Homemade Love Story – Kdrama Episode 34 Recap & Review

The Celebrations

Episode 34 of Homemade Love Story starts with Chae-Woon putting two and two together about Mr Lee while Jung-Won confronts Pil-Hong about getting closer to Chae-Woon. He explains that Jae-Hee knows about him but he asked him to stay. However, he also reveals that the chairwoman will invest in his business so he will leave the site. Jung-Won is not happy though and begs him to leave them alone.

Chae-Woon rushes back to the construction site and asks Mr Lee if he really is Pil-Hong. The latter tries to act innocently at first then finally admits to the truth. She also finds out that Jae-Hee knew about it and storms out when the latter arrives. Jae-Hee runs after Chae-Woon, who cries, asking him why he didn’t tell her the truth.

Jae-Hee then takes her in his arms and both head in his car. He explains himself as he has just found out and defends Pil-Hong too. He also reveals that Pil-Hong and Na-Ro were in prison together.

Meanwhile, Na-Ro meets with Hwak-Se and Man-Jung. The latter speaks to him about what they know regarding his relationship with Pil-Hong and wanting to get close to Chae-Woon. Na-Ro admits everything and explains that Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee have been trying to get him to leave the villa. However, he has been refusing so far as he has grown to love the house.

Man-Jung believes him but still thinks he should leave or she will have to tell the others, including Soon-Jung who will be very upset. He doesn’t say much though and leaves to go to work.

At work, Soon-Jung calls Na-Ro to see if he will be there for dinner as Jung-Hoo is coming too. Na-Ro has to sadly decline though and lies that he has a team meal. He runs into Chae-Woon who asks him if he had fun with Pil-Hong to her expense.

At the construction site, Jae-Hee finds out that Pil-Hong has quit. We then cut to the latter walking away and promising himself that he will succeed for Seo-Yeon’s sake while Jung-Won confronts her mother about meeting Pil-Hong. The chairwoman dismisses her even after Jung-Won asks if Pil-Hong has leverage on her.

At work, Jung-Hoo makes some positive changes for his employees then heads to see Min-Jae in her shop. Unfortunately, he finds professor Son there too next to Min-Jae. They all greet each other but Jung-Hoo continues to act jealously looking at the two of them together.

Meanwhile, Hae-Deun is excited as a big company has asked for her collaboration. She relays the good news to Jun-A who is starting to like her but feels torn as she is the sister of Chae-Woon. She then tells him that the company who rang her is LX fashion so Jun-A refuses to take the job.

At the end of the day, Seo-A runs into Na-Ro at work and suggests going out for a meal to celebrate his promotion. Jung-Won arrives soon after and asks her daughter to have dinner with her instead. At home, Jung-Won sits her daughter down and tells her that Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee are engaged. This, of course, devastates Seo-A who starts crying. Jung-Won feels helpless and asks her daughter if she can do anything for her.

Chae-Woon arrives home and sees Jae-Hee waiting. He apologizes for not telling her about Pil-Hong sooner but she replies that she understands. She gets a little worried though when she hears that Pil-Hong has decided to quit his job. Jung-Hoo arrives too and congratulates them on their engagement. He gives them their blessing and thanks them as well. They all head inside for the party and Jung-Hoo disappears for a few minutes to change into his “James” clothes.

The residents sit down and start toasting as everyone is back together in the villa. Ba-Reun and Ra-Hoon mention Na-Ro’s absence so Soon-Jung explains that he is busy at work. Na-Ro suddenly arrives, which surprises Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee. Soon-Jung arrives with a cake to congratulate him on his promotion and everyone sings for him.

The party becomes very emotional when Jae-Hee announces that he and Chae-Woon are getting married. Everyone is delighted and congratulate the couple, except for Na-Ro who remains quiet.

Chae-Woon receives a call from Seo-A and meets her outside. The latter quickly confronts her about her engagement as she feels betrayed. Chae-Woon defends herself as she got what she wanted when she moved out of the house. She tells her she is getting tired of her tantrums and that she is obsessed with Jae-Hee.

This angers Seo-A who gets ready to slap her. Na-Ro arrives and grabs her arms just in time though. Jae-Hee comes soon after, followed by Jung-Hoo who invites Seo-A to have a drink with him.

In the restaurant, Jung-Hoo has some words of wisdom for Seo-A on love and how feelings change. He also tells her that if she cares about someone and they end up liking someone else, she should let them go and be happy. Seo-A starts crying and tells him she can’t do that. Jung-Hoo believes in her though and reminds her how she used to be; kind and cheerful.

Back in the villa, Chae-Woon talks with Man-Jung about Pil-Hong and Na-Ro. Her aunt feels sorry for her and gives the girl a hug as Chae-Woon laughs and suggests that she should get married too. Man-Jung nervously laughs and pretends she doesn’t have anyone while Na-Ro packs his things to leave the villa.

Before leaving, he sees Soon-Jung who thinks he is just getting water. He asks for a hug, which she gives gladly. She tells him she is proud of him and with tears in his eyes, tells her that there is no one as sweet as her. She is happy and gives him some words of advice for the future.

The next day, Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee head over to Min-Jae’s place to tell them about their engagement. Min-Jae surprises them by announcing she is against their marriage but can’t tell them why.

The Episode Review

Episode 34 of Homemade Love Story is definitely one of the strongest so far with plenty of emotional and happy moments. It has been great watching the different characters develop and change throughout the weeks, thanks to some great writing and acting too of course.

It is quite impressive that Jung-Hoo was so unlikable at the beginning of the show, only to become one of the best characters now. He is probably the one that has grown the most and I am really enjoying the scenes with him. In particular, Jung-Hoo really shined when he congratulated Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee before later taking Seo-A aside to try making her see sense. These were very powerful moments.

Na-Ro has also had quite the journey and each episode has been showing us a different side to him. The residents – and in particular Soon-Jung – have been touching him and we have been seeing some guilt and desire to just be part of a family. I really wonder what will happen to him in the next few weeks.

I am still a little unsure about Pil-Hong. Has he really changed or is he still selfish and after personal gain? While some storylines can be predictable, there are still plenty like this one where we are left to wonder a little.

Just like Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life, this family drama is one that really grows on you. This is helped by some decent writing and very likable characters too. I just hope that the next episodes will be as good as this one!

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