Homemade Love Story – Kdrama Episode 15 Recap & Review

Many Tears

Just as expected, the latest episode of Homemade Love Story was very emotional and had some heart-breaking moments. The actors have done a good job so far with those scenes and while we still don’t know all the details behind the whole story, this latest instalment has brought us closer to the truth.

Episode 15 of Homemade Love Story picks up where we last left off with Soon-Jung revealing to Chae-Woon who her mother is. The latter thinks she is joking at first but when she realises she isn’t, becomes angry and asks her why she waited that long to tell her the truth.

Soon-Jung cries and explains she was terrified of losing her. Chae-Woon apologises to her mother for shouting but asks if Ms Kim knows she raised her. If not, then why did she not look for her. Soon-Jung promises that it’s not the case but can’t bring herself to admit that Ms Kim thinks she is no longer alive.

Chae-Woon is sure she was abandoned though and decides to go and confront Ms Kim right away.

At the same time, Seo-A digests what her mother just told her and realises that her long lost daughter is Chae-Woon. She then asks her mother what happened. Ms Kim explains that she wasn’t able to search for her as she was no longer in this world.

Back in the villa, Chae-Woon forces her mum to get in a taxi while the rest of the residents wonder what is going on. They sit down and wonder if creditors are after her again as they know Chae-Woon helped her mother get rid of all her debt previously.

Soon-Jung and Chae-Woon arrive at Ms Kim’s house and just as Soon-Jung is about to ring the doorbell, Chae-Woon stops her at the last minute. She takes her mother away and explains that she couldn’t face her. She then calls the villa to reassure everyone and tells them to go to bed.

In the villa, the residents carry on talking and when Jae-Hee mentions that Jung-Hoo has to be careful with his blood pressure, the latter suddenly remember a woman (Min-Jae) telling him the exact same thing.

Min-Jae wakes up from a nightmare where Jung-Hoo got back together with Soon-Jung while Jung-Hoo has a nightmare as well, remembering when Min-Jae collapsed while choking.

Hearing his father’s screams, Jae-Hee bursts in his room to make sure he is okay. He then receives a call from his mother who wants to make sure Jung-Hoo is okay as she had a dream about him.

The next day, Chae-Woon walks to work while thinking about the night before. Ms Kim happens to drive by and decides to walk with her. Chae-Woon stays very quiet though and ends up running ahead, feeling very torn around her birth mother.

In the villa, Hwak-Se and Man-Jung both think that something is going on with Soon-Jung, Chae-Woon and Ms Kim. Man-Jung remembers that Ms Kim had a daughter and wonders if she ever found her. Hae-Dun is also listening to them behind the door and speculates that she could be her lost daughter.

In Lx fashion, Chae-Woon and Seo-A come face to face in the hallway. There is a lot of tension in the air as both now know the truth. Seo-A promises to herself that she will never let her have her mother while Na-Ro has managed to get Pil-Hong’s release delayed.

Chae-Woon later calls her mother as she is worried about her. She realises that she is on her way to her office to talk to Ms Kim so she heads outside to stop her.

Chae-Woon tells her she wants to process things before revealing the truth. Soon-Jung insists though and the two have a heated argument about their lives and the future. Chae-Woon warns her mother against telling Ms Kim without her permission as she doesn’t want her to use the woman as leverage. Soon-Jung agrees then storms off.

Meanwhile at the villa, Jung-Hoo secretly brings some food to Ba-Reun. He gets to know her a little and just as she starts eating, Ra-Hoon suddenly walks in the room and is shocked to find Ba-Reun there. He puts two and two together and realizes that she has been pretending to be Jun-Won.

Later in the day, Chae-Woon arrives in the shop where Ms Kim is working. She decides to take Chae-Woon out for the rest of day. She tells her she has been thinking about someone from her past and takes her to the resting place of her daughter.

Chae-Woon is shocked as she realizes that Ms Kim thinks she’s dead. She then walks out and collapses on the floor crying.

Ms Kim joins her later outside and apologizes for bringing her there. This prompts Chae-Woon to ask what happened in the past. Ms Kim reveals that her daughter was taken which makes Chae wonder if it was her mother who kidnapped her.

After this emotional afternoon, Chae-Woon walks by herself crying. Na-Ro calls but she doesn’t pick up. When Jae-Hee rings though, she answers and asks him to come over.

He rushes over to her and takes the girl out for a drive. He eventually stops the car and sees that she is crying. He gets out of the car and quickly takes her in his arms, telling her to cry all she wants.

The Episode Review

Chae-Woon certainly has a lot to process after finding out the truth about her birth mother and I wonder how long she will be able to stay quiet until she speaks to Ms Kim about it.

The scene at the cinerarium was heart-breaking for both women and I can’t help but feel so sad for Chae-Woon. She is in a very difficult position towards her birth and adoptive mother.

If she tells the truth, this could spell trouble for Soon-Jung who is the one responsible for her kidnapping. However, we know that she wasn’t acting alone so I am sure we will find out soon what exactly happened.

It was really heart-warming to see Jae-Hee rush to Chae-Woon at the end of the episode as well while the rest of the residents at the villa also have their fair share of drama.

Hae-Dun is now convinced that Ms Kim is her birth mother. This will bring more disappointment in her life unfortunately, so I am really hoping her luck will turn soon. Ra-Hoon also had a big shock too when he found Ba-Reun in the villa, which was quite the funny scene to watch.

I hope the series will spend a little more time with the secondary characters as they add a nice comedic touch to the show, especially Hwak-Se and Man-Jung who I am definitely rooting for. All the residents of Samgwang villa are what make the show so entertaining and I am looking forward to see what the writers have planned for all of them in the weeks to come!

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