Homemade Love Story – Kdrama Episode 13 Recap & Review

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Homemade Love Story is starting to remind me a little of Full House. With lots of fun and diverse people all living under one roof, the show promises to bring a lot of enjoyable but also dramatic episodes every week.

Episode 13 of Homemade Love Story picks up where we left off with Jae-Hee finding his dad in his closet. Jung-Hoo is surprised too and tells him his name is James. Jae-Hee runs out thinking he is dreaming and Hwak-Se wonders what is up with him.

Meanwhile, things get a little awkward for Soon-Jung at the fashion event when Ms Kim finds out she is Chae-Woon’s mother. She tells them she realized this when she helped with Seo-A’s dinner party. Back then though she was too surprised to say anything.

Ms Kim is happy though and thinks that must have been why she liked Chae-Woon so much. At the same time, Na-Ro overhears the conversation and is surprised by this new turn of events.

After the initial surprise, Soon-Jung sits with Ms Kim and Seo-A to talk about Chae-Woon. Ms Kim makes her daughter apologize for what happened in high school and explains that they have also cleared things up with Chae. Ms Kim then mentions that she wasn’t married when she had Chae-Woon, which makes Soon-Jung almost choke on her coffee.

In the toilets, Chae-Woon finds Min-Jae busy trying to clean up a coffee stain on her suit jacket. She helps her and offers to get something for her to change into. She rushes to the changing rooms but as she runs back to the toilets, is stopped by Seo-A who takes the clothes from her and tells her she’ill go because she’s the mother of her boyfriend. She brings the clothes to Min-Jae and takes all the credit.

In a flashback, we see Soon-Jung calling an elegant older lady, asking her to tell the truth and return Chae-Woon to Ms Kim. The lady refuses to though as she doesn’t want her to know her grandma threw her out.

Back in LX fashion, Soon-Jung tells Ms Kim she adopted Chae-Woon. Ms Kim realizes that they have a lot in common as she adopted Seo-A, who is her second husband’s daughter.

Later on, Ra-Hoon is almost caught by his sister when he has to pick up a delivery from her new place of work. Ba-Reun comes to the rescue though and the two leave for their next job together.

Soon-Jung leaves LX fashion with Min-Jae, who still feels a little threatened by her old friend because of the past. Soon-Jung asks about her husband but Min-Jae lies and tells her he is very well.

Jae-Hee decides to check his father’s home and office, noticing that they are all empty. He confronts his uncle about it who lies, telling him that he had to take some time off. He then receives a call from Seo-A who invites him for dinner to celebrate the fashion event.

Man-Jung arrives home after work and overhears Soon-Jung and Hwak-Se speaking about Jung-Hoo. After asking them about it, they decide to tell her the truth. The rest of the household come in too and sit to talk about the newcomer.

Man-Jung speaks first and while she does, Hwak-Se can’t help but stare at her, completely besotted. They decide to go to the police as they are worried about his health. Jae-Hee calls to find out how Jung-Hoo is and when the family tells him what they have decided, he convinces them to wait as it is not what he wants.

Later on, Hae-Deun and Ra-Hoon decide to officially introduce themselves to Jun-Woo. They are, of course, unaware that it is Ba-Reun and she carries on hiding under the duvet when they come in. They try talking and getting her to reply but it’s no good.

Soon-Jung comes to the rescue with dinner though and explains that Jun-Woo called her earlier to explain that he had cosmetic surgery and doesn’t want to show himself.

In the evening, the staff from LX fashion sit down for a celebratory meal. Jae-Hee arrives as Seo-A told him his mum was going to attend. Unfortunately he winds up disappointed when he sees that she has left.

Everyone starts joking that he is Seo-A’s boyfriend just as Cheon-Woon walks in. She seems quite taken aback by seeing the two together but doesn’t say anything. She quickly leaves to take a call though, which is when Jae-Hee tells everyone that Seo-A is not his girlfriend. They all think he is joking and Seo-A berates him for talking like this in front of everyone.

Jae-Hee heads off to see his mother and brings her flowers. He tries to talk about his father but Min-Jae asks him not to talk about him for now. Jae-Hee then decides to keep his father’s amnesia a secret and heads back to the villa.

Everyone is now back after the day at work. Chae-Woon goes for a run to get rid of her frustration and comes face to face with Jae-Hee. He tries explaining himself and reveals that Seo-A is not his girlfriend. She angrily tells him that she doesn’t care either way. Na-Ro watches them from afar and worries about the two getting closer.

The next day, Jung-Hoo comes down for breakfast and starts helping Soon-Jung prepare the meal. Jae-Hee walks in and is very surprised to see his father helping. Chae-Woon introduces herself but soon leaves the room when she sees Jae-Hee.

Later in the day, Chae-Woon decides to check up on the construction site. As she gets there, she witnesses Jae-Hee falling off a ladder and screaming in pain. She rushes to his aid, scared for his safety, but thankfully he is just pretending to be hurt.

The episode ends with Chae-Woon getting upset by the joke and storming off. Jae-Hee runs after her and apologises for everything. He also tells her that he should have been more clear about Seo-A and admits to liking her.

The Episode Review

Jung-Hoo’s amnesia is definitely bringing the best in him and shows a completely different side to his character. After starting the show as an insufferable and selfish person, he has done a complete turn around. It would be interesting to know what has made him so bitter over the years but my guess is that it has something to do with the past and Soon-Jung.

Jae-Hee is in a very difficulty situation with his father living in the villa and the next few weeks will certainly show how he deals with it.

The episode ended with him admitting to Chae-Woon that he likes her. It is quite obvious that the feeling is mutual but I am not sure Chae will admit to it. Na-Ro has noticed this too and I am wondering what he will do next to achieve his goal.

I have to mention Hwak-Se as well and how he has definitely been growing on me. He seems quite besotted with Man-Jung and I am looking forward to seeing more of these two. All the interesting characters in the villa definitely make this weekend drama entertaining and worth the watch. What will happen next? We’ll have to wait and see!

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