Homemade Love Story – K-Drama Episode 35 Recap & Review

More Scheming

Episode 35 of Homemade Love Story begins with Min-Jae telling Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee that she is against their marriage. She is fond of Chae-Woon but tells them she needs to check something out first and asks them to wait while she does.

On their way out, Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee speculate on what Min-Jae needs to check. Jae-Hee remembers a conversation with his father and wonders if it is because Soon-Jung was Jung-Hoo’s first love.

Meanwhile, Jung-Hoo arrives at work, looking very dashing with a new hair cut. He starts thinking about Min-Jae and wonders why she has Soon-Jung’s dictionary. At the same time, the latter realizes that Min-Jae must be the one who took it.

She then finds a letter and gift in one of her cupboards from Na-Ro. In the note, he apologizes for leaving without saying goodbye and thanks her as she brought warmth in his life.

Seo-A is quick with her next scheme and does her best to convince her grandmother to intercept the deal Jae-Hee is trying to make for his construction site.

The chairwoman is unsure at first as this could badly damage his business but Seo-A insists. She then meets with Na-Ro to talk about what she is planning to do. Na-Ro asks her that once she is done with Jae-Hee, if she will finally accept him. She dismisses him but as she walks away, he grabs her arm and kisses her.

Do-Hyun calls Jae-Hee as he is thinking to start buying materials for their next big project. Jae-Hee is not sure as they haven’t signed yet but Do-Hyun thinks they should start now.

Jae-Hee heads to see his father next and the two talk about his upcoming deal. Jae-Hee then explains that his mum objected to his marriage and how he thinks it is because Jung-Hoo dated Soon-Jung. Jung-Hoo clears the confusion and tells his son he never dated her.

Ra-Hoon gets a great offer to buy a food truck while Hwak-Se heads to his ENT appointment. The doctor asks him if he is planning to marry Man-Jung as he thinks it is so unusual that she chose him as she has lots of suitors after her.

After his treatment, Hwak-Se sees Man-Jung and the two share a sweet moment. After she leaves, the ENT doctor has some harsh words for Hwak-Se as he doesn’t understand how Man-Jung could have stooped so low with him.

Hwak-Se doesn’t let him insult him and tells him he shouldn’t judge the man without knowing who he is. Just because he is not a doctor, doesn’t mean he should look down on him and explains he is always on cloud 9.

Unbeknownst to them, Man-Jung has been listening to them and angrily kicks her colleague before walking away. Man-Jung apologizes for him but Hwak-Se tells her he is proud of himself as he stood up to him.

Jae-Hee runs into Pil-Hong at work and berates him for not staying in touch. He gives him his number and warns him as Chae-Woon is very upset. He suggests getting together but Pil-Hong wants to wait until he is back on his feet. He tells Jae-Hee to concentrate on his upcoming contract as he has just found out he is getting married to Chae-Woon.

In LX fashion, Min-Jae speaks to Jung-Won about her son’s recent engagement. She tells her friend that she would like her to add Chae-Woon to her family register before agreeing to the marriage. Jung-Won explains that her situation makes it difficult and wonders why it is so important to her. Min-Jae reveals that she would like Soon-Jung and Jung-Hoo to get together but that it would be difficult if they were in laws.

Meanwhile, Hae-Deun and Jun-A arrive in LX fashion. The latter tries being discreet but is soon recognized by Min-Jae. Hae-Deun talks to her about her son’s engagement to her sister which surprises Jun-A. During the meeting, they are interrupted when Chae-Woon comes in and are happy to see each other.

After the meeting, Chae-Woon and Jun-A finally sit down together get to know each other. Jun-A understands that she must have had a hard time with his sister. They then talk about his situation as he explains that no one knows he is Jung-Won’s son and not even Hae-Deun as he knows she is not fond of his mother. She understands why and advise him to talk to his family when he is ready.

Seo-A strikes again when she gives her mother the performance review of Chae-Woon and the other intern who have received the same score. She puts her mother in a tough spot when she tells her she will have to decide who gets the promotion. Jung-Won later calls Chae-Woon to her office and explains why she can’t promote her.

Chae-Woon feels that she is not being treated fairly yet again so Jung-Won offers to send her to study abroad for now. Chae-Woon refuses as she wants to be recognized for the work she has been doing. She then suggests that perhaps she should stop living as her daughter. To stop all the unfairness towards her, she decides to quit. Jung-Won tries to stop her but in vain.

In the evening, Jung-Hoo heads to Hwak-Se’s restaurant. The latter is happy to see him and tells his friend he is entering a singing competition. Jung-Hoo is full of encouragement just as Min-Jae walks by too and asks him what he has done to his hair.

Min-Jae walks to the villa and sit down to talk to Soon-Jung about the newly engaged couple. She explains she wants them to hold off as she wants Soon-Jung and Jung-Hoo to build a nice relationship first as they were each other’s first loves. Soon-Jung is surprised and tells her she is mistaking. She doesn’t think that this should delay their marriage but Min-Jae insists and wants Jung-Won to put Chae-Woon on the register. She explains that she feels guilty as she forced Jung-Hoo to marry her. She gives her the dictionary back and apologizes for taking it.

After remembering the past. Soon-Jung heads over to the restaurant to relay what Min-Jae has been saying. Jung-Hoo is surprised by this so Soon-Jung asks him to tell her the truth as she believes he still has feelings for her and so does she. She gives him the same advice he gave her – muster up the courage to go and talk to her.

Chae-Woon surprises Jae-Hee at work and the two share a cup of tea. She relays what has been happening at work and that she is considering quitting her job. Jae-Hee understands but doesn’t think that it is what she really wants to do as it will be like running away. She should persevere as he believes she will eventually get recognized for the work she has been doing.

Min-Hae returns home and thinks about her conversation with Soon-Jung. Professor Son rings her bell to offer her some dumplings and as she starts eating them, she is surprised to see Jung-Hoo arriving as well. This causes her to start choking and Jung-Hoo pushes Son out of the way to try helping her breathe.

The Episode Review

Seo-A has definitely raised the stakes now that she has found out that Chae-Woon is engaged to Jae-Hee. She has doubled her efforts and is determined to ruin both their lives. Unfortunately, it seems to be working for now but I am sure we will eventually see her demise, which I am quite looking forward to see. I have a feeling Na-Ro will have a change of heart and may be the one who will eventually save the day in an attempt to redeem himself.

I was quite surprised that Min-Jae was against the wedding because she wants Jung-Hoo and Soon-Jung to get close to each other. It also seems that all along, she was wrong to be jealous of them as both insist they never dated. I can imagine that the show will eventually bring Jung-Hoo and Min-Jae back together as the former slowly realizes how badly he has been treating her over the years.

I really loved seeing Hwak-Se standing up for himself and finally showing his worth. He continues to portray one of my favourite characters with Man-Jung as both make a great and fun couple.

As with each episode, Homemade Love Story carries on with his enjoyable storytelling in this family k drama. While this episode was not as strong and emotional as the previous one, it was still entertaining nonetheless.

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