Homemade Love Story – K-Drama Episode 37 Recap & Review

The Arrest

Episode 37 of Homemade Love Story picks up with Chae-Woon tending to Jae-Hee. He reveals that the deal fell through and that Do-Hyun went to loan sharks to borrow money. Both know Pil-Hong is behind it all but don’t want to tell each other.

Meanwhile, Pil-Hong heads over to confront the chairwoman about making him take the deal from Jae-Hee without him knowing. She tells him that she did it for her daughter, but also for Seo-A too as she had her heart broken. Pil-Hong is quick to remind her that he has the recording and tells her to give Jae-Hee the deal or he will release it.

In the villa, Soon-Jung tells her sister that she should proud to be with a man like Hwak-Se. She’s worried though that if they were to break up, they wouldn’t be able to stay close with Hwak-Se.

Man-Jung is surprised by her sister’s words but tells her that it is different this time and that she won’t just dive in head first. The conversation turns into an argument when Man-Jung thinks that her sister disapproves of them being a couple but the latter insists that she just wants them to be cautious.

Hwak-Se rushes in the room and takes Man-Jung away. Man-Jung starts packing her things but soon regrets what she told Soon-Jung, becoming even more agitated. Hwak-Se does his best to comfort her, telling the girl he understands both of them but doesn’t like seeing her so sad.

She still wants to spend the night in hospital though and storms out of her room. Hae-Deun, Hwak-Se and Soon-Jung try to stop her but she leaves anyway, while Ra-Hoon and Ba-Reun return home. The latter believes that they should save up more money for a future project and tries to comfort Ra-Hoon. He agrees but is worried about her sister.

Chae-Woon has to take Jae-Hee to hospital after all the stress he went through. She starts to blame herself as Do Hyung comes to visit his partner. He is worried he may be suffering from panic attacks again as he used to in the past.

Chae-Woon decides to head out and runs into Na-Ro. She confronts him as she thinks Seo-A is really the one behind it all. The latter walks by too so Chae-Woon tries to shake the truth out of her. She tells her that Jae-Hee is in hospital and that his company is a mess.

Seo-A defies her and asks if it is painful since she took everything away from her and wants the girl to feel pain. She warns her that this is also the beginning then leaves with Na-Ro.

Chae-Woon returns to the hospital in time for Jae-Hee to wake up. He wants to go home and puts on a brave face. While Chae-Woon is out of the room, he gets a call from Pil-Hong who apologizes and tells him he had no idea that it was his deal he was put on.

He promises to make it right and to compensate him for all the trouble. At the same time, Min-Jae wakes up from a strange dream she had about her son. She then rings Jung-Hoo and asks him to go check on him in the villa.

There, Jun-A tries eating the porridge Hae-Deun made for her but it is inedible. He forces himself to eat though to make her happy but unfortunately, she brings him more.

Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee head home where Jung-Hoo is waiting for Jae-Hee in his room. Jung-Hoo is surprised to see his son’s bruised face and quickly realizes that he is in trouble. He starts to berate him a little which gives Jae-Hee another panic attack. Chae-Woon and her mother arrive in his room and the latter quickly also realizes that the deal fell through.

Chae-Woon leaves the room with her mum and confirms that Jae-Hee didn’t get the contract but remains vague about the truth while Jung-Hoo insists he will sleep with his son tonight. Min-Jae calls them and Jae-Hee lies about his well-being.

Hwak-Se also returns to the villa and starts crying when he sees Soon-Jung. He apologies and tells her he feels really bad for her. Soon-Jung reassures him as he shouldn’t apologize. He’s like her younger brother and she just wants to make sure nothing jeopardizes their relationship.

As they get ready to sleep, Jung-Hoo asks his son how much the loss is and offers to help him out. Jae-Hee refuses though as he promised never to be indebted to him again. Jung-Hoo is shocked but Jae-Hee ignores him and goes to sleep.

Everyone is having a difficult night. Soon-Jung and Man-Jung think about the past and their relationship while Hwak-Se feels ungrateful. Jae-Hee has nightmares so Jung-Hoo comforts him. Chae-Woon also realizes that Pil-Hong may have been used by the chairwoman.

The next morning, Jung-Hoo is worried when Jae-Hee is not in his bed. He gets a text though to say he left early. We then see that Jae-Hee has gone straight to see Seo-A and Jung-Won. He tells them what he knows and how he believes Seo-A asked her grandmother to ruin his deal. She denies it of course but Jung-Won doesn’t believe her.

Meanwhile, Chae-Woon visits the chairwoman and begs her to help Jae-Hee. She drops to her knees and asks the girl to take pity on her.

The chairwoman agrees to help but only if she gets rid of Pil-Hong and makes him disappear. Suddenly, the doorbell rings as Jae-Hee is there with Jung-Won. The chairwoman agrees to help but makes Chae-Woon promise to keep the deal between them. Jung-Won and Jae-Hee arrive in the lounge but the chairwoman lies and tells them she had nothing to do with him losing the contract.

In LX fashion, Jun-A and Hae-Deun become very close when he makes her hide from his mother, while Chae-Woon meets with her father. He reveals how he had no idea this was Jae-Hee’s contract and admits he was just the errand boy. He denies stealing the schematics and promises to have everything straightened out as he has leverage on the chairwoman.

Chae-Woon doesn’t believe that is enough though and begs him to leave. She even promises to be recognized as his daughter but asks him to do this one thing. Pil-Hong insists that he can take care of things and wants her to be on Jung-Won’s family register as she has lots of money. Chae-Woon gets up, throws the teddy bear at him and tells him she is ashamed to know he is her father.

Outside, she calls Do-Hyun to get the number of Jae-Hee’s detective friend as she has someone to report. She doesn’t call but returns to the coffee shop, just as Pil-Hong is taken away by police who have arrested him for bribery and fraud. The two look at each other as he is led away while she takes the teddy from the table.

The Episode Review

Homemade Love Story has given us another episode full of emotional and dramatic moments. Poor Jae-Hee is the victim of Seo-A’s jealousy and Chae-Woon can’t help but feel guilty for it. This latest development will certainly cause some rifts between our main couple but I am sure they will eventually be fine and come out of it even stronger.

For now though, Seo-A has the upper-hand and what an evil and spoiled character she is. She doesn’t seem to have any remorse, even after she finds out that Jae-Hee is in hospital or when he comes to beg her and to tell her that many people’s life are involved in this. I am looking forward to the day she gets her comeuppance and I will be cheering for sure.

Hwak-Se had a very emotional moment with Man-Jung but with Soon-Jung too. It is quite sad that things can’t be simple for both of them as they are really great together. All the actors are doing an excellent job with their roles and I love all their scenes together.

I do wonder what will happen with Pil-Hong and if he will end up being the one helping Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee. It will be quite interesting to see where the show takes his story in the next few week. For now though, Homemade Love Story carries on with its dramatic and enjoyable storylines every week.

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