Hospital Playlist – K-Drama Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Hospital Playlist Season 2 begins with Seon-Bin and Jae-Hak discussing their experience as medical students. Hong-Do and Yun-Bok, who are now interns, arrive and tell them where they will specialize.

Yun-Bok has chose neurosurgery, which disappoints Jae-Hak as he wanted her to join cardio surgery. After they leave with Seon-Bin, Gyeo-Wool joins Jae-Hak. She tells him about all the new residents that have joined general surgery, which make Jae-Hak despair a little as no new residents have joined CS.

As Jun-Wan is about to leave for work, Jeong-Won talks to him about Gyeo-Wool, who admits that he is planning to propose to her. Jun-Wan seems surprised and asks if he can live with them.

Back in hospital, Seon-Bin comes back to Jae-Hak and Gyeo-Wool’s table with Seok-Min, who has recently come back to Yulje. He explains that he wants to get more experience and learn from Song-Hwa. He needs to make more money to give to his parents and also to get married. This seems to be his way of proposing to Seon-Bin, who tells him that she has money and he doesn’t have to spend anything.

While Song-Hwa and Ik-Jun share a coffee, they are interrupted by Myeong-Tae who asks Song-Hwa to cover one of his surgeries. She accepts but is berated afterwards by Ik-Jun who tells her she needs to start saying no.

Unfortunately, the nerves get the better of Hong-Do and Yun-Bok and they both make mistakes; Yun-Bok puts a second tube inside a patient’s nose. Gyeo-Wool apologises to the patient, who is very understanding.

Song-Hwa has to perform an emergency surgery on a young girl who was involved in a motorcycle accident. Her boyfriend was the driver and wore a helmet but she didn’t. Unfortunately she is not sure the victim will regain consciousness because the brain haemorrhage is very severe.

After the surgery, Song-Hwa relays to her patient’s parents that the surgery went well but explains that there was a lot of bleeding. Her brain is very swollen so they left the skull open for now and will need to do another surgery to close it. She is not sure the girl will regain consciousness and explains that they will monitor her in the ICU for now. She also gives them some hope as the brain is still pulsating.

In the evening, Song-Hwa, Ik-Jun and Jun-Wan have dinner together in their staff room. Song-Hwa tells Jun-Wan that he is always there and tells him he should start dating again. Jun-Wan replies that he is not over his ex yet and thinks about her all the time.

Seok-Hyeong speaks to one of his patients and explains that the recent scan shows that her baby may have esophageal atresia. He brings Jeong-Won over who does his best to reassures the mother. He explains that he has performed a lot of these procedures.

Seok-Hyeong organises a meeting with his department and Jeong-Won to discuss the mother to be, So-Yeong. Seok-Hyeong tells them that she is suffering from severe pre-eclampsia and would like to deliver the baby very soon. Jeong-Won would like to wait until the baby is two kilos so he can perform his procedure.

They both start to argue a little because Seok-Hyeong is worried about the mother’s kidney but Jeong-Won wants to know if he can wait a little. Eventually, Jeong-Won tells him he will work around his schedule and to keep him posted.

In PICU, we learn that Chang-Min is not doing well and may not make it through the week. Jun-Wan discusses this with Jae-Hak. The latter also wonders how the resident Chang-Min is doing, as he has been getting attached to the little patient.

The next day, Seok-Hyeong has to operate on So-Yeong and delivers the baby by C-section. Afterwards, Jeong-Won speaks to the father and grandmother and explains that the baby has esophageal atresia and will have to do an open chest surgery because the baby is too small.

The surgery gets underway in the NICU with a lot of assistants and people watching. Afterwards, Jeong-Won relays to the family that the surgery went well and the baby will be fine. He tells So-Yeong’s mother-in-law that it was nobody’s fault and this condition is quite common for them. So-Yeong did very well and tells her to look after herself.

Unfortunately, Jun-Wan learns that Chang-Min is getting worse and that his heart is barely beating. He has to deliver the news to the parents and tells them to go and say their final goodbyes. He asks Doctor Im to record the time of death but the resident is choked up by tears and is unable to. Jun-Wan comes in and does it for him instead. Doctor Im later apologises for being too emotional. Jun-Wan replies that it is okay to cry in front of patients but he still needs to do his job.

During one of her surgeries, Gyeo-Wool asks for Ik-Jun’s help as she is struggling a little. Afterwards, she vents her frustration to Ik-Jun as she doesn’t think she has improved. He reassures her as she has just started her fellowship and will get better with time. She will gain more experience as she is keen to learn.

Gyeo-Wool asks if he has ever made any mistakes which prompts him to tell her about the time Jeong-Won got asked to bring a Seolapja (tongue decompressor) when he was an intern but he brought a drawer instead.

The five friends get together for dinner and laugh at Ik-Jun’s story. Jeong-Won is not happy and reveals that it was actually Ik-Jun who made the mistake. They then talk about their experience as residents. Seok-Hyeong reveals he cried his eyes out when he lost his first patient.

Jun-Wan had a similar experience when he cried so much in the restroom when he also lost a patient who was the same age as his father.

The episode ends with Yun-Bok’s patient thanking her and Hong-Do asleep at his desk where another doctor leaves him some food. Seong-Yeong is by Du-Na’s bedside talking to her. Suddenly, she wakes up and rushes over to the professor. So-Yeong and her husband tell Jeong-Won that they have decided to call their baby after him as they want him to be a doctor like him when he grows up.

The Episode Review

This episode of Hospital Playlist changes direction a little as it concentrates on the interns of the show. It was quite the interesting angle as we see a different side of the hospital. It showed us that, of course, everyone makes mistakes and learns from them. This is even followed up by our five doctors having some fun and sharing nostalgic stories about their times as interns.

As always, it is a pleasure to follow the journey of all the doctors, interns and nurses in Yulje hospital. While not much progress was made in terms of their personal stories, this episode remains a decent one nonetheless.

Poor Jun-Wan is still suffering from his break-up and I wonder when he will find out the reason why Ik-Sun broke up with him. Still not much progress for Song-Hwa and Ik-Jun but hopefully the next few episodes will finally bring some much needed romance for these two!

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