Homemade Love Story – Kdrama Episode 14 Recap & Review

The Revelation

The latest episode of Homemade Love Story has definitely moved the story forward as it brings us closer to the truth with Soon-Jung and Ms Kim both coming clean to their daughters. This will certainly give us some very interesting and dramatic scenes over the next few weeks as each deal with those revelations.

Episode 14 of Homemade Love Story starts with a confused Chae-Woon replying to Jae-Hee that she doesn’t like him. They are soon interrupted by Jae-Hee’s assistant so Chae-Woon uses that opportunity to walk away. On her way to work, Chae-Woon thinks about what just happened and wonders if he actually confessed his feelings. She dismisses it and tells herself that he is off limits.

Later on, Jae-Hee leaves work and takes his father for a medical check-up. Soon-Jung and Hwak-Se are happy that he is helping but they are starting to think that there might be a connection as they look alike.

After leaving the hospital, Jae-Hee asks his father if he is lying about his amnesia. Jung-Hoo tells him that he has been a bother to everyone so he will leave. He then starts acting scared again around some men walking by, which makes Jae-Hee realise that he is telling the truth. On their way home, Jae gets a call from his mother who hears her ex-husband in the background. He tries to deny it but she tells him that he doesn’t need to hide it from her.

In LX fashion, Seo-A announces that there is going to be a golfing event where everyone has to participate. Chae-Woon looks a little uneasy so Na-Ro offers to give her a crash course. Ms Kim later calls Jae-Hee to invite him too, in a bid to help her daughter get closer to him.

Jae-Hee arrives home at the same time as Na-Ro, who notices something is off between Jae and Chae-Woon. Jung-Hoo then speaks to Jae-Hee as he also thinks that there is something odd about Na-Ro. The latter then gets a call from Professor Kim who reveals that Pil-Hong is due to be released from prison early for good behaviour. This doesn’t please Na-Ro who wants to do something about it.

The next day, everyone dresses the part for the golfing event. Chae-Woon surprises everyone with a very good first shot. As they walk towards the next course, Jae-Hee explains to Seo-A how he knows Chae-Woon. He later sits down for lunch with Ms Kim who warns him against breaking Seo-A’s heart and asks him to give her a chance.

After the event, Jae-Hee walks Seo-A to her car and makes things clear with her. He tells her he likes someone else but can’t tell her who yet as they are not currently dating. Seo-A is taken aback but declares that she won’t give up yet as she still thinks she has a chance.

Meanwhile, Ms Kim gives Chae-Woon a lift home. She calls her mother and asks if she should invite Ms Kim in for tea. Soon-Jung is a bit unsure but decides to agree to it.

Ms Kim and Chae-Woon arrive outside the villa and are greeted by Hae-Dun and Man-Jung who recognize her from the past. Both women are pleased to see each other again, while Soon-Jung is so nervous about her coming that she cuts her finger while preparing food.

All five women sit down and when Hae-Dun shows Ms Kim a picture of all of them together, Man-Jung notices that Ms Kim and Chae-Woon look alike. Ms Kim then asks to see Chae’s room and looks through her artwork. She claims that it looks a lot like hers while Soon-Jung witnesses the exchange, looking very uncomfortable. They then show her the rest of the house and Chae-Woon mentions that Jae-Hee also lives in one of the rooms. She tells them that he is Seo-A’s boyfriend which surprises everyone.

On his way home, Jae-Hee learns from Hwak-Se that Ms Kim came and told them that Seo-A is his girlfriend. He rushes home and quickly finds Chae-Woon. He tells her he made things clear with Seo-A by explaining that he has feelings for someone else.

Chae-Woon tells him that she admires Ms Kim, whom she knows is very fond of him. She is not worried about disappointing Seo-A but it is Ms Kim she doesn’t want to upset. Jae-Hee tries to protest but Chae-Woon insists that they should just be “Koala” and “Headbutt.”

In the evening, Ms Kim speaks to her daughter about how surprised she is that Chae-Woon’s artwork is so similar to hers. Seo-A becomes jealous though and tells her mum it bothers her how she always talks about how they are alike. Ms Kim apologises and tells her that whenever she sees girls her age, her heart aches especially knowing how hard she had to work all her life.

The episode ends with Ms Kim finally telling Seo-A that before meeting her father, she was married and had a daughter. Unfortunately, she lost her. She takes the baby pictures out and gives it to a shocked Seo-A. At the same time, Soon-Jung tells Chae-Woon that she found her birth mother and that it is Ms Kim.

The Episode Review

As expected, Chae-Woon turned down Jae-Hee after he opened his heart to her. There will be quite a lot of obstacles before they can get together and now that Chae-Woon knows that Ms Kim is her real birth mother, she will be even more determined not to upset her.

Jae-Hee is still in a difficult situation with his father as he realizes he is really suffering from amnesia. Despite all this, he is seeing a very different side of him and I really hope he will stay that way when he regains his memory.

The biggest twist was the end of the episode when both mothers revealed the truth to their daughters. Seo-A will probably put two and two together and realize Chae-Woon is her long lost daughter but I doubt she will say anything out of pure jealousy.

Chae-Woon, on the other hand, might be the one who will tell the truth to Ms Kim. I can’t help but feel sorry for Soon-Jung and I wonder if she will explain what exactly happened all those years ago.

All the character stories are now intricately interwoven together and I am really enjoying watching everything evolve. We haven’t got long until the next instalment for this family drama which promises to be very dramatic indeed!

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