Hospital Playlist – K-Drama Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Delay

Episode 7 of Hospital Playlist Season 2 begins with us witnessing the doctors and interns starting their days; getting busy, doing their rounds and getting their morning coffee. Jeong-Won sees his outpatients while Song-Hwa visits Du-Na.

She explains that she will start rehabilitation the next day and that since her Broca is damaged, she will have a hard time speaking for a while. She tells her mum it will be long and difficult but it is necessary. The mother is grateful and promises to be there for her.

Ik-Jun’s patient, An Seong-Ju, is there for a liver transplant but he wants to wait until her fever is gone before doing the surgery. The family has a lot of questions and are worried so Ik-Jun does his best to reassure them.

At lunch, Ik-Jun and Song-Hwa walk to the cafeteria. On their way, Ik-Jun stops multiple times to have a friendly chat with various staff members from around the hospital. While sitting outside, Song-Hwa invites Ik-Jun to go camping with U-Ju as well. Ik-Jun quickly calls his son and tells him the good news, which makes the boy very excited.

We then jump ahead to the weekend as Song-Hwa, Ik-Jun and U-Ju set up their camping gears and start a campfire. Unfortunately, U-Ju doesn’t seem to enjoy himself because he had a fight with Mo-No. Later, while U-Ju is asleep, Song-Hwa and Ik-Jun enjoy the evening together, talking and sharing drinks.

While out for a walk with Mr Ju, Ro-Sa gets a call from Jeong-Won asking her why she is not at her niece’s wedding. Ro-Sa realizes that she forgot and wonders how she could have since she wrote it on her calendar. Jeong-Won tells her not to worry and that he also forgets things.

After hanging up, Ro-Sa gets upset and tells Mr Ju she is worried as she has been forgetful lately. He reassures her as the same thing has been happening to him too.

In the evening, Jeong-Won surprises Gyeo-Wool with dinner during her late shift. As they start eating, she tells him that all her colleagues are grilling her about her boyfriend and wonders what she should do. Jeong-Won suggests that they talk about it on the weekend when they get together.

In the morning, Ro-Sa and Yeong-Hye have coffee. They talk about Jeong-Won’s new girlfriend which make Yeong-Hye wish her son had a girl too. Suddenly, Min-Ha arrives in the restaurant and accidently bumps into Yeong-Hye which makes her very angry. Min-Ha tries to apologise but Yeong-Hye is having none of it.

Both women go to the toilet where Yeong-Hye tells Rosa she hopes her son will never be with a girl like that. Rosa gets angry with her friends and tells her it was unintentional and to stop being so mean.

Later in the day, Ik-Jun heads over to Seong-Ju’s room. The family is still very worried but Ik-Jun is there to reassure them and explain everything. After talking to the nurse, Seong-Ju’s brother speaks to Ik-Jun and asks him to do his best as they came to Yulje’s hospital especially for him.

The next day, the surgery gets underway for Seong-Ju and her father. It is a long operation and after 11 hours, Ik-Jun has finished. Unfortunately, her organs are swollen and he needs to wait before closing her up.

Ik-Jun speaks to Seong-Ju’s mother and brother and relays that the operation went well but needs to potentially wait a couple of hours before closing. After some time, they are thankfully able to finish the surgery and close Seong-Ju.

Meanwhile, an elderly woman arrives in the ER with a seizure. Unfortunately, the doctors soon realize that she is braindead. They find a donor card in her purse and call Song-Hwa to check her status. Song-Hwa confirms the brain dead diagnosis but they still need to get in touch with her family in regards of her organ donation. Her guardian turns out to be a security guard in the hospital so Song-Hwa has to give him the bad news.

The guard meets with the coordinator and tells her he wants to think about it. Unfortunately, we later learn that the woman’s vital are dropping and a decision needs to be made soon. The guard calls the coordinator as he has decided to donate her organs. Ik-Jun finds him outside sitting alone.

The guard explains that he is her son but hasn’t actually seen his mother for 30 years so it was a difficult situation for him. However, he thinks that it could her way to make sure he does one last good deed as her son.

Jun-Wan’s new patient is a mother who has given birth to a premature baby in another hospital. She would like her baby to be transferred and asks Jun-Wan if a VAD would be a good idea for him. Jun-Wan is honest and tells her he doesn’t think it would be as the baby is too small for it and for a heart transplant.

The mother tries insisting so Jun-Wan explains in details why he doesn’t think it would be possible. He tells her that she did her best for her baby but he doesn’t think there is much else they can do. The mother starts crying but thanks Jun-Wan for his honesty.

The next day, Gyeo-Wool receives some bad news when she gets a call that her mother has been in an accident and needs surgery. We then cut Jeong-Won waiting and looking sad. We see that he has a ring and was planning to propose. Gyeo-Wool texts him that something has come up and she will explain it all later.

The Episode Review

This latest episode of Hospital Playlist finally showed a little bit of progress between Song-Hwa and Ik-Jun as they go camping together, while we carry on following the daily routines from all the other doctors.

All the different cases and stories remain interesting, and of course very real. This show has always been a breath of fresh air, especially when we compare it with other western medical shows like Grey’s Anatomy.

Poor Min-Ha has inadvertently created another obstacle in her potential pursuit of Seok-Hyeong when she bumped into his mother. The latter seems to be rather difficult when it comes to her son’s love life and we can’t help but feel sorry for Min-Ha if she manages to date him. On the other hand, Jeong-Won’s mother’s Rosa could have some health problems as she seems to be forgetting more and more things.

The episode didn’t end well for her son either as he was left waiting for Gyeo-Wool. It doesn’t look like the proposal will happen anytime soon now that Gyeo-Wool’s mother has been in an accident.

It was quite surprising that she chose to be very vague about her reason for standing him up and I wonder what will happen to those two. In the meantime though, Hospital Playlist delivers yet another enjoyable and entertaining episode.

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