her parents are surprised bring some extra food for their guests.

The next day, Jeong-Won and Jun-Wan perform surgeries while Ik-Jun share a coffee with Song-Hwa. They talk in front of the window as it is raining but Song-Hwa is quickly called away.

Jun-Wan’s surgery on his patient Ga-Ram proves to be difficult as he is unable to save the valve and has to use a homograft. The surgery is successful and he relays the outcome to his guardians.

During dinner, Gyeo-Wool reveals to Jeong-Won that her father has always been abusive towards her mother and even her and her brother.

She explains how she was always scared coming home from school and decided to study hard to move away. She tells him she had to go see her last month because her father badly beat her up and she was in hospital. Gyeo-Wool admits she wants to see him everyday but her mother needs her. Jeong-Won understands and is happy just to see her in hospital. He has, as always, some kind words and tells her not to feel guilty. They then agree to meet for dinner at least once a week.

Jun-Wan has to run to his meeting with Ik-Sun as he is very late. Thankfully she is still there waiting for him. Ik-Sun apologises for breaking up with him. She thought he was stressed out and that she made it worse. She admits she still has feelings for him but she will deal with it.

Jun-Wan replies that they are going to run into each other from time to time and tells he wont be able to act as if nothing has happened.

Jae-Hak and his wife meet with the breast surgeon who tells them that, unfortunately, she has breast cancer. She gives them some choices; they can terminate the pregnancy so she can start chemo or they can wait for the baby to be a bit older and start the chemo then but they don’t know if the tumour will grow. Jae-Hak wants to terminate the pregnancy but the wife is not so sure and wants some time to think.

They go and see Seok-Hyeong next. Jae-Hak’s wife tells him she doesn’t want to do any chemo until after the baby is born. Seok-Hyeong explains calmly that she needs to be healthy for the baby and that she can do chemo while pregnant. He has some kind and wise words for them and this seems to persuade her.

Ik-Jun meets with his liver transplant patient and his best friend to let them know that the coordinator is happy with all their documents and has sent them over. The two friends talk about how they met and we can clearly see how they count for each other despite their constant bickering.

Today’s band practice is quite unusual as the band performs in English and dressed in leathers and chains.

The episode ends with Seok-Hyeong finally asking Min-Ha out for dinner next weekend. In the ER, they get a call from the ambulance as a doctor from Yulje is coming after being hit at the back of the head.

The Episode Review

As we are getting so close to the finale, Hospital Playlist delivers another emotionally charged episode. Things are starting to move faster for our doctors now and we are left with a big cliffhanger. Which one of our doctors is coming to the ER with a head injury? My money is on Ik-Jun, especially as Song-Hwa is a neurosurgeon. Let’s just hope it is not too serious.

The end also brought us some long-awaited development for Seok-Hyeong and Min-Ha as the surgeon finally asks her out. I am looking forward to see their date and how they both act during it.

Poor Jae-Hak had quite the emotional roller coaster too this episode as him and his wife get some great news and some very sad one too. Thankfully Seok-Hyeong and Jun-Wan were there to help them during this difficult time.

Gyeo-Wool also finally told the sad truth about her family to Jeong-Won who acted ever so patient and loving while Ik-Sun also came clean to Jun-Wan.

What a great episode this was! With plenty of character development and excellent writing, this was certainly one of the best this season!

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