Homemade Love Story – K-Drama Episode 38 Recap & Review

Parting Ways

Episode 38 of Homemade Love Story starts as Chae-Woon runs towards the police and Pil-Hong. She asks them why they are arresting him but they won’t tell her anything if she is not related.

Chae-Woon denies that they are then calls the chairwoman to relay what happened. The latter denies being the one who reported him and because of this, she is now not sure she will be able to hold her end of the deal.

Jae-Hee doesn’t waste any time as he tries to salvage and sort everything with his work while we see that it was Jung-Won who reported Pil-Hong. She tells Chae-Woon why she did it but believes Jae-Hee’s contractors must have spoken to the police about him too.

Na-Ro tells Seo-A that Pil-Hong has been arrested but reassures her that if the truth comes out, she will be fine but he will be left to take the blame. He tells her that he doesn’t mind as he did it because he loves her.

At the police station, Pil-Hong denies having stolen the schematics from Jae-Hee’s office. He blames it all on the chairwoman but the police reveal that when they called her, she denied knowing him.

Jae-Hee arrives at work to find Chae-Woon cleaning up. Frustrated, he takes it out on her and tells the woman to stop as more people will just come and make a mess.

She suggests that he asks his father for help but that angers him even more as people have always told him to do that that but he has always struggled on his own. Realizing what he is doing, he apologizes for being like this as he is not in his right mind.

One of the workers appears in the office and tearfully asks Jae-Hee what he is going to do and how is he going to pay. Jae-Hee drops to his knees to apologize, just as his parents arrive. Min-Jae looks around and realizes what has happened. She gets upset and also starts having a panic attack. She blames Jung-Hoo and tells him it is his fault as Jae-Hee left home because of him.

All four eventually sit together to discuss the situation. Min-Jae tries to understand who is behind it and thinks it may be Seo-A. She is very worried but Jung-Hoo tells her to go to work as he wants to talk to his son. When both women are gone, Jung-Hoo offers to pay all his debt and in return, asks that he come and work for him.

Jae-Hee refuses and explains that it is not the first time he had to struggle as he even once had to live on the streets with no food. Jung-Hoo doesn’t understand his son and berates him for acting this way. Frustrated, he tells his son to just deal with his creditors like he did in the past and mentions that he wishes he didn’t get his memories back.

In the villa, Soon-Jung asks Hwak-Se to go bring Man-Jung home. Hwak-Se thanks her and she tells him that they can all have a chat later while in LX fashion, Hae-Deun finds out that her sister didn’t get the job. She speaks to Jun-A about it and vents her frustration about Ms Kim to him.

Jun-A heads to see his mum who tells him she is worried about Seo-A getting close to a new guy. Jun-A tells her he knows what his sister is like just as Na-Ro arrives in the room. Seo-A arrives soon after and introduces Na-Ro as the man she is dating to her brother. Jun-A is surprised by the announcement and ends up following Na-Ro outside. He teases Na-Ro in the hallway and quickly realizes that he slept in his old room at the villa.

In the hospital, Hwak-Se pretends to be a patient and visits Man-Jung. She is happy to see him and apologies for the day before. She knows her sister sent him to bring her home and tells him she will come with him. She wants to have a good talk with Soon-Jung later and she hugs him. We then see him in a station with a bag and guitar, seemingly leaving.

Soon-Jung decides to meet with Jung-Won to talk to her about the latest situation. She wonders if the chairwoman is behind it all but Jung-Won reveals that it was Pil-Hong. Jung-Won is quite surprised and worries about Chae-Woon.

Na-Ro finds out from Hae-Deun that Soon-Jung is visiting the company. He rushes to see her and the two have a happy reunion. Seo-A arrives soon after as well and makes sure to show that she is dating him.

Meanwhile, Jae-Hee heads to the police station to talk to the detective and Pil-Hong. He admits that the blueprints weren’t stolen but he is not sure of Pil-Hong’s involvement. The latter insists that he never did anything and that the chairwoman framed him.

The detective asks Jae-Hee if he wants to sue Pil-Hong as he could be done for fraud. Pil-Hong begs him not to so Jae-Hee decides to think about it. As he walks out, he berates Pil-Hong for everything he put Chae-Woon through.

In the evening, Chae-Woon returns home to her mother comforting her as she knows about Pil-Hong. She later talks with Ra-Hoon about what happened earlier in the day and they discuss her birth father.

Min-Jae waits for Jung-Hoo in his house to find out if he offered money to Jae-Hee. Jung-Hoo explained that Jae-Hee refused it so Min-Jae tells him that he must insists. She thinks Jung-Hoo only really cares about money and the two start arguing again.

She storms out but Jung-Hoo receives a visit from his son next. He has just found out that he paid the loan sharks off and is not happy about it. Jung-Hoo is upset as he wants to give him a chance to change and be a dad. Jae-Hee finally accepts and promises to work hard to pay him back.

Min-Jae comes to the villa to look for her son but he is not home. Chae-Woon heads over to the site and hears him on the phone telling the police that he is not going to sue Pil-Hong and that he was framed. Chae-Woon gets angry as she doesn’t agree. She thinks he has lied and won’t change if he doesn’t get punished.

Jae-Hee insists that he should get another chance. Chae-Woon tells him that she can’t be with him if he keeps defending him. Jae-Hee suggests that they take some time apart and explains that he will be leaving the villa for a while to go and work in Incheon.

Jae-Hee returns to the villa where his mum offers to give him her savings. Jae-Hee reveals that his dad paid the loan too, which surprises her. Mother and son eventually leave the villa and say goodbye to Soon-Jung. Man-Jung arrives home soon after and hugs her sister. She rushes to Hwak-Se’s room but finds it empty and realizes that he has left. Soon-Jung appears in the room as Man-Jung tells her Hwak-Se has left and starts crying in her arms.

Jae-Hee returns to the villa, packs his bags and hesitates in front of Chae-Woon’s room before leaving. Knowing that he is leaving, Chae-Woon is crying quietly in her room. She eventually runs out but stops herself as she sees him walking away. She kneels down on the floor and starts sobbing as the episode closes.

The Episode Review

What a sad episode! Two of the couples are not doing great in Homemade Love Story. After all the tension and stress they have been under, Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee are taking some time apart. While it was a little predictable, it is still really sad but also, I think, necessary for the story to move on. I am sure they will eventually come out of it stronger when Jae-Hee comes back.

On the other hand, I didn’t expect Hwak-Se to leave the villa. I understand the reason why he has done this but I think this will hurt Man-Jung and her sister quite a bit. I wonder where he is going to go and if someone will find him, perhaps James?

The relationship between Jung-Hoo and his wife and son remain strained but after so many years of tension, it is expected as it will take time for them to be on better terms. We can see that Jung-Hoo is trying hard but his old self still comes back to the surface, which makes it difficult for Jae-Hee in particular.

As always, all the actors are doing a great job with their roles and the character development has been really good too. I am looking forward to seeing how this drama will end, even if some of his stories are still a little predictable!

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