Homemade Love Story – Kdrama Episode 16 Recap & Review

The Truth

Episode 16 of Homemade Love Story picks up where it left off with Jae-Hee comforting and hugging Chae-Woon while she sobs. Afterwards, Jae-Hee brings her a drink and suggests going for dinner. Chae-Woon wants to go somewhere secluded so he takes her to a glamping site in the woods.

After dancing to some music, the two sit down and talk about what happened. Jae-Hee tells her he is glad she called him and wants to share her pain. Remembering what Ms Kim said about Seo-A, she tells him is it not going to happen. Jae-Hee insists though and tells her he will always be there for her.

Na-Ro tries to call Chae-Woon again while Hae-Dun researches Ms Kim online, certain that she is her mother. She then heads out to Hwak-Se’s restaurant and meets Man-Jung there. They are soon joined by Ra-Hoon who wonders why his sister is so quiet.

Ba-Reun arrives next which makes Ra-Hoon uncomfortable. He takes her outside, berates the girl for acting like his girlfriend and asks her to move out.

Jae-Hee walks with Chae-Woon but she decides to go to the store first. Jae-Hee heads back to the villa and fills Soon-Jung in on Chae-Woon’s whereabouts. The latter calls her mother to let her know she is staying with her friend and almost asks her why Ms Kim thinks her lost daughter is dead.

After hanging up the phone, she comes face to face with Na-Ro who tells her he has been worried about her.

The two sit together at a bus stop where Na-Ro admits to liking her. Chae-Woon looks a little awkward and asks that they stay friends. Na-Ro then wonders if she has decided to do the same with Jae-Hee. She doesn’t reply though and uses her bus arriving as an excuse.

Meanwhile at the villa, a pipe bursts in Hwak-Se and Jung-Hoo’s room. The residents rally together to help and sort out new sleeping arrangements.

Jae-Hee offers to have Jung-Hoo in his room which pleases him as he feels at ease around him. Heading into bed, Jae-Hee worries about Chae-Woon after finding out she is not coming home and texts her. She replies that she is ok and does the same with her mother.

The next day, Chae-Woon arrives at work but when she sees Ms Kim, walks away and decides to call in sick. When the CEO finds out, she decides to call Soon-Jung to find out how Chae-Woon is. Soon-Jung worries about her daughter so she tries calling her but in vain.

Meanwhile, Chae-Woon is playing baseball at a batting cage to get her frustration out. Min-Jae also happens to be there and the two play together. Afterwards, Min-Jae thanks Chae for choosing great clothes as she knows that it wasn’t Seo-A who got them for her.

Later in the day, Jung-Hoo manages to convince Hwak-Se to give him a job while Min-Jae has a good first day in her store. Seo-A comes to congratulate her and invites the girl to visit Jae-Hee in his new place.

At LX fashion, Na-Ro finds Hae-Deun looking for Ms Kim. The two sit together on a bench where Hae-Deun admits that she is Ms Kim’s long lost daughter. Na-Ro crushes her dreams though and reveals he knows who her real daughter is. Hae-Deun is taken aback and berates Na-Ro for acting coldly towards her.

Seo-A and Min-Jae arrive near the villa just as Jung-Hoo heads inside. They get a glimpse of him but are not sure it is really Jung-Hoo. Min-Jae calls her son who quickly tells them to stay put.

Ms Kim calls her daughter to warn her against bringing Min-Jae to the villa because she doesn’t like Soon-Jung. Jae-Hee then quickly comes out and takes the women to a nearby restaurant.

Later on, Jae-Hee cleans Jung-Hoo’s knee wound after he fell over. He notices all the scars and remembers an argument he once had with his father when he explained he had to suffer to provide for the family.

While working, Soon-Jung learns that Chae-Woon has resigned from LX fashion. She tries calling her daughter and texts her that she will solve everything. She then calls Ms Kim to arrange a meeting with her.

The episode closes with the two women sitting down in a coffee shop. Soon-Jung decides to finally come clean and reveals that Chae-Woon is her daughter. Shocked and distraught, Ms Kim cries and screams, demanding to know why Soon-Jung of all people did this to her. Just as she grabs and shakes Soon-Jung, Chae-Woon walks in and runs towards her mother.

The Episode Review

What an emotional ending! I was quite surprised this episode showed Ms Kim finding out who her daughter is as I thought we would have to wait a few more weeks before that. Her reaction is of course very heartbreaking and I do wonder if Soon-Jung will also finally reveal what happened all those years ago.

This scene was really well acted by the actresses and I am looking forward to seeing more of them in the upcoming episodes.

We heard a lot of the characters’ inner thoughts in this installment too which was quite a nice touch. Poor Hae-Deun had to face more disappointment while Jae-Hee is starting to understand his father more. It was also a close call when Min-Jae almost found her husband at the villa and I wonder what will happen when she realizes that he has amnesia and has changed. Watch this space!

Next week’s episodes will be interesting as Ms Kim and Chae-Woon will both have to learn to deal with their new relationship. Seo-A is bound to be jealous as well and more dramatic scenes are definitely coming our way. For now though, Homemade Love Story carries on being quite the entertaining and easy to watch family drama.

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